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How You Can Mine Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin (pixabay) 

Many of us have considered mining the original Bitcoin but came to the conclusion that it's just gotten way to hard. There are other coins you can mine but some of us still want to mine Bitcoin but another version of it. The cost of mining is usually high but Bitcoin Gold is trying to reduce the cost so that everyone can get into mining if their PC is good enough.

The original Bitcoins just isn't profitable if you're mining with a good old fashioned graphics card. You'll need to buy some ASIC miners. These miners are created with the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin. They don't come cheap and they do get the job done until Bitcoin inevitably gets harder to mine.  ASIC stands for an Application-specific integrated circuit.

Bitcoin is currently dominated by these ASIC machines, and powerful pcs just can't compete with that level of tech since it's so specialized. However, Bitcoin Gold's website claims that it solves this issue.

Bitcoin Gold's website says that the mining hardware for the coin is a GPU (graphics card) so what this means is that you can mine it with a GPU and not any specialized tech. It's more of a level playing field for everyone.

What this does for everyone, in the long run, is reduce the cost, since ASICs are super expensive. It allows anyone to pick up a GPU from a store and then get right into the mining.

Now if you still want to mine Bitcoin Gold, you can. You can use Minergate's software. I personally use this as I find it's simple and reliable, I mine whenever I am not really using my computer, so when I eat, get bored, and sometimes when I watch shows.

Make sure that you don't forget to close the miner as it can run up the electric bill pretty high if you leave it running all the time, keep on eye on your power consumption and calculate your profitability margin.

If you're interested in Bitcoin Gold the official website even has a comparison chart where it compares Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

By Michael Normandin

Questions Answered About Cryptocurrency

Question marks (Pixabay) 

If you've been sitting around and wondering "What is cryptocurrency? Why do I keep hearing about it? and How is this secured? All of these are good questions and concerns that someone should have before getting into a rapid market like cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency (often referred to as crypto)  is essentially decentralized virtual cash. When I say decentralized, I mean no government owns it. Instead, it's owned and maintained by the people. The people "mine" new coins of a particular crypto. It must also be noted that there isn't just cryptocurrency, there's plenty of them out there to choose from, however, some of the most well known and profitable ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

It must be noted that anyone who's going to invest anything, into this market must be aware that you can lose your investment so quickly it's not even funny. I mean this literally, take the price of Bitcoin, for example, it has gone up and down slightly over the past few days but overall stayed consistent above the $15,000 CAD mark.

However, some people think that Bitcoin is due for a crash soon. If it does end up crashing some people's investments might not be so good anymore. A crash of the price when it's so high seems like a distant dream but it's very possible. Some of the things that can help bring on a cryptocurrencies crash could be the overall loss of interest from the general public. This doesn't seem like the case for Bitcoin since it's incredibly popular.

The reason you keep hearing about Crypto is for two reasons. The first one is that it keeps getting the attention of the media, this is mainly because of insane price increases. It was bound to be both broadcasted and written about when Bitcoin managed to hit $22,000 CAD. The second is partly reliant on the first. The reason it's reliant on the first one is that new people get into crypto when they've heard about it on the news. The second half of the reason is that these people then go and talk about crypto to get others into it. In total, these two things can get so many people into such a new market.

Another question you might have is that, how do these cryptocurrencies even prevent counterfeit coins. Well, there's a simple answer to that. Blockchain, it prevents anyone from saying they have a certain number of coins when they don't. It's made up of many computers keeping a ledger of all the transactions and all the amounts that people have. Keep in mind that every computer needs to have a full list of these transactions. This is what helps keep cryptocurrencies so secure.

By Michael Normandin

Virtual Reality Is Awesome But The Tech Behind It Can Get Expensive

VR headset in the woods (Pixabay)

Many of us are absolutely fascinated by virtual reality (Vr) and how far it has come. The price of VR is pretty high at the moment because of the equipment that you will need in order to properly run the games that you'll play. However the experience you can get is like no other, so the question that comes forth is, should even bother buying everything and getting it set up to play for a little bit?

The hardware that you'll need to get started can get expensive fast. You have to find yourself a good graphics card to be sure that you can get some good frames per second (fps) and be able to enjoy all the wonders of virtual erality. A VR ready graphics card can be something like the gtx 1070, it's well balanced and can give the you abiltiy to game comfortably in virtual reality.

The next really important component would be the processor (CPU) You can use an I7 6700k, this will ensure that you have a good CPU to be able to run most of these games. This CPU with the graphics card should allow you to play games like Onward.

The motherboard that you choose can get expensive really fast. However, it can be really cheap too. This really depends on personal preference but be sure to get something that supports everything you're going to need in your build. The Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard may be a good option for you depending on your components.

The RAM or memory in your PC doesn't need to be intense. You can generally get away with like 8gb of ddr4 ram. It's the bare minimum for any gaming PC right now. You could go with Corsair, they're popular when it comes to RAM in a PC.

This part is actually really important, you need to power this build. So what I do is recommend overkill in this area just to be safe. Go with a 1200w power supply that has a minimum of an 80 plus bronze rating on it. A decent power supply for your needs could probably be found under EVGA or Corsair, as they're both pretty popular.

Now for the hard drive. Something simple like the 1TB Western Digital Blue Drive would be good. I personally have it on my gaming PC right now, it does its job, which is to store stuff and load it up when needed.

Then the last thing you need is the VR headset. The HTC vibe is popular as well as the Oculus Rift.

Now that I've listed everything that you might need (take the build with a grain of salt, everyone's needs are different.) The price range for this could range from $1500-2200 CAD or a bit more. The reason it's so expensive is simply that you're getting some of the best hardware on the market. You will be very close to the top tier of computers for gaming. This is because VR is hard to run, and you need some power to back up all that cool stuff you can do in VR.

