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Douglas Garland Assaulted By Multiple In Jail

The triple murderer was quickly sent to a hospital after inmates decided to assault him.
It happened after he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 75 years.

According to reports Ems received a call for an ambulance in the  Calgary Remand Centre where a man in his 50's had been assaulted.

CBC news did confirm that the individual was Garland.

Mr. Garland's lawyer Kim Ross had this to say about the incident. "I fully understand that Mr. Garland is not going to win any Mr. Popularity contests, but the system still has a duty and is mandated to make sure that he is protected, that his physical safety, his mental safety are being looked after," Ross said.
Mr. Garland had been in jail for 2 and a half years without incident.

Ian Savage who is the president of the Calgary-based Criminal Defense Lawyers Association said that his organization is calling upon the Remand Centre to explain how this assault came to be.

"Obviously a child murder is one of the most horrific things that we as a society would abhor, and while he [was] awaiting trial on that matter he [needed] to be protected from potential assault from other inmates, that's just obvious," Savage said.

It is said that Garland is expected to be released from the hospital later Saturday and will be going back to the Remand Centre. However, he will have to stay at the Remand Centre for a short while, because of the way the appeal process does work.

Calgary police have also confirmed the assault but will not be giving out many details on the situation.
They did, however, confirm that several men did assault an older male in the jail.

"Investigators are working with officials from Alberta Justice and Solicitor General to determine the circumstances of this assault and obtain further evidence," Officers said.

By Michael Normandin

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