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Should Prostitution Be Legal

Girl In Dress On A Street At Night

Lets find out if Prostitution should legal. Wherever we find human existence we can also find without a doubt prostitution. We as the human species have a certain enjoyment with the act and we have the history as proof. To find out If it should be legal we have to figure out what prostitution is and we have to find out the history of it. We can also find out which countries around the world already have it legalized. I will also list the pros and cons of prostitution for the government and its people.

What Is Prostitution?

Prostitution is the act of a person regardless of sex (male or female) who decide to engage in sexual activity for compensation of money. However, it can also include a wide arrange of acts that may fall under the category of prostitution. These acts include copulation which is intercourse. It can also include stimulation which is basically arousing the "client". 

What Is The History Of Prostitution?

The history of prostitution is long. Well, we have some proof of prostitution in some of the oldest cities in history. The sex trade which is currently referred to as prostitution happened in cities such as Mesopotamia alongside temples, customs, markets and laws. In Mesopotamia specifically and some other Babylonian cities there was a goddess that was worshiped.  Her name was Ishtar, it was said that she was born every morning to only becoming a "whore" by the evening's end. The term whore also came from the root word for desire in Europe.

Why Should It Be Legal?

Prostitution can protect the women who are performing these acts for a fee. The women who perform these acts are often subject to abuse beyond a believable level such as verbal, being manipulated. They are also subject to violence such as hitting. Legalization of the act will also lower the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, genital warts etc. The widespread activity of STDs are not uncommon they are spoken about in schools to help prevent the spread of it. If legalized the government can force the workers so wear condoms and get tested for STDs on the regular. The government can also gain a very large amount of revenue from it as it generates a considerable amount. The government has the right to tax the women who participate in the act of prostitution because they will be earning income. The government can also tax the brothels since they will most likely take a cut from the women to help pay for security guards, condoms, advertisement etc.

Legalization Can Protect Women From Abuse And Violence

If the act of having sex for money is legalized then it would be safer not only for women but for men who are participating in either paying for the acts or receiving income for the acts. It cannot be denied on any level that sex workers are subject to large amounts and a large variety of violence that is directed towards them. The worker will either be subject to verbal abuse during the act of after the act. These women are also abused by their pimps when they do not earn a considerable amount of income. They also have the risk of being murdered after the act, because the client may not want to pay the worker for the acts performed. Prostitutes are also being hit by both their clients and their pimps and have no means of being protected as they do not have unions or any laws that protect them from this terrible abuse.

It Can Also Lessen The Spread Of STDs 

The spread of STDs is almost ramped for sex workers as they deal with the acts on the daily. Prostitutes may also fear that if they seek medical aid for their STDs they might end up being arrested for their actions on how they received them.  If these acts are made to be legal then these workers can be checked on the regular for STDs and the men who use their services can also be tested for STDs. The government, since it will be legal, can even make it mandatory for the women or men who perform the acts to use protection to furthermore protect everyone from STDs and help lessen the spread of them. 

The Government Can Gain Tax Revenue 

The government no matter in what country can easily tax the brothels in which the workers will be working out of and they can tax the sex workers themselves. Cities and towns will have a larger source of income that they can use for roads, schools, buildings etc. The government can gain a great deal of money from taxing workers and prostitution-related businesses where they earn a considerable amount of money. There will also be an increase in jobs since the brothels would need security and they would need workers. This is good because at the moment these jobs are not being publicly listed and do not qualify as a job.

All in all, if legalized the act of performing sex for money also known as prostitution can protect both the sex workers and clients. The worker can be protected from either violent or abusive client and pimps. There would also be laws put into place so that the worker has rights and they can defend themselves if those rights are violated. It can also lessen the spread of STDs because the government can force the workers or clients to wear condoms. The sex worker will also be forced to have regular STD testing to ensure that the risk of STDs in their workplace is lowered to the minimum amount possible. Men that use the service that prostitutes offer can also be tested for STDs before they use the service to ensure that the worker or girl is safe. The government can also gain tax revenue from the brothels who would take a cut from the sex workers earnings since the worker used their location. The government will also tax the sex worker on the amount of income they make during that year.  If prostitution is legalized then it will also create jobs for many people. The brothels will need security guards to protect the women and there would be jobs for the already prostitutes which would be good for the economy and the numbers overall.

Brothel Room

Why Is It Bad?

Prostitution is bad simply because you are selling your body for money. There is also the long lasting concern of the mental state of the worker since they would be often engaging in the sexual activity. These workers are also subject to many different cases of abuse and this can damage their mental state permanently. However, this is a very dangerous business to get into, because of the increased risk of rape, murder, sexual assault. Prostitution can also encourage in an indirect way human trafficking. In some countries, this is ramped and if the country is poor it only increases the risk of someone selling their children fo a little cash to people who will exploit them and use them in an illegal manner but within a country where sex work is legal.

The Mental State Of The Worker 

When someone works in the field of having intercourse or intercourse-related activity on a daily basis or even more they are subject to many different things such as desensitization to sex and the emotions that come alongside the acts. They also have a higher rate of social stigma as well as the medical stigma that comes alongside it. These workers are looked upon less than because they deal in the act of sexual activity for income. The mental state of the worker is also after a long period of time permanently damaged, because they have engaged in an almost hourly or daily activity with many different people and do not have anywhere to go, because of the stigma.

Sex Workers Are Subject to Abuses 

These sex workers are often subject to abuses because they have not earned enough money to satisfy their pimp. They are also at a risk of being assaulted by their clients. They have clients that do not want to pay and will try to even murder them to avoid paying a debt of which they owe since they received a service. These women are also verbally abused by customers who may have a kink for the idea of abusing women or rather talking down to her. These women may also get raped as they are dealing with the delicate situation and with people, they are not familiar with at all in a closed and hidden environment. These women also could have a man remove a condom in the middle of sex without her knowing.