The experience you're getting with it is like no other. The user can enjoy a comfortable fun and unique experience. This experience is groundbreaking. It is just the start of what will probably be the future of gaming one day.

By Michael Normandin

Cryptocurrency Wallet and Faucet Websites Down.

Glasses next to computer (Pexels) 

 The large cryptocurrency wallet known as Coinpot is down alongside the Moon faucets. This is said to be just for maintenance on the websites.

First thing is first, what are the websites and what do they even provide. The answer to that is quite simple.

Coinpot is a basically like a wallet for several different types of cryptocurrencies. The currencies supported are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Dash.

The coinpot website currently has a message stating that the website is down for maintenance and will be back ASAP (as soon as possible)

The same info is shown on all the Moon faucet websites. The Moon faucet websites refer to Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin, and Moon Dash.  The websites are all down for maintenance. This is something that I have never personally seen all at once.

As for the reason behind this sudden maintenance, no one really knows. However, last time Coinpot was down was because they were updating their services so that they can offer support for the Dash cryptocurrency.

In this case, it's possible that these services are down to make them more efficient against Adblocker and other services that do the same job. Adblocking can surely be a huge issue for faucet website or even a wallet. The reason it's so bad is that the faucets rely on showing the users ads in return for some cryptocurrency. A faucet can't operate if some people are taking the coins and not seeing the ads. This causes the faucets to be nonprofitable.

The issue with Coinpot could also be the ads situation. However, it's possible that they're updating adblocking and security on the wallet's website.

It must be noted that this article has been updated and the Moon faucet websites, as well as the Coinpot wallet, are now all back online.

By Michael Normandin

Coinbase Stops Support For Bitcoin Cash After Rumors of Insider Trading

Bitcoin cryptocurrency. (Pixabay)

Coinbase which is a well-established company in the cryptocurrency world stopped allowing transactions of the coin known as Bitcoin Cash during the increase in price moment.This was done after rumors of insider trading were going on with employees of the company. Coinbase has since launched an internal probe to determine if its employees were actually participating in some insider trading.

In case you were wondering, insider trading happens when someone usually from within the company knows info that nonpublic. This can affect the prices of certain items, as such with Bitcoin Cash.

The rumors of insider trading started to go around after the cryptocurrency was introduced on the platform. The price was around $2000- 3000 CAD and rose significantly. The current price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is around $4000 CAD.  Coinbase shut down support for Bitcoin Cash at that current moment.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said: “If we find evidence of any employee or contractor violating our policies — directly or indirectly — I will not hesitate to terminate the employee immediately and take appropriate legal action.”

It must be noted that Bitcoin Cash appears to now have support on the Coinbae website.

By Michael Normandin

Counter Strike Bunny Hop Severs Are Unique And Fun.

CSGO Bunny Hopping taken from

Counter Stike Global Offensive, is a game where you can a have a lot of fun just on regular servers. I decided to see what actually goes down in one of the many Bunny Hop servers (B-Hop). These are places where people practice their skills in Bunny Hopping. The populations of these servers range from people who don't say anything to people who get into entire arguments that are either really hardcore or simply funny.

It must be noted what Bunny Hopping actually is. It's when you both sync your mouse movements with your movement keys. This means that when you press your key to move right you must move your mouse right. Once done correctly with timing jumps at a specific time, you can increase your speed.

As you have probably wondered, if you get good at this you can have a huge advantage in competitive games. Bunny Hopping would allow you to reach an angle first or run away from enemies faster. It can even allow you to reach an angle first and give the enemy a run for their money in an ambush.

There are entire servers and communities devoted to these Bunny Hop active servers. These communities can help people out with learning the skill. However, one thing that I noticed was that there was a lot of arguments and while some of the insults towards people sounded funny, some were just outright annoying.

One might wonder why people wouldn't just create a private match if these people just irritated them all the time. Well, the reason they go back to these servers, in general, is that they want an experience. It's hard to find a unique and funny but also irritating time when playing a game all on the same server.

In my experience, someone had been playing The X-Files theme song while people roasted him,  and people laughed at it. It was all in good fun.

By Michael Normandin

Argentine Navy Submarine Missing

The Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan and crew are seen leaving the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina June 2, 2014.  Armada Argentina/Handout/REUTERS

The Argentine military is searching for a submarine that had forty-four people on board. The submarine has been missing for three days. The submarine is part of the Argentine Navy.

The last contact that the Navy had with the submarine was around two hundred and sixty miles off the coast of Patagonia.

The submarine is being searched for in a rather common way. The search for it contained aircrafts and boats but the weather has been a complication since high winds and waves have made it harder to spot to submarine.

The operation had been turned into a search and rescue operation late Friday night when no communication and no radar detection with the vessel had been made.

Naval spokesman Enrique Balbi said: "We expect that it is on the surface,"

"Obviously, the number of hours that have passed — two days in which there has been no communication — is of note." He continued.

The Navy is said to believe the submarine lost contact due to a possible electrical outage. The submarine lost contact when it was supposed to be en route to Mar del Plata, which is a coastal city.

Argentina also accepted an offer from the United States to have a NASA P-3 explorer fly over the search region. It was currently stationed in Ushuaia and was supposed to depart for Antarctica.

The President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri wrote on the social media platform known as Twitter  "We are committed to using all national and international resources necessary to find the ARA San Juan submarine as soon as possible."

by Michael Normandin

Dash Cryptocurrency Updates Blockchain Code

Dash taken from

A decentralized and private cryptocurrency known as Dash has come out with a strong promise that may be a hit to the competition.  There's been an upgrade to its blockchain technology. 

