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Tensions With Russia

The Cold War started after the Second World War that ended in 1945. The term "Cold War"
emerged as a result of a war of words as opposed to a conventional conflict using violence. This clash pitted the Soviet Union and NATO led by the United States. The Cold War involved most of the world because at the time the political idealism of the world was split between two opposing economic policies; Communism and Capitalism. Communism is a system based on the idea that everyone is equal and there is no one person who is really rich or really poor. In a Communist state, the government is in control of property and the distribution of wealth.
It first came on the world scene at the end of the First World War when Vladimir Lenin started the Russian revolution and overthrew the Tsar (king). In contrast, Capitalism is the thought where private individuals can control the production and distribution of goods with minimal government intervention. This means that people can be rich, poor, or middle class. America has always had capitalism since the American Revolution in the 1770's. It is considered a fundamental American value in the pursuit of happiness.

Currently, tensions with Russia are at an all time high. When The Russians invaded Crimea two years ago, NATO rushed troops to the borders of Russia in an act of support for Ukraine and neighboring countries. An increase in military exercises has been mounting on both sides of the border. In addition, Russia recently engaged in military exercises in the Arctic deploying thousands of troops. Canada has also had exercises such as Operation Reassurance where they reassured Western allies of support and military capability. When Russia annexed the Crimea, which is part of Ukraine, NATO sent troops to the region to prepare for a possible conflict.

Canada has since then given support to Ukraine in the form of non lethal equipment such as helmets,vests,boots and ,winter clothing to the Ukrainians. They are also giving training to them in case a situation does happen where Russia marches further into Ukraine. Russia has also been supplying Ukrainian separatists with tanks,weapons and much more equipment. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said that this is not happening although Ukrainian and NATO forces have said that you can clearly see Russian tanks,weapons etc being used against them on the battlefields of Eastern Ukraine. A former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said "dialogue should be resumed".

 Most recently Russia has moved nuclear capable missiles to the European border,This is a response to the increased amount of troops along the Russia-European border.Russia has also in what seems to be a act of defiance, ordered all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad. This resembles the many proxy wars NATO and Russia participated in during the cold war such as Vietnam,Afghanistan,Angola,Nicaragua.We have since been dealing with conflicts in those regions for years now and most probably years to come. Ukraine is essentially a proxy war for Canada (A proxy war is where no direct fighting of a conventional war between two nations occurs).Vladimir Putin the President of Russia has also reportedly said to his troops to prepare for war.We have even seen a huge influx of troops on the Russian border since that statement "I feel that there is a discrepancy between the old democratic party and the current democratic ways of countering the Russian menace.we need to take a stronger stance against the Russians. Russia keeps punching us in the nose and the U.S keeps taking it and backing down.Imagine sitting next to a bully and trying to talk things out and the bully just keeps saying your nothing." "at some point we will inventively got to show Russia a show of force" Mr Gains said.  (Technician at Howard .S. Billings Regional High School)

A Russian ally even said that if Americans don't vote for Donald Trump it would mean nuclear war.Nuclear war is a war in which a nations fight with nukes instead of regular soldiers.Nuclear War has never occurred. Russia has also been accused of doing cyber attacks on the Democratic Party website which is running against Donald Trump whom is part of the Republican part.The Democratic party is also Hillary Clinton's party.Iran is also a nation that is not on good terms with the United States and is also supported by Russia.There was a confrontation with Iran at one point where a U.S patrol boat went into Iranian waters and the Iranian military later captured the boat. I spoke to Mr. Gaines from Billings about these situations and he had this to say about it all."Remember when the us boat got captured by Iranian. The  old Americans would have gunned every Iranian boat down. what really happened was the lieutenant or Captain was most probably told by current officers or higher ups to stand down that's an order." said Mr.Gains. Russians also have a sense of duty and loyalty in their country "Vladimir Putin comes form the cold war and makes Russians feel that the Russians are mal treated by other countries." Mr. Gains said. We are at a  pivotal point in time where nations that supported Russia and Russia itself are starting to show force against NATO. We need to view the situation and try to avoid a conventional war between countries. If we were to go to war, it would be terrible for both sides and it would show everyone on both sides that only one force can emerge from that war.

By Michael Normandin

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