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Mike Pence says Russia Will Be Held Accountable + Talks NATO

Mike Pence made a promise on Saturday while he was in Europe that Russia will be held accountable for their actions.

He also said that the U.S "Strongly supports" NATO. Pence wanted to ensure and calm the European allies and ensure the support of the U.S.

European countries along the Russian border are rather worried, because of the deep-rooted potential ties between Trump and Russia.The visit does on in on the large spread worries of Russian aggression in Europe such as Ukraine.Mike Pence also scheduled meetings with the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Pence also planned to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

The Vice President has sent good messages to Europe as well as assurances that they will support Europe.Trump made clear that he has a very clear intention to defeat the Islamic State  (ISIS). Mike Pence has also decided to try and meet with the leaders of Afghanistan as well as Iraq, where the U.S is involved in two different wars against Islamic Extremists who have committed terrible crimes against people. 

Vice President Pence has also made it more than clear that he feels NATO participants should be spending more on their defense. It is also recommended that they spend 2-3% of their GDP on defense. NATO currently has 28 members, however, only 4-5 countries involved in NATO actually spend the recommended amount on defense. The countries involved did agree and commit to spending that amount of money on their defense.

Failure to meet the commitment, he said, "erodes the very foundation of our alliance."

"Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more," Pence said.

What does this mean for NATO and Russia? Well, it's not too clear, to be honest. It could mean that the U.S will impose sanctions on Russia for their involvement in the U.S presidential Election in 2016 where Donald Trump won the election. However, i think it's unlikely that sanctions would be put on Russia given the friendliness that Putin and Trump have with each other. It is also very possible that the U.S will finally do a show of force to Russia to show them that the U.S is still a capable force.

When Pence tried to calm and reassure the European nations leaders that the U.S supports them. He did a good job at that, I think that's good that he is trying to ensure them that the U.S is not completely isolated, despite President Trump's Isolation talks with terms such as "America First".

The NATO situation is slightly different because Trump said that NATO was not as good and implied that it needs to be fixed. However, Pence is saying that the U.S Still supports NATO and her allies but they need to ramp up their spending, because for most participants of NATO. They are not spending the recommended amount of money on defense.

By Michael Normandin

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