The cryptocurrency's update to its blockchain tech has been something many people have probably wondered about. Dash has long been a cryptocurrency and has been used for many people who want to have their money be safe from inflation as well as other reasons. 

The recent update to the Dash's blockchain code was done to make Dash more friendly to everyone using it and everyone who may want to use it. This update increases the speed of transactions, which in turn can help people. A user often has to wait several minutes for the confirmation of a transfer of funds.  Dash is expected to be able to handle forty-eight transactions per second. 

 “The users of several other networks have experienced firsthand the impact that high fees can have on their daily lives, as many low-value transactions such as pre-paid phone top-ups or gift card purchases are priced out of the market.” Said CEO of Dash Core,  Ryan Taylor. 

Dash can even be used by more people now that Coinpot, a digital wallet for several cryptocurrency coins has introduced their feature allowing users to mine, and hold their Dash. This is very good news for anyone who is interested in getting into the cryptocurrency market as it's going to reduce the difficulty of getting coins. Dash seems to be growing and these new features will just make it easier for new people to get involved. 

by Michael Normandin

Trump Supposed To Meet With Putin During Asia Trip

Carlo Allegri/Reuters; Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

The President of the United State, Donald Trump is going to attempt to discuss the issue of the nation of North Korea with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This trip through Asia should help distract people from the Trump-Russia debate that's been going on ever since he got elected into office. The Asia tour will be around thirteen days.

President Trump is set to meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the city of Da Nang, in Vietnam. Trump will also visit three Asia capitals on his visit. The president is going to head to Seoul and Beijing for a chat that's going ot cover trade and of course security.

Putin and Trump need to talk about North Korea because the rogue nation is becoming a constant issue for many countries. North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack neighboring nations with atomic weapons on multiple occasions. This has caused the Trump to want a meeting the Russian president to try and evaluate the threat and see if anything should and can be done.

This trip also has the potential to distract people from the still ongoing debate on the Trump and Russia collusion which has seen so many different back and forth with arguments on both sides. It's certainly something that people care about and that people want a clear and thorough investigation of it all. It's even been the topic of discussion for many people since President Trump was first elected into office in 2016. However, the trip obviously might not distract everyone from the topic.

By Michael Normandin

Ciphers And Their Interesting History

Cipher (pixabay)

The question that you might be asking yourself is, what's a cipher? It's essentially a code. You have an original message and swap it up, so it looks like something that it's not. These codes are sometimes portrayed in spy movies and are in a lot of cases used by governments. Even some serial killers use ciphers. The Zodiac killer had ciphers that he supposedly created. Ciphers can also be used to mess with someone's head.

A cipher is an algorithm of which you can use to decrypt or encrypt a message. It's used in cryptography.

To solve ciphers there is generally a key given that can sometimes help decrypt the message. It's still possible to decrypt a message without a key but it's generally much harder than expected if you don't have a key.

Ciphers have a history in the industry of film, as does many things. The Imitation Game is a film in which Alan Turing, who's a WW2 (World War two) mathematician tries to crack the German Enigma code. It gives the viewer a good idea of how hard some codes can really be.

Some governments use ciphers. The Soviets during the Cold War used ciphers that are said to be some of the most complicated ciphers ever. The codes used by them were known as the VIC cipher.

The serial killer that is known as The Zodiac Killer use ciphers that held secret messages. The cipher used by the killer is extremely hard to solve. The letters that contained the cipher created by the killer were sent to media outlets and each letter sent contained one-third of a  408-symbol cryptogram which the killer claimed contained his identity.

By Michael Normandin

Samsung Builds Bitcoin Mining Rig From Old Phones

Image: Kyle Wiens

The tech giant known as Samsung has reportedly used old cell phones to create a Bitcoin mining rig. This is part of Samsung's new upcycling program. This shows that there's, even more, support for Bitcoin which might cause to price to increase once again.

Samsung has been reported to use some of their older technology to create a Bitcoin mining rig. The phones used are the Galaxy S5s and around forty of them were used. It's more energy efficient when compared to mining with a desktop computer. However, that's with around eight phones. This rig was revealed at a conference for Samsung developers. It's also the project of the Creative Lab over at Samsung.

Samsung's news upcycling program has turned an old phone into an Ubuntu (Linux operating system) laptop.

Samsung has also mentioned that they will be making the software available to everyone. If this goes through, it will certainly be a reason for people to buy some old tech and have some fun with it or do many other things with the repurposed technology.

Robin Schultz, a Samsung spokesperson said to motherboard “innovative platform provides an environmentally responsible way for old Galaxy mobile devices to breathe new life, providing new possibilities and potential extended value for devices that might otherwise be forgotten in desk drawers or discarded.”

The tech that can be reused again and again like this would prove to be extremely useful for people who enjoy doing projects with tech on their spare time. It might also be useful for the average person who wants to start small projects for fun. It's even good for people who just like older tech and want to use it.

By Michael Normandin

Syria's Largest oil Feild Recaptured From ISIS

US-led coalition forces carry out a large-scale attack on Syria’s Omar oil field

The terrorist group known as Daesh ( also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) has lost yet again more territory. This time it was an oil field in Syria.  The U.S led coalition has said that allied forces captured the oil field fro ISIS on Sunday. The oil field is known as Al-Omar oil field.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have said the oil field was captured in a “swift and wide military operation.”

It's been said that some ISIS members retreat to nearby areas and firefights are currently still going on in those regions.

Now that the terrorist group is in retreat it's turned into somewhat of a race for the Syrian government and SDF to secure areas of the province known as Deir el-Zour. The province is said to be rich with oil.

The SDF said that government forces were around three kilometers away from the fields. It's also been reported that government forces were taking heavy fire from Daesh and had to retreat.

