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Former Mayor Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison

Former Mayor Michael Applebaum
The former Mayor Michael Applebaum has now been sentenced to one year in prison after a total of 8 corruption charges were brought against him. The charges that were against him were corruption related, which sadly are often related to politics and politicians not only in Canada but around the world. 

Louise Provost who is a Provincial Court judge made the decision on Thursday in a Montreal Court House. She said that Applebaum committed “very serious” crimes that no doubt happened over a period of several years but also possibly happened during his time as the Mayor. 

 Applebaum did say to everyone in the court room that he will take his time in jail to reflect upon his past actions and will plan for the future after this entire incident. He was handcuffed while addressing the courtroom and he is 54 years of age.

"I can guarantee you and my family that I will be a better person when I come out," Applebaum said.
"Since my arrest, I haven't been able to work and put food on the table for my family ... I have a remarkable family, and I will again put food on the table and make a life.” He continued

It is also worth mentioning that Applebaum took power in 2013 with a promise to clean up Montreal City Hall.

Over seven months later he was arrested on charges of that go way back to his time as Mayor of borough mayor of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. This is one of the largest boroughs in Montreal.

The Prosecutor of the case spoke to reporters outside of the case Nathalie Kléber  said that this will send a clear message that there is consequences for actions by which you break the law.
Applebaum did have to go to the hospital to be treated for an ailment issue earlier in the day that is currently unknown. This caused the sentencing to be delayed by just about an hour.

He was convicted in January of eight corruption related charges that include two accounts of fraud on the government, and conspiracy to commit fraud on the government, and conspiracy to commit breach of trust.

However Applebaum was lucky because he could have received a maximum sentence of 5 years but was lucky enough to only get 1 year.

The prosecutor did ask for a “significant but reasonable” sentence and did ask for it to be less than the maximum: Two years in prison followed by two years of probation.

What Is Esports And Why Do Some People Try To Go Pro?

CSGO Christmas themes CT (Counter Terrorist) selfie (fictional)

Esports is a relatively new thing but it seems to be maxing out the stadium and online services like no tomorrow. There are many games that are considered Esports games and they have hundreds of thousands upon millions of players per month. Some of their games are called Overwatch, CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), LOL (League Of Legends), Dota 2, and many more games that an insane amount of people play per day.

A number of teams that there are is unique because some people make and join teams but that team never actually gets to go to a competition because they’re not good enough or they are just not balanced In the sense of gaining supporters so the team can generate enough income to send the players to the events.

Fnatic Pro team with CSGO glove and character arm. (gloves have Fnatic symbol on them)
It is worth mentioning that there is a good amount of gambling that has since been involved with the world of professional gaming. Games such as Counter Strike used to have avid gamblers play the game and stream it to streaming services like Twitch. However, this has now been banned because it is now against the terms of service that have been signed by the users of the website and the game itself.

Nonetheless, the industry is expected to be worth 1.48 Billion$ by 2020 because of all the types of online merchandise you can buy, physical, etc. There is more than just stuff you can buy, the companies can make money from advertising during the event(s) that take place all around the world. These events are a great place for people to come together and cheer on their favorite team whilst seeing ads from companies who actually support the people playing and think that Esports is a sport.
It is also worth mentioning some people who have a decent amount of skill can become a pro with practice but do not because they feel that there is too much competition in the regions of gaming at this time. Many players try to commit themselves to become big but don’t go through with it because of the long-term commitments that come alongside it. You can’t dedicate yourself to a sport and then say no thanks I am bored. If someone goes pro in any sport. This is especially true in Esports they have given it much thought, and have without a doubt provided themselves with the ability through playing the game for hours a day learning almost everything about It so they can have an advantage over the enemy teams and win.

ESL Pro League match picture of Esports game

All in all, Esports is new and will continue to grow in almost all aspects until one day something replaces it. In the mean time is not very likely as it is considered to be the next era in sports that many people have been waiting for.

Advertisers Boycotting YouTube

YouTube on Phone 

So recently there's been a lot of news going around the world that the largest video platform known as for YouTube, is having some issues between adverts and the content on the site that is uploaded by a few bad apples.

