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At Least 28 Injured In New Orleans

Ems services On the scene of the incident

At least 28 people have been injured after a vehicle ran into a crowd watching a parade in the city of New Orleans.

The Parade was Krewer of Endymion and around 6:45 PM On Saturday, February 25th, 2017.
Sadly 28 people including a police officer were injured by the vehicle as it ran through the crowd. The people who were injured were taken to seven different hospitals.

The police chief Michael Harrison said that one individual was in custody and was being investigated by the police. He also said that the individual was being investigated for driving while intoxicated. Terrorism is not the main suspect Harrison said.

It is said that 21 people were hospitalized and 5 are in critical condition. Another 7 people did not want to go to the hospital and declined to be brought there.

There was also many images and videos showing police and paramedics handling the situation quickly and effectively so that no one else gets hurt in the process. The images and videos were posted to social media.
Police Officer on the scene of the incident

A witness of this terrible act Greg McNeely who was at the incident said to the TImes-Picayune that he was watching the parade when a pickup truck sped through a nearby intersection and then into a crowd of people. "

He took out rows of people," McNeely said

Another woman who was walking on the intersection said to The New Orleans Advocate that a silver truck sped past as she was walking on the intersection.

Carrie Kinsella said "I felt a rush it was so fast"

Another witness said that the driver seemed to be completely unaware of what he had just done to innocent people. "

He was just out of it" Kourtney Mckinnis told the Advocate and that he was unaware.

By Michael Normandin

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