This is another victory against the extremist group in a long line of victories.  A few months ago the Iraqis were thinking about celebrating the victory of the Mosul capture from Daesh.

You can read our article on that here

The city of Raqqa was retaken from Daesh recently after a long battle. The battle is said to have lasted around four months. The city was reported to be previously under control of Daesh for several years.

By Michael Normandin

Politicians Want To Deploy Military To No-Go Zones

Street in Sweden (pixabay)

In Sweden, it has been reported that the Moderate Party has around twenty members that have proposed the idea to send troops into some of the most intense and dangerous no-go zones in the nation. This would be done to help try and deter illegal activities.

Police officers can't seem to head into the zones because of the sheer fact that violence erupts when they do. Officers have been attacked on more than one occasion in these zones. It's been said that these zones can also be dangerous for journalists.

Mikael Cederbratt, a Moderate Party politician said:  “The situation in our areas of exclusion has deteriorated. The gangs have taken over and the police have had to retreat. Swedish law no longer applies there.”

“It is absolutely necessary to do something, because these gangs are like cancerous tumors in our country, and it is urgent. My absolute belief is that we, the nation of Sweden, must declare war on criminal gangs,”

“It is the responsibility of the state to maintain the law, especially the police. But the police today do not have the numerical ability to maintain public order,” He continued.

This is something that is not often heard about. However, in this case, it has become such a horrendous situation that it's become a thought to bring in the Swedish Armed Forces since the manpower is needed to get the job done this time around.

Mikael Cederbratt seemed to have the support of several other party members.

By Michael Normandin

Steven Crowder Infiltrates Antifa And Finds Scary Info With Alleged Members

Steven Crowder and his host Jared (also referred to as not gay Jared) decided to go into the depths of the far left group known as Antifa. The Lowder With Crowder team got some great footage and audio of alleged Antifa members ready to use violence against the opposition. They even got names, and possibly some faces of the radicals. Antifa has in several cases been violent in and Crowder wanted to inform people on the subject.

The Louder With Crowder team devised a great plan to infiltrate Antifa undercover and record it all at the same time. This was truly a dangerous thing to do because knives ended up being handed out and guns were said to have been available for use against the opposition of Antifa. They sent Jared who works with Steven and is well known on his online show called Louder With Crowder. Jared had changed his appearance and was made to look like a typical millennial. He had long hair and wore average clothing that anyone could be seen wearing around any city.

You might be asking yourself well what about online contact? They had that covered as well. The Louder With Crowder team got some burner phones and tried to get into the entire Antifa organization. They had gained the trust of some radical members and met them in person to install an encrypted messaging app. Once installed more info was given to the undercover team that would then be used to meet up at a location. Jared managed to get out before anything wild happened.

Jared met the Antifa members at the place of higher education and discussed what's going to be done. He also had several questions to ask them such as "who else is going to be coming today."

The code names that the undercover team managed to get was Honeybee who was said to have been arrested later that day for tasing someone. They got Will who may not to have a code name. They may have also gotten other code names.

At least two members had weapons within the area. One of the alleged members was handing out weapons that seemed to be a screw driver or ice pick.

the other was said to have guns in his trunk. The member claimed to have a regular rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun that was "sawed off style." There was even said to be "two AKs coming." All of this was supposed to be for protection against the opposition.

More members showed up later and Jared ended up leaving since he didn't want to be involved with any violence. The LWC team was said to have handed over the footage to police who were supposed to look into the issue.

It must also be noted that the information in this article was taken from the video provided by the Louder With Crowder team. We encourage you to watch the video so you can see everything in full context.

By Michael Normandin

12-year-Old Boy Missing In The Woods

12-year-old boy missing in the woods in the Debert area

A child that has been identified of being around the age of twelve has been reported missing in the Debert, N.S. (Nova Scotia)  area. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are searching for the child. Search and Rescue teams are looking for the child.

The boy's name is Brett Kitchin and he was last seen wearing a grey hoodie and pants. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Brett weighs around eighty pounds. He was last seen taking part in an orienteering competition at 3:00 P.M by Lysander Ave. That was on Saturday.

 Cpl. Jennifer Clarke with the RCMP said: "Because while we do appreciate the help, it's become difficult to manage with the number of people that are showing up wanting to help."

Many people are reported to have wanted to help and the number of people wanting to aid police is so numerous that Cpl. Clarke had mentioned that it would be better if the job was left to the
professionals for the time being.

The police and rescue teams are searching tirelessly for the child. The total size of the search area has not been released.

Anyone with information on where Brett Kitchin is currently located is being asked to contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers. 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or text TIP202 + your message to 'CRIMES' (274637).

By Michael Normandin

Police Are Searching For Three Who Doused Teen Gasoline

© Toronto Police Service Police have released this security camera footage of three people wanted in an assault and arson investigation. 

Police are currently keeping an eye out for three people who supposedly tried to set someone on fire. Toronto police said if you see them don't approach them and call 911. This happened around a week ago outside the  Agincourt Mall.

One of the three allegedly doused a teen with gasoline and supposedly tried to set the minor on fire.
Officers responded to the call and saw two 18-year-olds that were in an argument with one woman and two other adults.

Supposedly during the argument, one man went to get a can of gasoline and attempted to pour it over the teens. He then was reported to have tried to set them on fire. The three people involved in the incident are expected to be around the age of 20 or 30.

This is certainly a type of incident that you don't hear about often.

We will follow this incident and update this article as more info comes out.

By Michael Normandin

Bitcoin Hits $7,000 CAD

Bitcoin (pixabay)

In a turn of events that not many people think would happen so soon has just happened. This is yet another milestone that they cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has hit within the last 3 months. Can it keep rinsing "to the moon" as some users say?