It Can Increase Human Trafficking 

Human trafficking is a ramped thing in many underprivileged countries. In these countries, many people can sell their children into the trade in other countries and then have them be sent here to be slaves in a legal job position but taken in an illegal manner. The idea of trafficking humans is barbaric but it happens on the regular. Some of the women or men that will be participating in these acts will be from a place where they were purchased. This will indeed happen and how will we as a society help the people who are victims of this horrendous act.

Overall,  The mental state of the sex worker can be damaged, because of a number of sexual relations they might be having on a almost daily or rather hourly level. The sex workers are subject to a wide range of abuses such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, intimidation etc. These sex workers will be subject to dangerous situations where they can me murdered, raped, sexually assaulted and can even be manipulated into doing things they don't want to do.

By Michael Normandin

Trump Budget Increases 54B$ In Military

Donald Trump 

 It seems to be that Donald Trump wants to increase the United States spending in their military by a huge 54 Billion dollars. This is what the White House said. It is also said that foreign aid will be lowered as well as domestic programs. This would be a ten percent increase to the Pentagon. This is essentially Trump not going back on his words that he used during the campaign. During the campaign, he said that he would increase military spending on defense and it looks like he is keeping that promise.

The administration of Trump will most likely go after things such as the long-term debated climate change issue that is going on in the world. It is also being said that most departments will have to absorb budget cuts as this is a needed task to retrieve the funds for this increase.

This is going to be interesting because Trump's budget plan will set off both democrats and republicans in Washington. There are without a doubt more than a handful of politicians who believe that this increase is not needed and also they will try to resist the cuts to domestic agencies. A government shutdown is a real possibility since there might be mass resistance among politicians.

This budget would also not make a lot of changes to Medicare and social security. A Trump Administration official said. However, it is also said that the cuts to these sectors will not be in the first year of Trump's budget and will come later down the line of his presidency.

Trump is expected to talk in March to Congress about his budget and what is included in it. It is also said that his border wall that was also promised during his campaign.

The President said during a speech on Friday that this increase in spending will be "one of the greatest build-ups in American history".

The President wants to overall secure the sanity of the taxpayers and how the government spends their money. He would also like to secure the spending of the government and especially the military since he feels that defense is a large issue and problem.

Overall, Trump's budget plan with leaving the issue of Medicare. and social security will be without a doubt a section where deficits are going to happen this year, because of the increase in spending for defense.
U.S military spending compared to the rest of the world

Why Is This Bad?

This is bad because the United States needs a form of healthcare and social security that is up to standard. There is also the issue of how much is really needed to spend on the defense of
the United States since it already has the highest spending rate in the world. The military did not need the funding since it has a large source of it already and can go through budget cuts. However, the budget does not fully support itself mathematically since it would need to cut spending in areas of the government where spending should be increased for the well-being of the people.

Why Is This Good?

The increase in spending is good because the Unites States Military is present in almost every country in the world to not only be able to respond to natural disasters quickly but to also protect countries who have a large source of enemies and who have a large source of extremism. This spending will also allow the military to get better weapons and advance themselves further technologically speaking. The military can also hire even more soldiers which will, in turn, generate tax revenue as well as create jobs for the nation. The United States is in need of more work for the people so if people need jobs and the military needs more soldiers why not fix both issues with more spending.

U.S soldiers saluting behind the flag 

By Michael Normandin

Why Single Gender Schools Are Bad

Same sex school students
Yes, I am sure that we have all heard of them. You know those same sex schools where either only females can attend or only males can attend the school. Yes, those schools well they might actually be bad for your children(s) development. However, this is widely debated as some research shows that single-sex schools support the development and can increase a child's learning while other research shows the complete opposite and says that mixed sex schools (Co-Ed) are better. Some parents might also feel that their children would be better off in general in a same sexed school. I will first say that it is always the parents and the child's choice as to where they should attend. I will also need to go over what the same sex school is and what a mixed sex school (Co-Ed) is.

What Is Single-Sex Education?

Single-sex education is when someone is taught only with the same gender as in they do not have any of the opposite gender. So basically if a girl is in a same sex school she will not have any students alongside her that are male. The same goes for vice versa. Sometimes the school only educates the opposite gender in different classes however sometimes the students are educated in different buildings. The practice is not as common today but was pretty common during the twentieth century especially in secondary (high school) education and higher education. 

How Do Girls Learn?

Well, most girls at least learn through role models and strong mentoring. well, females also need more than just any mentor or role model. It is said that girls need strong female mentors that openly promote diversity and who are proud to be a female. Girls also need a strong positive role model to ensure that they are positive and have a good level of confidence to do what they want to do in life.

How Do Boys Learn?

Boys learn in very different ways while with girls there is a general function to go around with. Boys are a little different because some boys might learn the same way as girls ( same for girls) and some might learn in an interactive format while others would actually need to just see it or do it. Male student often learns through practice after a lesson or by just simply practicing something.

Why Do Boys And Girls Learn Differently?

Boys and girls learn differently, because of the way our brains work. The brain of a male is more calibrated in the sense of spatial and mechanical functions while the brain of a girl is far superior at verbal functions. It also develops at an earlier age for girls.

Girls in a classroom doing work

Why are Same Sex Schools Bad?

To begin, segregation on any level no matter what is wrong and should not be happening at all to anyone. These schools essentially separate the sexes until the inevitably get to meet each other and then what happens is a ward of confusion, because they can't see the opposite sex all the time as they would in a coed setting. A study conducted on 1.6 million people concluded that there was no difference between coed learning and single-sex learning. It isn't healthy for the kid attending the school because they do not have proper skills in communicating with the opposite sex. Kids need to have the ability to see how everyone learns and how to adapt and overcome to different issues that come with having both male and females in a classroom since their learning styles are different.