What exactly is YouTube?

Well if you didn't know already youTube is a video sharing websites where the user can Livestream, upload videos to the internet and can comment, like, share, favorite videos that they've seen. The user can also upload videos that they've made and have the ability to earn revenue on those videos by having ads show up alongside the video, before or after the video. The user can also have ads shown during the video. The creator (uploader) as they are commonly referred to, can even edit these videos using the YouTube editor. All in all, YouTube is also one of the largest video sharing websites out there, that's part of the reason why so many people use it daily for almost anything.

What The Companies Want

The companies are essentially not providing any more ads with the YouTube platform because of some issues that have come up. This is a clear view that more and more people are beginning to doubt Google's and Youtube's ability to prevent adverts from showing up alongside videos that are promoting hate, violence, racism, etc. Basically, there are bad apples that are on the site and honestly, that comes with any site but the real issue comes into play when these "bad apples" can apply to get ads on their videos so that they can make money off of them. However, while YouTube has a policy against activity such as racism there are always people that get through the cracks. Once the bad apples can get ads on the videos any company advertising with YouTube/Google may have their ad shown on these videos, now while this may be unlikely it still happens every now and then. The thing with these companies is they don't want to be associated with these "bad apples" who just want to spread hate. The companies want to be assured that they aren't going to be associated with these "bad apples" because is makes their brands look bad.

YouTuber Philip DeFranco in a thumbnail

YouTube Did Try To Deal With The Issue 

It is worth mentioning that YouTube did try to deal with the issue by enforcing their guidelines a little better a few months ago. When they did that many creators called it "censorship" and "the death of YouTube", there was even hashtag started with one of the more popular beings #YouTubeisoverparty. This all seems to have died down and people seem to have come to some reasonable conclusion within their minds that YouTube is only enforcing their policies so it can further assure its adverts that the ads being shown are on "advertiser friendly" videos. This all happened a few months ago.

Man In Standoff With Police, Possibly Armed.

Photo of the standoff showing an ambulance, cars, and police vehicles 

A man in Chateauguay which is a town not too far from Montreal in Quebec is now in a standoff with officers for over 24 hours. It is said that the standoff began at 9 is Wednesday and has not stopped from that time.

The incident that sparked the entire standoff was a call from a Bailiff who was confronted by the resident of the home. The street where this is all taking place is on Rossini ST. The bailiff after being confronted by the resident made the decision to contact local officers and gave them information that the resident of the home may actually be armed with a weapon. The local officers responded with this information and quickly and efficiently set up a perimeter around the home and nearby area to ensure that the situation can be resolved.

 The SQ (Sûreté du Québec) was called around 8 pm on Wednesday and have since been on the scene. The officers did not enter the home yet and currently, have SQ officers on scene and are trying to talk the resident out of doing anything bad so that no one gets injured during this altercation.
SQ spokesperson Claude Denis said, “Our hope is that he will come out and no one is injured.”
A SWAT ( a special group of officers who are trained with higher tactics of combat than a regular officer) team is also on the scene of the entire incident just in case the police force needs to enter the home for any reason. The provincial police's major crime squad is also on the scene with investigators to try and further talk the resident out of their home.

The man inside the home is actually barricaded inside and does not for the time being want to come out.

Surrounding homes have been evacuated for the safety of the other people that live nearby the house of the incident.

Police only want a peaceful resolution to this entire issue so that no one gets hurt.

There was also no reason that was said why the bailiff visited the home.

On Thursday night, one resident of Rossini ST. said that she heard a "loud bang". The morning after the "loud bang" it was confirmed that the man that was barricaded inside the house has sadly committed suicide. The man was 61 years old.

London Terror Attack On Parliament

Police surround someone on the ground

At least five people are sadly dead and among them is one police officer, three civilians, and the attacker. A car also plowed through busy areas and left at least 40 people injured Mark Rowley, Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer said. The entire incident is also being considered as a terrorist incident.