Bitcoin which is a noticeable cryptocurrency run by ordinary people all around the world. It came out around 2008. It gained popularity because it gave people the freedom to buy whatever they want without being traced by governments and or people.

Some of the milestones hit by it were $5,000 $5,500, and $5,900 CAD. A few months ago one whole Bitcoin was worth a mere $3,500 CAD. That's almost unimaginable. It's currently at a whopping $7,000 CAD which really makes a lot of people happy because if they save their coins up, they made some good money.

There was some bump in the roads when it came out that the Chinese government had been reportedly shutting down Bitcoin exchanges. This caused a slight price drop but it recovered several weeks later. A situation where a price drop occurs usually every now and then.

The continued success of this particular cryptocurrency is simply the support that it has received from both countries around the world and ordinary people that love the features of it.

If you're interested in getting your share of Bitcoin you can by buying some on exchanges, getting it from faucets, buying it from Bitcoin ATMs, you can also gamble to get it but if you do gamble responsibly.

Will Bitcoin keep rising? Probably and the reason the answer might be so easy is that of the simple law of supply and demand. There's a limited number of Bitcoins that can be found and "mined" There cannot be more than that. When the max is reached or you come close to the max amount that can be found it's certain that the price will skyrocket because of a high demand and low supply.

By Michael Normandin

Mike Pence Wants To See People On The Moon

Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the Kennedy Space Center, said the U.S. space program would refocus on human spaceflight. Credit: NASA TV

Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence has said that he would like to see humans back on the moon. A place where humans have not been for an extended period of time. He was speaking to the National Space Council.

Pence feels that this would be a "stepping stone' for future exploration of space for humans.

"We will return astronauts to the Moon - not only to leave behind footprints and flags but to build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond," he stated. Mike Pence said.

This might also be something that the Trump White House would like to focus on when it gets its nomination in place for Nasa administrator.

Mike Pence also said that U.S space policy has lost its edge and needs to reassert itself. This can be done if people head back to the earth's largest satellite, the moon.

Going back to a place where we once left would be unique and useful to gain knowledge about the area and Mars itself.

"The president has charged us with laying the foundation for America to maintain a constant commercial human presence in low-Earth orbit. From there, we will turn our attention back toward our celestial neighbors," Pence said.

NASA is supposedly looking into building what they call a Deep Space Gateway. It's essentially a lunar base. It could end up being a testing ground for astronauts and their equipment in space.

Several partners have been asked to think about some of the technology that they would contribute. These partners include Canada, Europe, and Russia.

Robert Lightfoot, Nasa's acting administrator, said: "Nasa has been directed to develop a plan for an innovative and sustainable programme of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the Solar System, returning humans to the Moon for long-term exploration and utilisation, followed by human missions to Mars and other destinations."

By Michael Normandin

Microsoft Bringing New Edge Apps To IOS, Android

Microsoft building (Pixabay) 

Microsoft is reportedly bringing the Edge experience to the mobile devices sector. It's something that's been long awaited since the release of Windows 10. It's coming to both IOS and Android devices.

They're supposedly not bringing the "browser" to mobile devices but are instead bringing the look and feel of the Edge browser. It's something that will be unique for users.

While users should be able to still transfer and sync their bookmarks, favorites, reading view and more, Microsoft is also going to try out a new feature that's been called the "continue on PC."

It's certainly something unique for Microsoft and it could very well become popular. This is because some people prefer having everything in one place. As in if they look something up on their phone, they might want to be able to hop on their PC and continue reading, watching that video or more. It's really helpful for people that switch from device to device often.

The IOS app is said that it's going to use Webkit. The Android app will use the Chromium Blink engine. This is instead of using the Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine.

Many people who already enjoy Windows 10 have wanted that same Edge experience on their phones but could not get it. Once the app is released they can finally get that same experience on their mobile devices.

By Michael Normandin

What Is Eobot And How It Can Help You

Eobot wallpaper from their FAQ section.

Well simply put Eobot is a service where you can buy cloud mining for several different types of cryptocurrency. They also have a very useful faucet feature that enables someone to get into cloud mining for no cost what so ever. The website is extremely easy to navigate, the site even has a resources tab that can provide the user with useful information.

Eobot manages to provide people with a service know as cloud mining. Think of cloud mining like making money while sleeping. Someone can buy some cloud mining power and then go to bed and wake up and check how much they've made off their initial investment.

There are different types of cloud mining power someone can buy, two of which are SHA-256 4.0 and SHA-256 3.0. On Eobot the times for SHA-256 4.0 go for about a 5-year rental. It is also possible to get a 24-hour rental on some of their services in case you just want to try it out. If you would like, you could also buy with your own money some cloud mining power.

Eobot's faucet is also very useful. It allows a user to hop on it once a day and complete a captcha. Once completed the user will be given a certain amount of the coin that they will be mining (they have a choice on this) The user can do this and this is what can get them started in the crypto cloud mining world. This also allows the user to test out the feature before investing any capital into it.

The website is very user-friendly. It has everything that someone will need with right at the top. You can access your account from there, the faucet under the products page and under the resources there is a "news" section where the users can go to read up on new information with Eobot.

All in all, the website is easy to navigate, they have wonderful tools such as the faucet and you can buy many different types of cloud mining power such as SHA-256 4.0 and 3.0. This website is great for providing people with a simple easy to use service that can let them get into a community and world of virtual currency.