Segregation on any level is wrong and it should especially not be happening to students since they are our future. Segregation happened in the 50's and 60's and now it is going on again but not between race. This time it's slightly different, this time it's with kids. Kids are being put into schools with either only boys policies or only girl policies. These policies damage the genders and cause stereotypes to become ramped in both schools. When students have no idea what the opposite gender is truly like in a classroom they tend to start to believe stereotypes about the gender not only in the classroom but overall as they have less experience with the opposite sex.

A study that was conducted on 1.6 million students concluded that there was no clear advantage to single-sex learning. In the study which appeared in Psychological Bulletin, a journal published by the American Psychological Association. The Psychologists said that students who attended single sex schools were actually no better off than students who attended mixed schools. The study proves the point that same sex schools do not help kids in general and cause issues down the road with the children.

New York Same Gender Students 
The kids that attend  single gender only schools do not have the proper communication skills that would have been developed in a classroom or rather school. After graduation virtually everyone will end up working with or for a female or male. Children once they graduate are actually going to need to live in a world that is far more diverse than ever before. Same gender schools just slow our progress on making the overall world more progressive and more balanced between genders in general. Many former male and female students of same sex schools  have openly said that they have a harder time to communicate with the opposite gender, because there relations were limited throughout all of their lives.

Bottom line, Segregation is not okay on any level what so ever and especially with students who are most likely impressionable, it is most definitely not okay to start doing and will cause future damage. A study that was conducted on 1.6 million students both male and female concluded that there was no difference between single sex schools and mixed schools. The children or teens that attend single gender only schools have openly said that they do find it hard to talk to the opposite gender, because they have less experience with the opposite sex.

By Michael Normandin

At Least 28 Injured In New Orleans

Ems services On the scene of the incident

At least 28 people have been injured after a vehicle ran into a crowd watching a parade in the city of New Orleans.

The Parade was Krewer of Endymion and around 6:45 PM On Saturday, February 25th, 2017.
Sadly 28 people including a police officer were injured by the vehicle as it ran through the crowd. The people who were injured were taken to seven different hospitals.

The police chief Michael Harrison said that one individual was in custody and was being investigated by the police. He also said that the individual was being investigated for driving while intoxicated. Terrorism is not the main suspect Harrison said.

It is said that 21 people were hospitalized and 5 are in critical condition. Another 7 people did not want to go to the hospital and declined to be brought there.

There was also many images and videos showing police and paramedics handling the situation quickly and effectively so that no one else gets hurt in the process. The images and videos were posted to social media.
Police Officer on the scene of the incident

A witness of this terrible act Greg McNeely who was at the incident said to the TImes-Picayune that he was watching the parade when a pickup truck sped through a nearby intersection and then into a crowd of people. "

He took out rows of people," McNeely said

Another woman who was walking on the intersection said to The New Orleans Advocate that a silver truck sped past as she was walking on the intersection.

Carrie Kinsella said "I felt a rush it was so fast"

Another witness said that the driver seemed to be completely unaware of what he had just done to innocent people. "

He was just out of it" Kourtney Mckinnis told the Advocate and that he was unaware.

By Michael Normandin

Why Communism Doesn't Work

We need to go over some things first such as what is communism? and who came up with the idea of it as well as which countries adopted the ideology first. To begin well start with what Communism is.

Soviet Union 

What Is Communism? 

Well, it's not that hard to figure out, to be honest. Communism is an economic and social system in which everything is owned by the people. This is unique because usually everything is owned by personal people rather than private and individual people or corporations. Communism also has the ideology that everyone in society is equal and does not need wealth. The society of Communist states is also classless, because of the belief that everyone in society is equal. A person who believes in Communism is called a communist. Communists believe that society should be regulated on the fairest of all principals so that everyone has an equal mindset to themselves.

Where Did It Come From?

The Communist doctrine first came to public light in 1848 when two German political philosophers Karl Mark and his associate Friedrich Engels published a book called the Communist Manifesto. The book outlines what Communism should be and how it works in detail as well as why Communism works. The book also detailed how all land and capital(money) should be owned by the people. it also
explained how wealth needed to be distributed so that everyone is on the same level.
Vladimir Lenin

Which Countries Adopted It First 

Many countries inside Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America adopted Communism in its early stages but the country that was by far the most successful and open about it becoming a Communist State was Russia. Russia not only adopted it after a young Vladimir Lenin decided to kick out the Tsar (King) of Russia during the end of the First World War (WW1). Lenin completed the task of removing the Russian Tsar and established the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. This caused a civil war in which the Communist "Reds" and the anti-Communist "Whites" fought. The Reds won the civil war and a Communist state was fully developed in Russia.

Why Communism Is Bad 

Communism as good as it possibly sounds is actually really counter- intuitive because it has forced collectivization. One of the more well-known examples of this is with the land reform in 1928-1933. Where many people  In communist states, you essentially lose all of your rights, because you can no longer utilize Freedom Of Speech, expression, opinions that go against the popular vote and of course the right to life, as well as the right to vote are all removed in Communist states. There is also a history of mass murders in Communist states. These murders were committed, because a certain group of people didn't follow the rules of communism" and challenged the state.

Soviet food line before the collapse of the Soviet Union
The land reform of 1928-1933 was a terrible disaster, more people ended up starving as a result of making an enterprise of farms.This happens, because farmers can not produce a decent amount of crops and at the time crop failure was fairly common and Russian peasants barely over the subsistence level for themselves and now had to support cities and urban centers. There are also a large amount of people in these areas and farmers who already couldn't feed themselves properly now had the burden of having to feed more people.