Conservative Parliamentarian and Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood, who's brother was killed in the Bali terror attack in 2002 performed mouth to mouth resuscitation on the officer that was stabbed and later died. The attacker was killed about 10 yards away after scaling a security wall on Parliament.

Police and EMS services around a suspect on a stretcher 
Witnesses inside Parliament did hear gun shots coming from outside and several pedestrians were knocked down on the nearby Westminster Bridge. It has also been reported that women had jumped off the bridge in the River Thames and was pulled out with serious injuries, according to the Port Of London authority.

There was also three French students from a Concarneau High School. It is said that the three students were struck by the vehicle, even one of them landing on the hood of the car.\

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister said that "Tomorrow morning, Parliament will meet as normal."

Theresa May British Prime Minister 

 Reuters Reporters inside Parliament heard loud bangs and later saw the knifeman and policeman on the floor.

The attack took place on the first anniversary of attacks by Islamist militants that killed 32 people in Brussels.

Canada's Response 

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has also said that the attack was "an attack on democracy" 

“We were all saddened to learn about today’s incident near the British Parliament in London and I express my deepest condolences to the victims of this cowardly attack,” Mr. Trudeau said.

The Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose said that the attack was "all too familiar to many members of this House and those who work here." This is a clear reminder of the attack that happened in Canada on Oct 22, 2014, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed into the Parliament building in Ottawa after sadly killing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the nearby National War Memorial, there was also another attack in Canada in  St-Jean-sur-Richelieu where Patrice Vincent Canadian Forces members were hit and killed by a lone wolf attacker who also rammed another soldier.

The threat level has not changed in Canada as of yet and remains at medium.

Funeral For Boy, Police Hunt For Stepfather

Nathan Dumas, 7

Police are on the difficult search for a man who recently was accused of murdering his stepchild.

 The child's family is now preparing to put the child to rest after a terrible tragedy that should have never happened, to begin with.

The boy who is only seven years old was found critically injured in a St. Catherines Ontario home, the child is also said to be laid to rest on Friday.

Niagara Regional Police have said that the boy who is Nathan Dumas was found around 10:15 am on Friday in a house on Queenston Street in St. Catherines. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition and was in medical distress, the cause of death for the child has not yet been released to the public.

The stepfather who is named as Justin Kuijer has been identified as having a connection to his step child's death. He is currently wanted on a Canada-Wide Arrest Warrant, he is also facing a second-degree murder charge.

An obituary said that the boy was a "polite young gentleman" who "truly felt the joy of giving, never looking for anything in return."

“Nathan was truly a kind, loving boy with a big heart, full of compassion for everyone and everything,” it said. “He was always quick to help anyone who may have been in need.”

The victim Nathan Dumas actually had two other siblings a brother Austin and a sister Brooklyn.

“His little brother Austin will never forget his best buddy and a big brother who he looked up to immensely,” the obituary wrote. “Our family will make sure that Brooklyn aka ‘Rosie’ will know what an amazing big brother she had.”

Kuijet did not stop at that he is also sought on charges of attempted murder of a Royal Bank(RBC) employee. This is linked to a stabbing incident at the bank branch in which a woman was sent to a hospital.

Police have also said that this incident occurred just 10 minutes after Nathan Dumas was found at a house with critical injuries to him.

The funeral service for Nathan will be held on Friday, March 24, 2017, and will be from 12 to 2 pm.

A GoFundMe has now been created and has a goal of 25.000$ and has now reached 20.000$.

Paris Airport Attacker Held Soldier Hostage

Police standing in front of a crowd on a scene after an incident

An autopsy was conducted by French officials in Paris, France on Sunday after the suspected Islamic extremist that decided to take a soldier hostage was either drunk or high when the decision was made. The airport that he attacked was Paris' Orly Airport which is the capital's second largest airport.

The suspect who's name is Ziyed Ben Belgacem, did stop at a bar in the early hours of Saturday morning. This happened just about four hours before he first fired bird shot at traffic police. The shot fired injured an officer in the face. ninety minutes later he attacked the military patrol at Orly. This caused panic and of course, the shutdown of the airport.

