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Trump Budget Increases 54B$ In Military

Donald Trump 

 It seems to be that Donald Trump wants to increase the United States spending in their military by a huge 54 Billion dollars. This is what the White House said. It is also said that foreign aid will be lowered as well as domestic programs. This would be a ten percent increase to the Pentagon. This is essentially Trump not going back on his words that he used during the campaign. During the campaign, he said that he would increase military spending on defense and it looks like he is keeping that promise.

The administration of Trump will most likely go after things such as the long-term debated climate change issue that is going on in the world. It is also being said that most departments will have to absorb budget cuts as this is a needed task to retrieve the funds for this increase.

This is going to be interesting because Trump's budget plan will set off both democrats and republicans in Washington. There are without a doubt more than a handful of politicians who believe that this increase is not needed and also they will try to resist the cuts to domestic agencies. A government shutdown is a real possibility since there might be mass resistance among politicians.

This budget would also not make a lot of changes to Medicare and social security. A Trump Administration official said. However, it is also said that the cuts to these sectors will not be in the first year of Trump's budget and will come later down the line of his presidency.

Trump is expected to talk in March to Congress about his budget and what is included in it. It is also said that his border wall that was also promised during his campaign.

The President said during a speech on Friday that this increase in spending will be "one of the greatest build-ups in American history".

The President wants to overall secure the sanity of the taxpayers and how the government spends their money. He would also like to secure the spending of the government and especially the military since he feels that defense is a large issue and problem.

Overall, Trump's budget plan with leaving the issue of Medicare. and social security will be without a doubt a section where deficits are going to happen this year, because of the increase in spending for defense.
U.S military spending compared to the rest of the world

Why Is This Bad?

This is bad because the United States needs a form of healthcare and social security that is up to standard. There is also the issue of how much is really needed to spend on the defense of
the United States since it already has the highest spending rate in the world. The military did not need the funding since it has a large source of it already and can go through budget cuts. However, the budget does not fully support itself mathematically since it would need to cut spending in areas of the government where spending should be increased for the well-being of the people.

Why Is This Good?

The increase in spending is good because the Unites States Military is present in almost every country in the world to not only be able to respond to natural disasters quickly but to also protect countries who have a large source of enemies and who have a large source of extremism. This spending will also allow the military to get better weapons and advance themselves further technologically speaking. The military can also hire even more soldiers which will, in turn, generate tax revenue as well as create jobs for the nation. The United States is in need of more work for the people so if people need jobs and the military needs more soldiers why not fix both issues with more spending.

U.S soldiers saluting behind the flag 

By Michael Normandin

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