Losing your rights, in Communist states it's common to lose many of your rights such as the right to freedom of speech, the right to life, freedom of expression, and of course your opinion is then useless. There is also a large amount of censorship in the media unless you work for a state-run media corporation. You would lose your freedom to speech as soon as they took power because you can no longer criticize the government and you can especially not argue any decisions that they made. Assuming that you did do anything to argue their decisions, you would most likely be sent to a gulag ( a gulag is a brutally vicious prison) or be sentenced to death by execution I don't know which is worse. Freedom of expression was also almost gone and you can really express yourself publicly about any government situation as you would be considered an "enemy of the state." Censorship of media outlets was not uncommon by a long-shot. The state that was in control and who obviously believed in Communism tried and was usually successful in getting media outlets to conform to their ideas, however the media outlets that did not conform to them were abruptly removed and when I say removed I mean they were either run out of followers or they were just classified as an enemy of the state.
Joseph Stalin 

Percent per way of death in the Soviet Union 
The history of mass murders. You just can't talk about Communism without mentioning this important details. Communist governments have a clear idea on how to deal with people who disagree with the way they think. They would usually send you to prisons where you would inevitably be killed. In Russia during the rule of Joseph Stalin who was one of the most brutal leaders. It is estimated that Stalin killed at least twenty million people during his reign as the leader of the Soviet Union. The fact that the soviets often used fear as a weapon to silence anyone who tried to oppose them is just enough evidence on how ignorant some people can be. They did not enjoy debating their people as they would have a chance to lose so they instead killed them.

Overall, the reason why Communism doesn't work is, because of the old fashion land reform system that would need to be implemented. We saw that this does not work when it was tried in the Soviet Union in 1928-1933 and as a result from it many people starved and suffered greatly,  because of the already bad crop harvests. You would also lose many of your rights such as the right to Freedom Of Expression, Freedom Of Speech, opinions, and the media would be censored to the point of an only pro-Communist idea and nothing else would be published. The large history of mass murders would happen again and it did happen in the past. We have proof of this with Joseph Stalin who killed at the ver least 20 million people because he deemed them an enemy to the state or rather an opposer of ideas fo the nation. He often killed these people.

My Opinion.

In my opinion, Communism can not work and frankly will never work, because people will always end up starving or will end up being oppressed to borderline rebellion. The system did not work for many years in the past and has a bloody history of mass murders and lack of the rights of the individual and overall peoples. The land reform also would cause many to starve and try to flee from the nation or they would die from starvation.

By Michael Normandin

Can Sweatshops Help Developing Countries

Can Sweatshops Help Developing Countries 


 I do not in any way encourage sweatshops or child labor.

What Is  A Sweatshop 

First thing is first okay, we need to learn what a sweatshop is before we can make any assumption what so ever on if it can be good for a developing country. A sweatshop is basically a factory that has harsh conditions and often hazardous conditions for its employees. Its employees are paid extremely low wages and do not plan to give higher wages anytime soon. Sweatshops also have a record of employing children at some points around the world. That is a tactic that is often wrong and many people myself included do not like at all, children should not have to work at a young age.

What Is A Developing/Developed Country 

The second thing that we have to look at is what qualifies as a developing country and what is a developed country. Once we determine the difference between those two things we can name a clear cut example between the two and make our final decisions on whether or not sweatshops can help developing countries. Well, what is a developing country, a developing country is a country that is not well off and needs to advance itself economically, technologically, and socially. Developing countries often do not have the fund to do this themselves as they are dealing with sometimes war, famine, natural disaster and the overall lack of proper literacy rates, and education in general. These states often do not have very good human rights records and don't have the ability to industrialize themselves. Now, what is a developed country? A developed country is rather the opposite as they most probably have better education, human rights standards and are socially more advanced. Developed nations are also advanced in almost every aspect as they have had more support throughout history and have more experience than developing nations.

Can It Help At All  

Well, Yes it can for a sizable amount of reasons. The first reason is that they give jobs to people who without a sweatshop would most likely not have any job and would try to resort to crime for income. Sweatshops create a path for industrialization in a place where before there was most likely little to no factories at all. Yes, the pay is low but in most developing countries that two dollars workers of the factory earn per day is actually three times the national average.Sweatshops are not as dangerous as you might think.

 Sweatshops create jobs in a state where there isn't any work or rather very little work, to begin with.Sweatshops provide a job where the worker does not need to be very skilled and can be trained very easily to use the equipment in the factory to an efficient standard. If sweatshops did not exist in developing countries the people that are currently employed by them would have to resort to another option such as crime, agriculture, etc.

 Sweatshops also create a path for industrialization in a place where before there was most likely little to no factories at all. Sweatshops give the option to have different types of machinery in the factory for the workers to produce the items in a higher amount. Machines do the work faster than by hand and that's why machinery is introduced into these factories so those unskilled workers can then become semi-skilled workers. 

`The pay in sweatshops are low, yes, but when you compare how much a sweatshop worker can make vs a regular worker in a developing country makes. The worker that works in a sweatshop factory actually earns more income. They earn three times more than the national average, and it's only two dollars.
Apparel industry wages as a percent of average national

All in all, sweatshops create a path for industrialization and can create semi-skilled workers in a country that without the factories that are needed would not have that option and it would take significantly longer to advance themselves. Sweatshops also create jobs in a state where there isn't any work and the people who currently work in the factories would have to resort to crime, agriculture etc.The pay however in sweatshops are low, yes, but when you compare the national average to the pay of a sweatshop worker it is actually three times higher. 

The Bad Part 

While there might be a list of good reasons there obviously is a bad part to it. The first reason why is that children are often used in these sweatshops and that's just not right because a child should not have to work at a young age because it can damage them in the future. The overall working conditions of the factories are absolutely horrendous and desperately need to be improved. There is also a denial of benefits that should be included for the employee.