Police did search his flat and find Cocaine in it. Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said.

A man that identified himself as the man's father had an interview with French radio station Europe 1 on Sunday. The father of the suspect said that Belgacem was not a practicing Muslim and drank alcohol.

French soldier near airport

"My son was never a terrorist. He never attended prayer. He drank. But under the effects of alcohol and cannabis, this is where one ends up," Said the father. Europe 1 radio station did not give the father's name.

The Paris prosecutor's office did say that the father of Belgacem was released from custody overnight. However, Belgacem's cousin and brother are still being questioned by police at this time.

An interesting fact is that after the initial incident of when the first birdshot was fired at police Molins said that Belgacem had called his father and brother after the catalyst of the entire incident. It is said that he told his family that he had made a mistake.

He called me at seven, eight in the morning and said, 'there you go, Papa.' He was extremely angry, even his mother couldn't understand him," the man who is identified as Belgacem's father said on Europe 1.  'I ask for your forgiveness. I've screwed up with a gendarme."'

Police took blood samples and tried to examine it for drug and alcohol traces to determine the possible attack cause. 

The 39-year-old Frenchman has had a long past of criminal offenses and served jail time before for drugs and robbery offenses.

Molins said that the suspect was out on bail when this incident happened. The suspect was also banned from leaving France and had to report to police on the regular. Belgacem was handed preliminary charges for robberies in the year of 2016. He also may have been radicalized since he was flagged for radicalism during a spell in detention from 2011-2012, Molins also said.  The suspect even had his house as one of the homes that were searched after the Paris attacked that happened in November 2015 that killed 130 people.
It is said that Belgacem said that the wanted to die for Allah and pulled away from the rifle of the soldier he then took hostage. However, he was shot and killed by the female soldiers two colleagues before he could fire the rifle in the airport.

Molins said, "With a pistol in his right hand and a bag over his shoulder, he grabbed (the soldier) with his left arm, made her move backward by three to four meters, positioning her as a shield, and pointed his revolver at her forehead."

French soldier patrolling airport 

According to the soldiers that were on scene, the attacker yelled "put down your weapons"put your hands on your head I am here to die for Allah. Whatever happens, there will be deaths."

This attacker forced both of the terminals in the airport to shut down, this trapped many people who were just on flights that landed to be trapped within the planes not fully understanding what was going on.

Authorities described this as a 90-minuted spree of destructive criminality. This was for sure a violent incident within the airport. 

This attack caused almost no injuries except for a wounded traffic police officer.  However, the attack caused a sense of discomfort in France, which is still under a state of emergency after attacks within the past two years have killed 235 people.

What Is Fascism And Why It's Bad

Adolf Hitler And Benito Mussolini in a photo labeled Fascism 

I will go over what fascism is and why it's bad.

What Is Fascism?

Well, fascism is seen as a form of authoritarian nationalism where it is also a radical form of control in many aspects of life such as freedom of speech and how and what to do in your life. There is also the political spectrum of Fascism in which is often considered to be far right and is sometimes argued to be a form of the extreme left. Fascism also must be run by a one party state where they can not be removed by an election. Fascism also tries to control the lives of the people by making them a part of them government on a militaristic level. The people will often have to participate within the military in some way or another. This then leads to an economic function because soldiers need food, uniforms, weapons, planes etc. There is also a deep sense of propaganda within fascist states because the state must have almost total control over the people in order for the state to work in the slightest. Fascism as a whole requires society to have three essential qualities strength, order, and unity.

History Of It 

Faces symbol on a wall

Fascism first really popped up on the political map in no other place than Europe. Specifically in Italy during the First world war (WW1). WW1 was also a revolution. Fascism was most notable in Italy and Germany during the great depression and of course during the second world war (WW2).  Both Germany and Italy were fascist states and had an aggressive foreign policy and discriminated against religious ethnicities such as the Jewish faith.

It is also worth mentioning that the Roman Empire had a fascist symbol within it that symbolized strength, order, and unity. The symbol was called a Fasces and is still known to this day. This idea was adopted by many future fascist states and was also used by them to gain support in the political scene by creating examples of strength, unity, and order for the country.

