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Teens And Politics

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My History With Politics 

I think that the overall everyone thinks that teens can not be political, however i disagree look at myself for example. I used to be a Cadet a Air Cadet specifically and i left the organization, after I left Cadets i found myself slowly becoming far more political than ever before. I especially became what i would consider politically active when i took a natural interest in the election in Canada last year (2015). I have also continued a keen love for the subject  even to this day over a year later, as well as the controversial topics that are covered with the overall subject are enjoyable for someone like myself.

Why Is It Interesting For Teens 

Teens have a fast paced mind that tends to be interested in many different things all at once. However with politics teens seem to get either not involved or decently involved with some form of political life. 

There's two reasons for this the first one being teens especially ones in high school, deal with petty politics on a almost daily drive of life. What is petty politics exactly well it's basically a version of politics that is ugly and uses mod mentality for the opposing argument to lose by fear, or just plain out wanting to fit in. In my opinion there is politics in everything but high schools is no exception and is rather a breeding ground for these types of ideas.

The second reason is that human nature kicks in and they start to grow up and mature. When this happens they will of course start taking a larger interest in the things around them and what is happening around them in general but also what's happening with what is not around. What i mean by that is that in their community they can learn about politics and their interests in general whatever they might be sports, gaming etc. They will without a doubt read into politics at the very least one time, because it can be connected to everything around them on so many different levels. 

There Are Youth Groups For This 

There are at youth groups for kids who have and interest in politics. These groups basically give kids an idea of what kind of politics are going on around the world and can teach them about overall political life.These groups can also be a place for teens and kids to interact with others who have the same interest and can possibly keep these kids out of trouble. Some of these groups like the one in Canada where it's called the Prime Ministers Youth Council. The Council can take teens and kids involved in the community and who have a interest for politics and put them in a position where they can inform actual politicians about issues and possibly have something done about the issues on a whole. 

This Will Educate Teenagers 

If teens are dealing with petty politics on a almost daily level and there are youth groups who can help the kid get involved in the community. This will in turn educate the youth of the nation by teaching how to not only recognize which party they identify with but also how to prevent electing radical politicians who might do harm to not only the nation but the future youth of the nations thus causing even more harm. Remember when you first went into a voting booth, yeah you didn't really know what was going on unless you paid attention to the election. Well teens can prevent this by using some of the tools that are given to them, such as a youth council or political area where they can learn about almost anything and can become even more so free thinkers. 

Consequences For Teens 

Often teens and even myself have come across people both adults and other teenagers who have not agreed with our opinion and either call us annoying, because we have superior arguments or say that we are uneducated and need to learn about it all more before we open our mouths. When this is told to teenagers whom have a interest in the subject matter they are often redirected mentally and do not want to continue with any of it, because it causes trouble for them and they don't want people to ruin their reputation or anything on the lines of that. 

All in all there are both good and bad reasons for teens to take part in politics and keep an eye on politics so that they are aware of what is going on around them and essentially all over the world. It is interesting for teenagers of all ages, because they deal with petty politics on a daily basis. There are also youth groups that can get the child involved and is a place where the child can meet other kids on the matter of what they enjoy talking about and doing. It will also educate teenagers on what is going on around them and how they can change it as well as find out where they identify on the political spectrum. However there are some consequences where they might lose friends and cause issues and debates for themselves, because politics is a little sensitive depending opn what topic(s) you talk about.

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By Michael Normandin

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