Children should not have to work in a sweatshop. No child should be subject to the abuses that go on in a sweatshop such as the conditions and denial of benefits etc. Children are however still used in sweatshops and can not go to school, because of the long hours that come with the job. If a child can not go to school they'll end up suffering for the rest of their life simply, because of the lack of education that was denied to them for work.
Child Employee (Child labor)

The overall working conditions of sweatshops are by far ugly and can cause health issues if not in the short term they will cause issues in the long term without a doubt.This happens, because the factories are built not with the health of the employee but with the mindset of "how much will this cost me" and thus leads to the idea that the worker doesn't matter and the factory can be built for cheap. When this happens things like proper ventilation is left out of mind and the worker when inside the factory can not see or breath properly, because of the lack of ventilation. Other issues with working conditions are the overly long hours that workers have. These people are working for 10-16 hours a day, now to put that into perspective for the understanding the average employee in the world works 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. 

The denial of benefits in a sweatshop is anything but ordinary because they don't plan to give their workers anything expect a paycheck that is not that large. The worker in a sweatshop from our knowledge is not given health care benefits and does not have the legal or political knowledge to unionize and get the benefits that they need so very desperately.  The employee is also not guaranteed their job and we have proof of this because when some workers stood up to their employers on the conditions they were fired immediately. 

Sweatshop collapsed and people died 

Would Sweatshops Work In A Developed Country 

The short answer is no, sweatshops would actually cause protest because in developed nations there are tons upon tons of rights for the employee that have to be followed by law. Some of these rights are the minimum wage, benefits of all types are often included in many jobs in developed countries, Job security is also far better in developed states vs developing states, because of the many rights that the employee has.
Sweatshop workers 
By Michael Normandin

Military Intervention With Deportations

Deportation happening 
A little background information for any of you that don't already know. Recently the U.S homeland security secretary John Kelly decided to open up on the situation with using the military to enforce new policies on immigration such as deporting immigrants for even minor offenses. Kelly also said that all the deportations will without a doubt comply with human rights and the U.S legal system. Kelly said that while being in Mexico. Kelly was sent to Mexico at the time where U.S and Mexican relations are rather unique, because it's hard to determine what is going on with it all. Now Kelly did contradict Trump and say that it is not a military operation and that there will not be any mass deportations. Trump on the other hand said that "It is a military operation."

Donald Trump 

Why Is A Military Operation Like This Bad? 

Well there's three reasons to that. The first one is, because the military is a force of national defense and a line of defense for the people of a country. It is not a organization that is designed to deal with deportations and the many many complications to go with them such as what is a illegal immigrant has a child in the country that they have overstayed their visit in. Will that child be sent to an orphanage or foster home or will that child also be deported alongside the rest of the family.Then how will this be done is mass deportations are going to be done by a military force will these people be sent away on planes on the tax dollar or original countries dollar. 

Secondly, using a militaristic force such as the military is rather old fashioned, because there are many parts of the governments where these sorts of things are specifically designed to do.  They were designed to do things such as deportations and gain and use effectively all the experience that they have with the thousands upon thousands of questions that will be asked rather often of them.

This can go south very fast if one thing goes down in the wrong way. Now don't get me wrong here if this does happen it can go down very smoothly with little to no hiccups at all. However if something goes wrong and let's say someone decided to get violent with a gun. If that happens the military will fire back and they will fire back with force believe it or not. If that was to actually happen more and more people could try and do the same and you could see a turning point. The turning point would be where people go ahead and try to violently stop deportations by the military by meeting the military with violence whether it be a riot, or just straight up shooting at soldiers.

Overall the military is a force for national defense and not a force designed for deportations.It is also old fashioned, because there are currently a properly designed parts of the government that are specialized in dealing with the extremely complex side of deportations and what happens during them. Of course this can all go south if someone decided to go ahead and use force against the military, because they saw them as a dangerous force. People can also make the decision to get violent via a protest format.

John Kelly 

Can It Be Good?

That's a tough question to be honest, because everything has its pros and cons right. However it can be good in three reasons why a military force can be good for deportations. The first is that the military has experience dealing with mass situations such as natural disasters where many people sadly get displaced.The second is that people will generally try to be peaceful with them simple, because they do not want any trouble. The last reason is a militaristic force can deal with any large issues like violence towards its members pretty quickly and easily.

The military has experience in dealing with mass situations such as natural disasters. The U.S Military has the ability to deploy to almost any country within hours or days, because they are implanted into so many different countries and have the ability to help others in need. The military also has the capacity to deal with any large scale deportation at the very least on a decent level. they also have the necessary amount of aircraft and soldiers to do so properly to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be.

People generally try to be peaceful with the military, because they do have a sense of awareness that the military will not play games with them and will do what they need to do to get the order done in a timely fashion. if people do try to get violent with the military the military will try at all means to subdue these individuals and get the original mission complete.

Lastly a militaristic force such as the military can deal with any issues towards its members quickly and easily. Lets say a soldier is shot by someone randomly. The military will without a doubt do its utmost to get the job done and find the person that shot that soldier. The military will also continue with its original mission at the same time, because they have such a large force of people at their disposal that something minor would not stop an entire operation by a long shot.

All in all, the military has the experience to deal with large scale situations and can probably deal with a mass deportation as they would any other large scale operation. People generally try to be peaceful with the military, because the military not only has the fire power to make the opposing force submit to their will but also will try at all means to subdue the individual causing issues for them and can adapt and overcome to the situations at hand. A militaristic force such as the military can deal with any issues that its members face. Ex) If a soldier is shot the military will not only continue the operations, because it has a lot of soldier but it will also find the person that shot the soldier originally all at the same time.

Canadian Forces Helicopter with Crew Member 

My Opinion

Personally, i think that it's utterly terrible that the military is being considered to do such a job that has so many different complications. I also feel that it would not be right for the people involved as they can not plea their case in any way,shape or form. However a military force can get the job done possibly faster than anyone else they do not have the experience to get the job done in the right format for everyone especially the tax payer. The overall idea is not too good in my opinion, because there are organization that were designed specifically to get this job of deportations done which if i might add is a messy one most of the time. I think that it is good that it is now being said that the military will not get involved.