Why Is It Bad?

Now what many people might think at first is that unity, strength, and order is good because everyone would be supportive of each other. This is good yes, however, it's at the cost of almost all of your personal freedoms and you'll end up losing yourself and pretty much your basic ability to think for yourself and handle your issues. The idea that Fascism is good is rather difficult to fathom. You see a Fascist state would have to even make examples of people to show that they are serious. So, in turn, there would be at least one murder by the state of someone who disagrees with them in some way or another. The citizens would also constantly be fighting wars all around the world so that there is a decent number of jobs for everyone. If the state were to stop going to war then the nation would fall into an economic crisis.

Freedoms Gone

The freedoms of which you currently take for granted such as freedom of expression, voting, freedom of speech etc would be all but gone. If you were to theoretically talk badly about your government you would be sent away by people with guns. The citizens of a Fascist state would end up being so reliant on their governments they would not be able by any means to contradict the government and exercise any of the rights they previously owned. If they did the government would be able to just simply remove substances to the people that disagree with them. This could mean that their crops are being burnt so they can't eat right up to them not being allowed to leave their houses.  You would not be able to think for yourself because the control of information would be all too common and only "pro-government" info would be released to the people. Thus what happens is more than just reliance, what happens is you become obedient to them because who in the right mind would go against them. They only want what's good for you. You would be fed propaganda to the point where you become a blind follower of the state and not question anything they do to you.

Wehrmacht soldiers walking WW2

Mass Murder/ Genocide 

the state would kill anyone and everyone who disagrees with them or speaks out against them. Now, this is true in both Italy and Germany during the second world war. In Germany people who had spoken out against were sent to prisons, concentration camps and were often executed for their actions of being against the government's ideas. In Italy, this happened as well and people were often scared to talk about the state because of the extreme fear of death and torture. This would indeed happen in a modern day Fascist state because it is without a doubt needs to happen for the state to be even in the slightest successful at controlling people. This is also a propaganda technique called fear. Essentially the government would need a scapegoat so they choose a minority and exploit the stereotypes of their race, religion, views etc to cause distrust. When this happens they have the full support of almost everyone and it is considered "okay" "remove" the minority from the public view by murder.

Consistent War 

The state would be in a mindset of war all the time. This happens because no matter what a Fascist state has to implement a mass amount of citizens into the military. Therefore the state would need to go to war in order to keep the employment level high and keep costs to a minimum. This is true in within history, both Italy and Nazi Germany had to go to war for these reasons because employment would have fallen and the state would have not worked properly. It all falls under employment and economy.  If the nation that is run by a Fascist can no longer go to war it can not have a successful economy since most of the citizens can be linked to the military in one way or another. The job market would also fall if they didn't go to war there would be no jobs or at the very least very few job opportunities for the people of the nation.

German WW2 propaganda 

All in all, a fascist country would not be able to perform to a standard of proficiency at a decent level if they did not participate in almost every war so there could be a decent number of jobs in the country.  The nation would also have a bad economy since the resources would be depleted quickly because of the consistent warfare going on. The nation would also have a hard time balancing what jobs to give people because of the constant wars. The genocides that have happened and would happen would be so that the fascist party can gain supporters in one form or the other. This would and has been done by creating a scapegoat of some sort so that they people have something to become aggressive towards. The rights of the individual would also be long gone in a Fascist country because if you're allowed to have rights and speak against the state then you can gain supporters and that would be bad. This was done within Europe in the 1930s and is a clear cut example of what would happen.

Justin Trudeau Takes Trump's Word On NAFTA

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

It is now being said that the Canadian Prime Minister known as Justin Trudeau will now be taking the word of the President south of Canada's border Donald Trump.

What is NAFTA?

NAFTA is short for North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement is said to have helped all of the nations that are a part of it. The countries that take part in NAFTA are Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Donald Trump the president of the U.S has reportedly said that the changes he wants to do will mostly focus on the Mexican side of the agreement.