By Michael Normandin

Marilyn Manson Injured After Stage Props Fall

Marilyn Manson's representative said Saturday that the singer was injured in a mishap on stage during a New York City performance and taken to a hospital. (Owen Sweeney/The Associated Press)

Marilyn Manson injured after stage props fall during his most recent concert in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom, shock rocker Marilyn Manson, 48, was injured by a large stage prop during his performance of his hit cover song, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, and although it is not yet known how severe his injuries are, he appeared to have injured his leg specifically and was clearly in pain after the onstage accident.

According to witnesses, he pulled the stage prop, which depicted 2 large guns, down when he climbed onto it. One of the many people who attended the concert and witnessed the accident.

23-year-old Yousif Al Zaid, claimed, "when he fell they closed the curtain on the stage and dimmed the lights. They then escorted everyone out.” Another fan, who had been sitting in the front seat and chose not to disclose his or her name,

 “From my viewpoint in the front row, it didn’t look like he put that much weight on it (the prop) when it started tipping. He tried to brace himself and push it back but it completely tipped and fell on him. Two or three of his crew members rushed to get it off of him quickly.”  Al Zaid mentioned.

According to other reports, it was around this time his girlfriend rushed over to him from the chair she'd been sitting in, on the side of the stage, clearly panicked.

There were some paramedics on site, however, it was another minute or two before actual medics started to get on stage.

An onslaught of tweets on Twitter has been discussing the event, most of which are fans providing support and wishing him well.

The incident could have been much worse, although it isn't certain how long it will take him to recover from his injuries. Hopefully, the talented star will be back to himself soon.

By Jade Sherry

Engine Breaks Up On Air France Flight

Passengers could see the damaged engine from windows mid-flight  (David Rehmar)

The engine of an Air France aircraft has broken up during flight. The plane is known as A380, superjumbo jetliner. It's reported that there were around 500 people on board the aircraft during the incident. It was traveling from Paris to Los Angeles and had to have an emergency landing in Canada.

The double-decker aircraft and ended up being rerouted over Greenland. It landed in Goose Bay in Eastern Canada. The landing of the plane also did not have any issues.

The real issue lies in the engine that seemed to start falling apart. The cause of this is currently unknown but some people are speculating that it may have been a bird that had collided with it, thus causing serious damage.

Photos and videos that were apparently taken by passengers showed the engine with its cowling stripped away.

A spokesperson for Air France said: “Flight 066 landed without further damage at the Goose Bay military airport in Canada and all of the 520 people on board were evacuated with no injuries,”
While planes require a lot of upkeep incidents such as this one are not very common and it's likely that this aircraft will be fixed soon and will be inspected multiple times to check if there are any issues at all to avoid another situation like this one.

Despite the slight issue with the engine that had some damage to it, everyone seems safe and will have more than a unique story to say about this flight.

Air France may also be exploring options to get the passengers to the United States.

By Michael Normandin

Montreal Transport Services Should Be Free Experts Reportedly Say

Photo of city and bus (pixabay)

Experts have recently expressed that they feel it is necessary for the public transport sector in Montreal to be free. The idea to have it turn free was done after a study was conducted in Montreal. There's also a cost that needs to be examined if this was to go through. What are the benefits of something like this passing in a busy city like Montreal?

The Institut de Recherche et d'informations Socio- Economique (IRIS) released a report two days ago. The report had supposedly said that making both bus and metro rides on the STM free could save the city some money. It has been reported that free public transit in a city such as Montreal would cost around $620 Million.

A free public transport system seems like a good idea, especially in an urban area like Montreal. Public Transportation can generate some decent revenue but it could cost the taxpayer some more money since the money needs to come from somewhere. However, the cost can go down in the long run if gas operated vehicles are swapped for electric ones.

Some of the benefits of having free public transport in Montreal would be less traffic and less pollution (good for the environment) Students would also benefit greatly from this because they would not have to buy tickets or used cars, or taxis. This would save them money in the end.

By Michael Normandin

5 Underrated Horror Movies for October

Doll photo (pixabay)

 Even if you aren't a horror movie fanatic, around Halloween, something compels most of us to watch a few, and there are always the simple classics- Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream- and although these films are definitely good, there are many hidden gems that we miss out on because we focus on these so much. I'll be mentioning these on the following list, so this year, you'll be able to add a few more films to your personal list of classics.

5. The Babadook An independent film that does justice to the genre, The Babadook not only uses a terrifying monster to manifest tragedy but also manages to develop suspense and fear throughout using psychological horror. It is rare to find a film that blends together monsters with psychological fears as effectively as this one, and I'm not quite sure I've seen any that do it much better, so I definitely recommend it for a particularly unique viewing experience. After suffering through the tragedy of her husband died the night she gave birth to their son, Amelia is struggling through life as a single mom. Her son, Samuel's, constant skittish and violent mannerisms don't help either, as it causes most of her friends to become distant. Amidst all this, Samuel finds a storybook called "The Babadook" hidden in the house, inviting an evil spirit by the same name into their lives. This spirit causes things to go downhill majorly, and although Amelia tries on many occasions to destroy the book (and the monster accompanying it as well), it proves to be futile, and things get increasingly nightmarish for her and her son during the rest of the film.

4. Jeepers Creepers I've met a few people who swear by this movie- I am one of these people, in fact- but I have also met a fair amount of people who haven't seen it at all. If you are one of the latter, then you are missing out, because Jeepers Creepers is one of the freakiest boogeymen you'll ever see on-screen. A creature who commits ritualistic killings, and keeps a pit of modified corpses in the basement of an old church. Unfortunately for Darry and Patricia (Trish) Jenner, two siblings who are driving home after spring break, encounter this horrific lair upon trying to confront a "man" whom they saw nearby, after he almost ran them off the road during their drive, and then was seen dumping something suspicious into a pipe. This "man", however, is no human and is actually a demonic creature known as the Creeper. And, once Darry and Patricia discover his lair, he desperately wants to seek his revenge on them, as well as get a snack out of the whole ordeal.