By Michael Normandin

Teens And Politics

laptops and tablets, people sitting on a bench
My History With Politics 

I think that the overall everyone thinks that teens can not be political, however i disagree look at myself for example. I used to be a Cadet a Air Cadet specifically and i left the organization, after I left Cadets i found myself slowly becoming far more political than ever before. I especially became what i would consider politically active when i took a natural interest in the election in Canada last year (2015). I have also continued a keen love for the subject  even to this day over a year later, as well as the controversial topics that are covered with the overall subject are enjoyable for someone like myself.

Why Is It Interesting For Teens 

Teens have a fast paced mind that tends to be interested in many different things all at once. However with politics teens seem to get either not involved or decently involved with some form of political life. 

There's two reasons for this the first one being teens especially ones in high school, deal with petty politics on a almost daily drive of life. What is petty politics exactly well it's basically a version of politics that is ugly and uses mod mentality for the opposing argument to lose by fear, or just plain out wanting to fit in. In my opinion there is politics in everything but high schools is no exception and is rather a breeding ground for these types of ideas.

The second reason is that human nature kicks in and they start to grow up and mature. When this happens they will of course start taking a larger interest in the things around them and what is happening around them in general but also what's happening with what is not around. What i mean by that is that in their community they can learn about politics and their interests in general whatever they might be sports, gaming etc. They will without a doubt read into politics at the very least one time, because it can be connected to everything around them on so many different levels. 

There Are Youth Groups For This 

There are at youth groups for kids who have and interest in politics. These groups basically give kids an idea of what kind of politics are going on around the world and can teach them about overall political life.These groups can also be a place for teens and kids to interact with others who have the same interest and can possibly keep these kids out of trouble. Some of these groups like the one in Canada where it's called the Prime Ministers Youth Council. The Council can take teens and kids involved in the community and who have a interest for politics and put them in a position where they can inform actual politicians about issues and possibly have something done about the issues on a whole. 

This Will Educate Teenagers 

If teens are dealing with petty politics on a almost daily level and there are youth groups who can help the kid get involved in the community. This will in turn educate the youth of the nation by teaching how to not only recognize which party they identify with but also how to prevent electing radical politicians who might do harm to not only the nation but the future youth of the nations thus causing even more harm. Remember when you first went into a voting booth, yeah you didn't really know what was going on unless you paid attention to the election. Well teens can prevent this by using some of the tools that are given to them, such as a youth council or political area where they can learn about almost anything and can become even more so free thinkers. 

Consequences For Teens 

Often teens and even myself have come across people both adults and other teenagers who have not agreed with our opinion and either call us annoying, because we have superior arguments or say that we are uneducated and need to learn about it all more before we open our mouths. When this is told to teenagers whom have a interest in the subject matter they are often redirected mentally and do not want to continue with any of it, because it causes trouble for them and they don't want people to ruin their reputation or anything on the lines of that. 

All in all there are both good and bad reasons for teens to take part in politics and keep an eye on politics so that they are aware of what is going on around them and essentially all over the world. It is interesting for teenagers of all ages, because they deal with petty politics on a daily basis. There are also youth groups that can get the child involved and is a place where the child can meet other kids on the matter of what they enjoy talking about and doing. It will also educate teenagers on what is going on around them and how they can change it as well as find out where they identify on the political spectrum. However there are some consequences where they might lose friends and cause issues and debates for themselves, because politics is a little sensitive depending opn what topic(s) you talk about.

Thanks for reading
Let me know what you think by commenting below.

By Michael Normandin

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigned From Breibart and Book Cancelled

 In this Jan. 25, 2017 file photo, Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart editor known for inflammatory remarks about women and Muslims, speaks on campus at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. (Jeremy Papasso/Daily Camera via AP)tion

His Response and Past 

Milo Yiannopoulos who is a conservative Public Figure and commentator. He is also well known for abrupt jokes controversial commentary on almost everything have drew the larges possible amount of both supportive and opposing people to come and listen to his talks as well as read his articles.He was also a editor at Breibart News, which is a far - right, American news, opinion, and commentary website that was founded in 2007 by conservative commentator and entrepreneur Andrew Breibart.

Today Milo Yiannopoulos decided to resign from Breitbart News, after comments about pedophilia came about being noticed by both Liberals and Conservatives all over the internet. It is being said that he supports child abuse openly. Milo did admit what he said was wrong and he should have used a far more appropriate tern instead of children or "young boys".

He decided to post this top his Facebook page today

"This week, for political gain, the media and the Republican establishment accused a child abuse victim of enabling child abuse. It's sick. But they have not killed me. They have only made me stronger.
Thank you for the support. You guys have kept me sane. In a few months, this will be a distant memory. I'll be back with details of my new publisher, my new media venture and my new tour."

Milo sadly is actually a child abuse victim who between the ages 13-16 he was "touched" and he does not by any means support any pedophilia in any way, shape, or form and never will. He also said that he thinks it is sick that anyone would do anything like that with a child.

He also said that he would be wrong "to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues' important reporting.

Milo's Book Deal 

Milo Yiannopoulos's book "Dangerous"
is cover 
 Milo Yiannopoulos confired that his book was cancelled on his facebook page last night.

Milo's book is called "Dangerous" and it's  Milo's third book. It is also a autobiography ( about his life) 

Simon & Schuster is a  a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, is a publisher founded in New York City in 1924 by Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster. They decided to take on Milo Yiannopoulos for a book a few months ago, however they have now canceled the books with him, because of some of the things that he has said.(written above) 

Milo also had a book deal that was worth 250 thousand dollars (250K $) 
Sadly Simon & Schuster  has decided to cancel Milo's book, because they not only want to protect their brand from any bad publicity but also feel that what he has said was not acceptable by any means what so ever and of course they do not support it at all and never will. Thus they have canceled his book to protect themselves and they don't like what he has said. 

