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Why Single Gender Schools Are Bad

Same sex school students
Yes, I am sure that we have all heard of them. You know those same sex schools where either only females can attend or only males can attend the school. Yes, those schools well they might actually be bad for your children(s) development. However, this is widely debated as some research shows that single-sex schools support the development and can increase a child's learning while other research shows the complete opposite and says that mixed sex schools (Co-Ed) are better. Some parents might also feel that their children would be better off in general in a same sexed school. I will first say that it is always the parents and the child's choice as to where they should attend. I will also need to go over what the same sex school is and what a mixed sex school (Co-Ed) is.

What Is Single-Sex Education?

Single-sex education is when someone is taught only with the same gender as in they do not have any of the opposite gender. So basically if a girl is in a same sex school she will not have any students alongside her that are male. The same goes for vice versa. Sometimes the school only educates the opposite gender in different classes however sometimes the students are educated in different buildings. The practice is not as common today but was pretty common during the twentieth century especially in secondary (high school) education and higher education. 

How Do Girls Learn?

Well, most girls at least learn through role models and strong mentoring. well, females also need more than just any mentor or role model. It is said that girls need strong female mentors that openly promote diversity and who are proud to be a female. Girls also need a strong positive role model to ensure that they are positive and have a good level of confidence to do what they want to do in life.

How Do Boys Learn?

Boys learn in very different ways while with girls there is a general function to go around with. Boys are a little different because some boys might learn the same way as girls ( same for girls) and some might learn in an interactive format while others would actually need to just see it or do it. Male student often learns through practice after a lesson or by just simply practicing something.

Why Do Boys And Girls Learn Differently?

Boys and girls learn differently, because of the way our brains work. The brain of a male is more calibrated in the sense of spatial and mechanical functions while the brain of a girl is far superior at verbal functions. It also develops at an earlier age for girls.

Girls in a classroom doing work

Why are Same Sex Schools Bad?

To begin, segregation on any level no matter what is wrong and should not be happening at all to anyone. These schools essentially separate the sexes until the inevitably get to meet each other and then what happens is a ward of confusion, because they can't see the opposite sex all the time as they would in a coed setting. A study conducted on 1.6 million people concluded that there was no difference between coed learning and single-sex learning. It isn't healthy for the kid attending the school because they do not have proper skills in communicating with the opposite sex. Kids need to have the ability to see how everyone learns and how to adapt and overcome to different issues that come with having both male and females in a classroom since their learning styles are different.

Segregation on any level is wrong and it should especially not be happening to students since they are our future. Segregation happened in the 50's and 60's and now it is going on again but not between race. This time it's slightly different, this time it's with kids. Kids are being put into schools with either only boys policies or only girl policies. These policies damage the genders and cause stereotypes to become ramped in both schools. When students have no idea what the opposite gender is truly like in a classroom they tend to start to believe stereotypes about the gender not only in the classroom but overall as they have less experience with the opposite sex.

A study that was conducted on 1.6 million students concluded that there was no clear advantage to single-sex learning. In the study which appeared in Psychological Bulletin, a journal published by the American Psychological Association. The Psychologists said that students who attended single sex schools were actually no better off than students who attended mixed schools. The study proves the point that same sex schools do not help kids in general and cause issues down the road with the children.

New York Same Gender Students 
The kids that attend  single gender only schools do not have the proper communication skills that would have been developed in a classroom or rather school. After graduation virtually everyone will end up working with or for a female or male. Children once they graduate are actually going to need to live in a world that is far more diverse than ever before. Same gender schools just slow our progress on making the overall world more progressive and more balanced between genders in general. Many former male and female students of same sex schools  have openly said that they have a harder time to communicate with the opposite gender, because there relations were limited throughout all of their lives.

Bottom line, Segregation is not okay on any level what so ever and especially with students who are most likely impressionable, it is most definitely not okay to start doing and will cause future damage. A study that was conducted on 1.6 million students both male and female concluded that there was no difference between single sex schools and mixed schools. The children or teens that attend single gender only schools have openly said that they do find it hard to talk to the opposite gender, because they have less experience with the opposite sex.

By Michael Normandin

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