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Should Prostitution Be Legal

Girl In Dress On A Street At Night

Lets find out if Prostitution should legal. Wherever we find human existence we can also find without a doubt prostitution. We as the human species have a certain enjoyment with the act and we have the history as proof. To find out If it should be legal we have to figure out what prostitution is and we have to find out the history of it. We can also find out which countries around the world already have it legalized. I will also list the pros and cons of prostitution for the government and its people.

What Is Prostitution?

Prostitution is the act of a person regardless of sex (male or female) who decide to engage in sexual activity for compensation of money. However, it can also include a wide arrange of acts that may fall under the category of prostitution. These acts include copulation which is intercourse. It can also include stimulation which is basically arousing the "client". 

What Is The History Of Prostitution?

The history of prostitution is long. Well, we have some proof of prostitution in some of the oldest cities in history. The sex trade which is currently referred to as prostitution happened in cities such as Mesopotamia alongside temples, customs, markets and laws. In Mesopotamia specifically and some other Babylonian cities there was a goddess that was worshiped.  Her name was Ishtar, it was said that she was born every morning to only becoming a "whore" by the evening's end. The term whore also came from the root word for desire in Europe.

Why Should It Be Legal?

Prostitution can protect the women who are performing these acts for a fee. The women who perform these acts are often subject to abuse beyond a believable level such as verbal, being manipulated. They are also subject to violence such as hitting. Legalization of the act will also lower the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, genital warts etc. The widespread activity of STDs are not uncommon they are spoken about in schools to help prevent the spread of it. If legalized the government can force the workers so wear condoms and get tested for STDs on the regular. The government can also gain a very large amount of revenue from it as it generates a considerable amount. The government has the right to tax the women who participate in the act of prostitution because they will be earning income. The government can also tax the brothels since they will most likely take a cut from the women to help pay for security guards, condoms, advertisement etc.

Legalization Can Protect Women From Abuse And Violence

If the act of having sex for money is legalized then it would be safer not only for women but for men who are participating in either paying for the acts or receiving income for the acts. It cannot be denied on any level that sex workers are subject to large amounts and a large variety of violence that is directed towards them. The worker will either be subject to verbal abuse during the act of after the act. These women are also abused by their pimps when they do not earn a considerable amount of income. They also have the risk of being murdered after the act, because the client may not want to pay the worker for the acts performed. Prostitutes are also being hit by both their clients and their pimps and have no means of being protected as they do not have unions or any laws that protect them from this terrible abuse.

It Can Also Lessen The Spread Of STDs 

The spread of STDs is almost ramped for sex workers as they deal with the acts on the daily. Prostitutes may also fear that if they seek medical aid for their STDs they might end up being arrested for their actions on how they received them.  If these acts are made to be legal then these workers can be checked on the regular for STDs and the men who use their services can also be tested for STDs. The government, since it will be legal, can even make it mandatory for the women or men who perform the acts to use protection to furthermore protect everyone from STDs and help lessen the spread of them. 

The Government Can Gain Tax Revenue 

The government no matter in what country can easily tax the brothels in which the workers will be working out of and they can tax the sex workers themselves. Cities and towns will have a larger source of income that they can use for roads, schools, buildings etc. The government can gain a great deal of money from taxing workers and prostitution-related businesses where they earn a considerable amount of money. There will also be an increase in jobs since the brothels would need security and they would need workers. This is good because at the moment these jobs are not being publicly listed and do not qualify as a job.

All in all, if legalized the act of performing sex for money also known as prostitution can protect both the sex workers and clients. The worker can be protected from either violent or abusive client and pimps. There would also be laws put into place so that the worker has rights and they can defend themselves if those rights are violated. It can also lessen the spread of STDs because the government can force the workers or clients to wear condoms. The sex worker will also be forced to have regular STD testing to ensure that the risk of STDs in their workplace is lowered to the minimum amount possible. Men that use the service that prostitutes offer can also be tested for STDs before they use the service to ensure that the worker or girl is safe. The government can also gain tax revenue from the brothels who would take a cut from the sex workers earnings since the worker used their location. The government will also tax the sex worker on the amount of income they make during that year.  If prostitution is legalized then it will also create jobs for many people. The brothels will need security guards to protect the women and there would be jobs for the already prostitutes which would be good for the economy and the numbers overall.

Brothel Room

Why Is It Bad?

Prostitution is bad simply because you are selling your body for money. There is also the long lasting concern of the mental state of the worker since they would be often engaging in the sexual activity. These workers are also subject to many different cases of abuse and this can damage their mental state permanently. However, this is a very dangerous business to get into, because of the increased risk of rape, murder, sexual assault. Prostitution can also encourage in an indirect way human trafficking. In some countries, this is ramped and if the country is poor it only increases the risk of someone selling their children fo a little cash to people who will exploit them and use them in an illegal manner but within a country where sex work is legal.

The Mental State Of The Worker 

When someone works in the field of having intercourse or intercourse-related activity on a daily basis or even more they are subject to many different things such as desensitization to sex and the emotions that come alongside the acts. They also have a higher rate of social stigma as well as the medical stigma that comes alongside it. These workers are looked upon less than because they deal in the act of sexual activity for income. The mental state of the worker is also after a long period of time permanently damaged, because they have engaged in an almost hourly or daily activity with many different people and do not have anywhere to go, because of the stigma.

Sex Workers Are Subject to Abuses 

These sex workers are often subject to abuses because they have not earned enough money to satisfy their pimp. They are also at a risk of being assaulted by their clients. They have clients that do not want to pay and will try to even murder them to avoid paying a debt of which they owe since they received a service. These women are also verbally abused by customers who may have a kink for the idea of abusing women or rather talking down to her. These women may also get raped as they are dealing with the delicate situation and with people, they are not familiar with at all in a closed and hidden environment. These women also could have a man remove a condom in the middle of sex without her knowing.

It Can Increase Human Trafficking 

Human trafficking is a ramped thing in many underprivileged countries. In these countries, many people can sell their children into the trade in other countries and then have them be sent here to be slaves in a legal job position but taken in an illegal manner. The idea of trafficking humans is barbaric but it happens on the regular. Some of the women or men that will be participating in these acts will be from a place where they were purchased. This will indeed happen and how will we as a society help the people who are victims of this horrendous act.

Overall,  The mental state of the sex worker can be damaged, because of a number of sexual relations they might be having on a almost daily or rather hourly level. The sex workers are subject to a wide range of abuses such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, intimidation etc. These sex workers will be subject to dangerous situations where they can me murdered, raped, sexually assaulted and can even be manipulated into doing things they don't want to do.

By Michael Normandin

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