Flags of The United States, Canada, and Mexico

What Does This Mean Exactly?

Justin Trudeau recently said in New York that he continues to believe the changes that are going to be proposed are only minor and are not large. He said this while in an interview with NBC stalwart Tom Brokaw.

This is also after many U.S politicians may claim that they want an important change to the deal since they feel that it was a terrible deal for the United States and was good for everyone else.

It does need to be mentioned that no one actually is aware if these demands will be put on the rather large-scale negotiation table If it is put on the table it could mean some pretty bad stuff for Canada economically because Canadians would end up with a worse deal than before or at the very least could end up with a bad deal. However, if it's not brought to the table it can be good for all parties of the table since it would attempt to balance the deal over everyone.

Donald Trump President Of The United States

The remark made after Prime Minister Trudeau had his meeting with Trump were rather good news for Canadians. He said that the changes would not be very big since he wanted to focus more on Mexico.

“I very much take him at his word when he talks about just making a few tweaks,” Trudeau told Brokaw.

Justin Trudeau also noted that NAFTA has been changed at the very least twelve times over the past twenty years.

The little tweaks will, however, require a vote to go through this time. It is also said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wants to add entire chapters to the possibly updated trade deal.

All of this basically means that no one really knows if Canada is on the good side of these talks or the bad. One thing is sure though Canada can't get out of these talks and needs to try and get the best possible deal so it can be done properly.

During the interview with NBC Trudeau was asked to draw some contrasts between Donald Trump and himself.

“(Trump has) made another effort to shut down or at least diminish the opportunity for immigrants to come here. Another judge has stepped in. You say, ‘Everyone is welcome here.’ What’s going to be the impact of that long-term, not just politically but economically and culturally?'” 

Trudeau replied with “We’ll agree to disagree on certain things. But I know, and I’ve always felt for Canada, that we recognize that diversity is a great source of strength.”

Judge Halts NEW Travel Ban

Donald Trump

Just a few hours before the new travel ban that Donald Trump wants to put into place was to take effect it was suddenly and abruptly halted. Halted by who you might ask, a Hawaiian judge.

The judge did this after hearing arguments that the executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality rather than true and real concerns.

This is also at a time where rulings are happening all over the country because many people feel as if the ban is not right and should not be happening at all to begin with. Opponents of the ban are renewing their legal challenges. It is also said that judges in at least three different states have been asked to attempt to block the new ban.

An argument of the ban is that it is banning entry into the nation for people who are from predominantly Muslims nations. The ban covers at least six nations that fall under this status.

U.S District Court Judge Derick Watson's decision in Hawaii has currently stopped the ban from continuing from going on for the time being. While other states try to do the same thing in at least 10-12 other states. Hawaii has basically requested a temporary restraining order on the travel ban since they believe that the arguments that are pro-travel ban are not sufficient.

Watson said "Questionable evidence supporting the governments national security motivation" as one reason to put the ban on hold.

The judge to represent Hawaii issued a 43-page ruling after hearing arguments on Hawaii's request.


In other sates such as Maryland, it is said that the ban is a discriminatory ban. It is said that the measure still discriminates against Muslims and of course Muslims who would like to travel to the United States.

Government attorneys made the argument that the ban was reviewed for legal reasons, including the removal of an exemption for religious minorities who want to go ahead and come to the U.S.

 "It doesn't say anything about religion. It doesn't draw any religious distinctions" said Jeffery Wall who was arguing for the Justice Department.

Protesters of a travel ban

However ACLU attorneys said that what President Trump has said on the campaign and what some of the members of the government have said make it clear that the point of the ban is for Muslims.

The new version of the ban covers a national security idea rather than a overall travel ban. It is also being openly said that the ban was also revised so it does not the due-process rights of travelers and that it eliminates some concerns about all of that by narrowing the reason for the ban down to a specific reason for it.

It is worth mentioning that the ban does not cover people who already have Visas for the United States.

First Amendment

James Robart

 While it must be mentioned that Maryland is also arguing that it is against the law for the Trump Administration to reduce the total amount of refugees allowed into the U.S from the amount of 110,000 to 50,000 people.

