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Joy Villa's Dress Caused The Left To Go Insane

At the recent Grammy's Joy Villa showed off her latest dress. The dress was blue, red, and white. It also read "Make America Great Again", which is a slogan from President Trump that he used during his campaign. On the back of the dress towards the lower area, the dress read Trump on it.

Now, this isn't that bad she is doing what other celebrities have done (gone political with Trump and his supporters). She did get some backlash from the "tolerant left". What the left responded with was terrible and possibly one of the most nontolerant things I have ever seen in my life. Liberals attacked her on the social media platform known as Twitter. They called her racial slurs such as "Coon" and essentially tried to put her down because she is showing support for a president that they don't support. The response that she received from Trump supporters was completely different.Trump supporters showed a bastion of support for her and even called out many of the liberals that were calling her racial slurs.

The thing is this is not the first time that the left has done this, they seem to have a pattern to them. The left has done this most recently with the Inauguration of President Trump while there was a peaceful protest, there was also many nonpeaceful protests where people where destroying local businesses and causing damage to pretty much anything. Now here's the thing, when you insult someone and call them racial slurs and get involved in riots you will not gain supporters. Never has someone been convinced to change their opinion by insulting them.

Despite all of the hatred that is being spread about, because she decided to support her president in the form of a dress while attending the Grammy's, her song sales have absolutely skyrocketed.

By Michael Normandin

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