3. Misery Based on the novel by Stephen King, creator of many nightmares and Halloween traditions, Misery is one of his lesser-known works, and also one of his best. It centers around a well-known author, named Paul Sheldon, who has a car accident in the middle of nowhere, and the fan, Annie Wilkes, who tries to save him. Except, Annie is no typical fanatic. She brings Paul to her small, remote home in the woods, and although her nurse training and healing helps him at first, she later uses it to harm him, after he tells her that he is killing off one of her favorite characters in his next novel. She enslaves him, using his vulnerable state to keep him where she wants him and forces him to rewrite his novel to cater to her wishes.

2. Drag Me To Hell A more modern horror story, this film has its followers, although they're few and far between. It incorporates genuine thrills and terror using the old-fashioned format of surprise, misdirection, and suggestion, which although cliché, works wonders in this case. It revolves around a young girl named Christine Brown, a loan officer at a bank who is dealing with issues most girls from recent generations deal with at some point- competition with a competent work colleague for an assistant manager position, and an iffy status with her boyfriend. An old woman, Mrs.Ganush, begs for a time extension on a loan, which Christine refuses. To take revenge, Mrs.Ganush curses Christine, which will result in her being taken to hell in a few days time. She consults a psychic for help but faces some challenges along the way.

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Although I usually prefer horror films that play on their psychological aspect more than their blood and gore, this is one of my exceptions. Probably because its main antagonist, Leatherface, is loosely based on a real murderer named Ed Gein. Sally Hardesty and her brother, Franklin, travel with their friends, Jerry, Kirk, and Pam, to visit the grave of the Hardestys' grandfather to investigate reports of vandalism and grave robbing. On their way, they pick up a hitchhiker, who they end up forcing out later on due to his behavior suddenly turning psychotic. After running out of gas, they cannot find anywhere to refuel, until they come across a small country house. It is here where the brutal killing spree begins, and the bloodbath continues until the end of the film. As I said, it may sound like a typical slasher cliché, but the fact that many of Leatherface's mannerisms and horrifying lust for death mirror that of real murderer and grave robber Ed Gein adds more dimension and intensity to the film.

By Jade Sherry

Bitcoin Hits Back At $5,100 CAD After Drop In Price

Bitcoin news (pixabay)

Bitcoin has fluctuated in price for a little while. It has hit record-breaking numbers that have made a lot of people very happy with the return result. However, it has also caused a lot of people to lose money because of outside factors that have caused the price to dip. Bitcoin recovered and is now back in the five thousand dollar range where it is in its best days.

Bitcoin recovered from its recent drop to around $4,300 CAD after the Chinese government reportedly started shutting down Bitcoin exchanges. That caused the price to drop a little bit and caused some people to sell their amount in Bitcoin because of sheer fear.

You can read our article on China reportedly shutting down Bitcoin exchanges here

With any investment, people can gain money and lose money, with cryptocurrency that's simply even more truthful than before. When Bitcoin jumped up in price it caused a lot of people to get more money because it was worth more. However, when it dropped a little bit, people who had purchased their share of the coin ended up losing money. The reason that they lost money is quite simply put, they bought at the wrong time.

Bitcoin managed to start hitting record-breaking numbers around August of 2017 and continued to grow slowly into September until China was rumored to be shutting down Bitcoin exchanges.

Once again Bitcoin managed to recover from the price drop because of continued support from companies, nations, and of course the community of miners, traders, and investors. There is also the day to day growth of knowledge that may have contributed to the price recovering since more people learn about it, more people want their share of the digital gold rush.

Overall Bitcoin has recovered and it's beneficial to a lot of people because they may not feel that their investment has gone down the drain, or that they may have just made some decent capital that they can use to pay rent or anything else for that matter.

By Michael Normandin

The Many Types Of Internet Scams And How They Work

Photo of keyboard and mouse (pixabay)

Internet Scams- A Complex Work of Deception. Have you ever received a sketchy looking e-mail from a supposed "Arabian Prince?" Possibly, if you were present during the early days of the internet. However, it's much less common today- many scammers have more convincing and sneaky ways of luring in their victims nowadays, that sometimes aren't so obvious to detect.

"Phishing", for instance, is a much more elaborate hoax, where you are led to a site via e-mail that resembles an official website. Normally, the e-mail will be disguised as a "security alert" or an "Identity Confirmation" for a common website, such as MasterCard or Facebook. However, if you click the link provided in the e-mail, rather than being led to the actual site, you will be led to a fake one that greatly resembles the official one. Some people will simply type in their information, convinced that it is a legitimate site, and as a result, their confidential information will be divulged. While it can be irritating for social media users, as getting your account hacked is definitely irritating, but it is a huge issue for credit card users and those who do their banking online, for obvious reasons.

In fact, that is the main goal of many scammers- not just trolling to bother people, but to steal money, and another way of doing this is targeting people's generosity. For instance, e-mails that beg for donations to help a community with a disaster, or disaster relief scams, are usually phishing attempts. To follow the link provided in the e-mail and give your banking or credit card information would not be a good idea, considering rather than donating to a community
that needs help, you would just be donating to a clever con artist.

The best idea is to contact the recognized charitable organization directly by phone or their website. Although chain e-mails or messages are also obvious scams, many of which claim that something will happen to you if you don't pass it on to a certain number of other contacts, that doesn't mean some can't be harmful.