Many people are furious that this has happened, because they had a pre order this book and they honestly wanted to read it. They have also on some website already rated the book five stars without even receiving it yet. This really does show the dedication of his followers and how they feel about him and how much confidence they have in him to produce a book that is five stars. 

Simon & Schuster said that  "After careful consideration, Simon & Schuster and its Threshold Editions have canceled publication of "Dangerous by Milo Yiannopulous," 

Many people said that this is wrong and publicly said that this needs to be fixed right now and can not wait. However Simon & Schuster said  

" We do not and never have condoned discrimination or hate speech in any form."

Milo is also known for abrupt speech on many different subjects that some people seem have an opinion and believe that it is discriminatory and a little bit too wild for the.

This all happened after a video resurfaced of Milo commenting about pedophilia. The book cancellation was announced after the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) dis-invited Milo as a speaker after the video surfaced. 

Will He Be Okay (my opinion)

Well to be sure we don't know he did say that he will not let this put him down at all. He also has a pretty loyal fan base that will most probably follow him to where he decides to go with his career at this point. However he will most probably continue with Journalism since he is a Journalist, but we still need to wait and see how all of this plays out for Milo.

By Michael Normandin

Montreal Is Now A Sanctuary City

What Is A Sanctuary City 

That's a good question, a sanctuary city is essentially a city that follows certain procedures to shelter illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are people who are in a country for a extended period of time without proper documentation that has been granted by the country that they are staying in.


Is This Bad For Montreal 

Well sanctuary cities are both good and bad.While it's good that they help out people like refugees they also can be abused by people claiming to be refugees and in general people who want to live somewhere without documentation. However for Montreal a sanctuary city would be good, because it would encourage good behavior between undocumented people and law enforcement.However it might be pretty bad for Montreal since sanctuary cities can harbor criminals and can create a dangerous area for the cities legal residents.

Montreal City Council Voted On It 

Montreal city council voted on the decision to make Montreal a sanctuary. Montreal is also the latest city in Canada where this has happened, Montreal is basically following in the foot steps of cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, London Ont. 

Mayor Of Montreal Denis Coderre 

The Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre said that he felt it was necessary to act, because of the actions that are happening south of the border.

"One of the reasons i've done that is clearly, because of what's happening in the United States and what i'm witnessing in Europe" Coderre said.

In recent weeks and days more and more immigrants have come across the border into Canada, because of the policies of President Trump.

Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA) have said that 452 people have filed for refugee asylum in Quebec - US land border crossing in January. 

CBSA officer 

Given the current situations that are going on around the world more and more Canadian cities have considered adopting the idea of becoming a sanctuary city.

Coderre however did mention that the measures taken will help those in need most.

Available services for immigrants would be including municipalities such as libraries, buildings, recreation centers.

The end goal is to normalize and integrate these people into the city as any other citizen.However is they're are no criminal issues and security risks there will be no issues.

There are however some people who believe that this is not enough, because the city is not ensuring migrants that minor infractions will not lead to deportation which has happened several times before. The individuals who think that more is needed to be done are also saying that if you deport someone for something minor you destroy a sense of trust between the people and authorities.

By Michael Normandin

SpaceX Launches Rocket From "Moon Pad"

 SpaceX which is a company that designs, manufactures, launches advanced rockets and spacecraft decided to launch a rocket from the historic "moon pad" where the moon landing equipment was launched.

Cape Canaveral Florida,

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch 

The rocket that SpaceX decided to launch was their Falcon 9 rocket that was not only unmanned but was also headed for the International Space Station (ISS) to deliver supplies.

As the Falcon 9 rocket took off the crowds of people watched in awe as the rocket headed skyward.However, that is not all as SpaceX decided that they also wanted to land the leftover booster packs at the very same launch location where the rocket originally took off.

It was not until a few minutes later that the crowd started to cheer because they had received the news that the rocket had reached orbit successfully. However, it must be noted that rocket will only be delivering the supplies to the ISS by Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017.The rocket will be delivering 5,500 pounds of food, clothes, and experiments for the crew of the ISS.

Elon Musk t also celebrated via the social media platform known as Twitter he tweeted "Baby Come Back". He also has said that he is more than honored to use the platform for the SpaceX launch. SpaceX would also like to launch astronauts from the platform next year.

Elon Musk 

This is a huge comeback for SpaceX because the last time they launched a rocked it, unfortunately, had an error and an explosion happened. That happened last summer.

Musk,  also tweeted Saturday that the company SpaceX has "retired" a lot of research and risk of their Dragon Capsule. "that I feel very confident of 2018."

However Saturday there was an engine error that SpaceX scrambled to fix. Sadly the launch was delayed because Elon Musk did not want risk anything going wrong with the rocket that is also very expensive. The launch, however, did go on but was slightly delayed.

By Michael Normandin

Douglas Garland Assaulted By Multiple In Jail

The triple murderer was quickly sent to a hospital after inmates decided to assault him.
It happened after he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 75 years.

According to reports Ems received a call for an ambulance in the  Calgary Remand Centre where a man in his 50's had been assaulted.

CBC news did confirm that the individual was Garland.

Mr. Garland's lawyer Kim Ross had this to say about the incident. "I fully understand that Mr. Garland is not going to win any Mr. Popularity contests, but the system still has a duty and is mandated to make sure that he is protected, that his physical safety, his mental safety are being looked after," Ross said.
Mr. Garland had been in jail for 2 and a half years without incident.

Ian Savage who is the president of the Calgary-based Criminal Defense Lawyers Association said that his organization is calling upon the Remand Centre to explain how this assault came to be.

"Obviously a child murder is one of the most horrific things that we as a society would abhor, and while he [was] awaiting trial on that matter he [needed] to be protected from potential assault from other inmates, that's just obvious," Savage said.

It is said that Garland is expected to be released from the hospital later Saturday and will be going back to the Remand Centre. However, he will have to stay at the Remand Centre for a short while, because of the way the appeal process does work.

