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Toronto bar apologizes after "No means yes" sign causes outrage

The owners of Locals Only bar have said that the staff member that created the sign will be fired.
The sign angered people on the internet and caused backlash.

A visitor (Katii Capern)  at the bar on Saturday evening at the staff member what "a***" meant. They replied with "anal".

"Once I realized the whole message, I felt sick to my stomach," she said.
"Rape jokes are never OK, ever, but it's even more troubling to see in a bar because of the prevalence of date rape." 
She tried to contact Locals Only and was not successful at doing it, she decided to post the image on social media. More than 100 people responded with outrage on social media.
The owners of Locals Only issued a statement saying that the staff member who made the sign did so without management's knowledge. The statement also called the sign, "disgusting, derogatory, and insensitive towards a serious issue that we in no shape or form condone."
The owners also said that they are going to reissue "what appropriate standards and policies are in the workplace."
Capern however said that she thinks there's a pattern with the bar.On social media people posted photos of previous signs about the bar.One sign even read  "Snap chat me that p***y." and "Dry slump? Do the Trump." The owners responded to this by saying that they have had issues with certain staff members in the past.The owner said that questionable signs were removed immediately.
The owner added that there had been previous situations where they have had to suspend or fire staff members, because of similar issues.

By Michael Normandin

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