A classic e-mail scam works similarly to these: you receive an email with a list of names and you are asked to send 5 dollars (or so) by mail to the person whose name is at the top of the list, add your own name to the bottom, and forward the updated list to a number of other people. It works as a sort of gambling pool, as by the time it gets to your name on the list, much more money will have been pooled in for you to receive. Although it used to circulate through snail mail, it has made the leap to the digital world, and both versions of this scam are very illegal- should you choose to participate, you risk being charged with fraud.

There are hundreds of other clever schemes on the internet, some of which are easy to detect, others which are very convincing. Be cautious online, and do your research before investing your time or money into anything.

By Jade Sherry

China Limits Oil Supply To North Korea

Kim Il Sung square (pixabay)

The Chinese government has limited the oil supply that they give to North Korea. China is also said to be stopping the purchase of North Korea's textiles, this is likely due to the United Nation's sanctions that were recently imposed. This is bad news for North Korea because they have very high tensions with the United States at the moment.

The United Nations has recently imposed sanctions on the nation of North Korea because of their continued advancements in nuclear weapons over the years.  North Korea also fired a missile over Japan causing international calls for Kim Jong UN (the leader of North Korea) to stop the development programs. However, it does not seem as if Kim Jong Un wants to stop anytime soon.

China has said that North Korea will be limited to two million barrels of oil per year. This covers refined petroleum and is going to be coming into effect on January 1st. North Korea is also dependent on Chinese oil imports. Some estimations are low and this leaves many people wondering how deeply this limitation can really affect the regime.

There's also the fact that China is stopping textile imports from the north. This is a large part of the North Korean exports and the reason its such large economic blow against the regime is because China is one of the largest traders with North Korea. It has been reported that China accounts for around 90% of all North Korean trade.

China has attempted to be patient with Kim Jong Un and North Korea however within the past few months they have seen several launches and many threats between the United States and North Korea. The Chinese government has said that they have experienced increased frustrations with the North Korean government.

By Michael Normandin

Body Of Murdered Man Found

The suspect in last week's Amber Alert, Ugo Fredette, who has also been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his partner, will be relocated to a Quebec hospital today.

The body of Missing Man Found, Directly Connected to Amber Alert Case The body of 71-year-old Yvon Lacasse was discovered near the town of Arundel today by Quebec provincial police, after being missing for 5 days.

Although it hasn't been confirmed by coroners, it has been stated that there is a copious amount of evidence suggesting it is the body of Lacasse.

The body was found around 5:30 p.m. while an officer was searching around a wooded area along Chemin de la Rouge, a road that is right next to the Rouge River in Arundel. This location is of particular interest, due to the fact that Chemin de la Rouge and Highway 327 is a secondary road that connects Lachute and Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians. Close to the area where the vehicle was driven by Ugo Fredette, the child's abductor was found abandoned during the September 15th Amber Alert manhunt.

 The child's name is currently undisclosed, due to the fact that he is under the care of child protective services, but Ugo Fredette was his father, who had separated from his former wife, the child's mother, a possible motive.

 To add to the already chaotic story, the child's mother was found dead in her home the day of her son's kidnapping. It isn't too surprising that the police instantly suspected Fredette, and they were correct to do so- Ugo Fredette is definitely capable of murder, as it has been confirmed by the discovery of Lacasse's body.

 All evidence points towards Fredette as being the murderer, the location is the most obvious, and also the fact that Fredette was driving Lacasse's Honda CR-V at the time of his arrest. According to Ontario Provincial Police, Fredette is still in an Ottawa hospital.

 He was scheduled to appear in a Saint-Jérôme court today but Superior Court Justice Martin Castonguay rescheduled the hearing until next Wednesday, so professionals can adequately evaluate Fredette's mental and physical health before the trial. He was supposed to undergo various tests but was too agitated to comply, and so medical professionals put him to sleep. When all the medical tests were completed, however, they couldn't wake him up, and he was confirmed to be in a coma. Although he awoke today, they saw him as unfit to attend the hearing at court, understandably. Hopefully, we will get more updates on Wednesday of next week, when his official hearing is set to take place.

By Jade Sherry

HSB High School Gets New Option Course For Students

Photo of HSB front doors (Michael Normandin/vanguardnews)

Howard S Billings High School has now created a new option course for its students in grade ten and eleven. Some teachers feel it's a little too late for the course to be opened up since the year has already started. The students seem to want the course and it gives a new sense of change for the options courses available. The course offers several different options for students to learn about. The course is also going to give the teenagers a tiny sense of what it is like to attend a political science course.

This is going down after a few weeks of students and teachers hearing rumors about a new option course that's being developed. Many students were extremely curious as to what the course may be. Some felt that it should be an extra English class or something else that they can have a great time in.

Some teachers felt that it's odd for a new course to be opened up after the year had started. It's something that's unusual but it seems to be something that's useful for the students. Many students have already made their decision but some students are more than willing to change their schedules because they want something new.

The course selection usually happens around May and it's said that students who hand in their paperwork first will have the benefit of that "first come first serve" basis that many of us are more than familiar with.

Last year course selection had several great courses such as Home Economics, College Prep, Journalism, and even Computers. The new course that has been added is Global Issues.

While students had many choices to choose from before this course was introduced, it will certainly give them another option to think heavily about. Students had the above options and even more before this course came out. This will give them another option to learn even more about the world that goes on around them.

Global Issues seems rather simple from just the name. Students might go over topics such as poverty and political/social issues. Global Issues can even cover immigration and overall migration.  The first start date of the course is supposed to be tomorrow.

A Global Issues course can give students a small taste of the political science course that post-secondary students sometimes take. Political science is the branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior. Global issues would, of course, fall under that area. It would give students in High School the idea of what this course is about and how it can benefit them in their everyday life. Political science is also mentioned to be a rather difficult course and Global Issues can probably show students why it might be difficult to take a political science course.

By Michael Normandin