Calgary police have also confirmed the assault but will not be giving out many details on the situation.
They did, however, confirm that several men did assault an older male in the jail.

"Investigators are working with officials from Alberta Justice and Solicitor General to determine the circumstances of this assault and obtain further evidence," Officers said.

By Michael Normandin

Mike Pence says Russia Will Be Held Accountable + Talks NATO

Mike Pence made a promise on Saturday while he was in Europe that Russia will be held accountable for their actions.

He also said that the U.S "Strongly supports" NATO. Pence wanted to ensure and calm the European allies and ensure the support of the U.S.

European countries along the Russian border are rather worried, because of the deep-rooted potential ties between Trump and Russia.The visit does on in on the large spread worries of Russian aggression in Europe such as Ukraine.Mike Pence also scheduled meetings with the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Pence also planned to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

The Vice President has sent good messages to Europe as well as assurances that they will support Europe.Trump made clear that he has a very clear intention to defeat the Islamic State  (ISIS). Mike Pence has also decided to try and meet with the leaders of Afghanistan as well as Iraq, where the U.S is involved in two different wars against Islamic Extremists who have committed terrible crimes against people. 

Vice President Pence has also made it more than clear that he feels NATO participants should be spending more on their defense. It is also recommended that they spend 2-3% of their GDP on defense. NATO currently has 28 members, however, only 4-5 countries involved in NATO actually spend the recommended amount on defense. The countries involved did agree and commit to spending that amount of money on their defense.

Failure to meet the commitment, he said, "erodes the very foundation of our alliance."

"Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more," Pence said.

What does this mean for NATO and Russia? Well, it's not too clear, to be honest. It could mean that the U.S will impose sanctions on Russia for their involvement in the U.S presidential Election in 2016 where Donald Trump won the election. However, i think it's unlikely that sanctions would be put on Russia given the friendliness that Putin and Trump have with each other. It is also very possible that the U.S will finally do a show of force to Russia to show them that the U.S is still a capable force.

When Pence tried to calm and reassure the European nations leaders that the U.S supports them. He did a good job at that, I think that's good that he is trying to ensure them that the U.S is not completely isolated, despite President Trump's Isolation talks with terms such as "America First".

The NATO situation is slightly different because Trump said that NATO was not as good and implied that it needs to be fixed. However, Pence is saying that the U.S Still supports NATO and her allies but they need to ramp up their spending, because for most participants of NATO. They are not spending the recommended amount of money on defense.

By Michael Normandin

The Violent Liberal Left

Ahh yes, the left both violent and hypocritical in so many different ways imaginable. Most recently they have been rioting at the inauguration of the president, as well as on the campuses where popular speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos go to speak. They have also been preaching tolerance but they seem to be the least tolerant.

To start off the inauguration of President Trump that happened in January was extremely violent with protesters.They smashed windows of local stores with many different items one of the many being garbage cans.They also engaged in trying to block Trump supporters or just people in general from entering the inauguration, because they had different political views.They even went as far as to injure 6 police officers during the inauguration, which is absolutely barbaric and uncalled for from people who actively preach tolerance of everybody.

Then there are the campuses, Milo Yiannopoulos had to cancel his talk at a place of higher education, because of the insane amount of protesters who became violent during their
"protests". Last year Steven Crowder, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Milo Yiannopoulos
where at a show where they wanted to talk about some politics, myths, and answer questions. However, the crowd which has some SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) in it managed to drown the speakers out! They also tried not to let the speakers speak at all by booing them.

The tolerance yes, tolerance a little ironic if I may say so myself they preach for everyone to tolerate everyone. However what they really mean is they will only tolerate those who have the same views ad them if you have different views they will not tolerate you. We have proof of this with Joy Villa's dress. She had worn a dress that did not conform to the ideas of the left and they called her racial slurs specifically black racial slurs because she's black.

Overall the left has been violent at the inauguration of President Trump, on campuses where public figures go to speak and try to make an engaging and entertaining experience for the young students that attend the school of higher education. They have also been intolerant when it comes to seeing someone with different beliefs than theirs, such as Joy Villa and her "Trump Dress". They responded by calling her racial slurs.

I will, however, note that not all liberals are violent, there are some liberals who are very forward-thinking people and who are tolerant of other peoples beliefs.

By Michael Normandin

Donald Trump and Michael Flynn could face legal action over Russia

Donald Trump giving a thumbs up 
According to lawyers Michael Flynn and President Trump could face legal action over the growing evidence of Trump's team has more ties to Russia. Michael Flynn was also first interviewed by the FBI when Trump first took office. It is said that the information that was given could be followed up in court. All in all Trump apparently

Donald Trump did speak about the incident and he said that Mr. Flynn was treated very unfairly by the media after he had to forcefully make him resign.

Michael Flynn had also been in contact with the Russian ambassador and said to him that sanctions will be overturned. Norm Eisen who is a former ethics lawyer for Obama said that if Mr. Flynn did lie to the FBI that he would be prosecuted for doing so. 

Mr.Trumps associates apparently had frequent contact with Russia during the election according to Phone, bank, travel records retrieved by intelligence agencies and Law enforcement agencies.

All of this raises many questions about the lies that have been told about how Mr.Trump did not have any contact with Russia at the time.The U.S intelligence agencies, however, did not identify who on Mr.Trump's team was in contact with Russia during the election.They also did not mention how much of the talks were for business rather than politics. 
Michael Flynn at a press conference 

“Congress must act now or talk of Reagan winning the Cold War will be a sad joke,” warned Richard Painter, a former ethics counsel to George W Bush.

If intelligence agencies can successfully prove that Trump has had ties with the hacking of DNC computers, spread fake news and try to sabotage Hillary Clinton his whom is part of the opposite party and was running against could violate the 1799 Logan Act, a statute which bars private citizens from interfering with diplomatic relations between the US and foreign governments.  

By Michael Normandin