It also argued that if the ban would take effect it would leave 60,000 people in war torn countries where they could likely get killed.

The overall argument of the First Amendment is that whether the ban violates federal immigration laws and would immigrants be "irreparably harmed" if the widely debated travel ban would go into affect. said James Robart.

He did spend a good portion of Wednesday afternoon's hearing talking to the lawyers about the travel ban that is supposed to go into affect. He spoke about two conflicting immigration laws one of which give s the president the authority to keep "any class of aliens" out of the country. Now the other law forbids the government to discriminate on the basis of nationality when it comes to issuing immigrant Visas.

Robart said that he would issue a order that is written however he did not say as to when this will be happening.

Another state alongside Hawaii says that the order violates the First Amendment, which bars the government from playing favorites with religion. They say the new ban has no difference then the old ban.

The states claim is still not resolved.

The 9th U.S Court Of Appeals did rule on the discrimination claim but also refused to reinstate the original ban.

One Dead At Vehicle Pile Up, Chemical Spill

Accident scene of the spill and pile up

A highway collision that has involved at least 30 different cars has sadly left one person dead. The person died in the hospital. This very large accident also caused a chemical spill that has caused many people to have to undergo decontamination treatment on Tuesday.

The Kingston General Hospital did not mention anything else but did say that a coroner has been called in to investigate the situation.

Earlier today Ontario Provincial Police Const. Sandra Barr said that at least three police officers, five firefighters, and at least seventeen civilians have been brought to the hospital for decontamination treatment.

Barr also said that
The truck that is involved in the spill was carrying unidentified hazardous chemicals that can turn into a dangerous chemical that is known as the hydrofluoric acid if it is exposed to heat. The substance is supposed to be highly corrosive and meant to eat away ant pretty much anything. The chemical is especially dangerous if it comes into any contact with skin, lungs, or eyes. The truck carrying the chemical was carrying an estimated amount of 14,000 Liters of the dangerous chemical liquid. The truck was luckily carrying the liquids in many small containers which helped to prevent the spill a lot because it was not all in one container.

No evacuation is said to be needed at this time however it is also being said that the spill has been contained and it is not known how long the cleanup will take as it can take a while.

Joe Baptista, who is the mayor Leeds Township said that all of the people who came into contact with the spill have been removed and are receiving medical attention for the situation.

He also said that no residential areas have been affected by this at the moment and that there is no risk to the general public.

"Had there been a fire involved with the chemical, it would have been concerning". "This could have been much worse".

Baptista also said that the accident was due in part to the terrible weather conditions that are going on at the moment.

There are also at least fifteen tractor trailers that are involved in the accident. One of them actually has live cattle and is still on the scene.

Accident scene of the spill and pile up on the highway

Detours have been set up so that people can avoid the highway as it obviously can not be traversed upon. The highway is blocked in both directions East of Kingston. The highway is also known as Highway 401.

Tow trucks have been called but not allowed to go on the scene at the moment.

Why IOS Is Better Than Android

Why IOS is better than Android 

Now while the debate rages upon an open ground of a battle much like a battlefield field where instead of wounded soldiers there is fallen arguments and beaten friendships on which it all comes back to the question of IOS or Android. While we scatter each other and try to balance the distance between the two operating systems we will always come to a conclusion of why you enjoy your device more. You come to these conclusions after you're called out by pretty much anyone who makes the choice to do so. So here are ten reasons why IOS is better than Android.

What Is IOS?

IOS is an operating system which is used by the widely known as Apple Inc. The software is known for its easy to use functionality and is pretty old, to be honest. It's over ten years old already and still to this day continues to get updates so that the user experience of Apple products can be at the utmost of compatibility and information within our lives and the world.

The piece of software runs on Apple's mobile devices such as iPhones and IPads. The software is easy to update as you will get on screen updates when you turn on your smartphone or tablet that uses IOS as it's operating system.

1) Simplicity

While Android devices are easy to use and almost anyone can pick them up and get used to them, an IOS device is even easier. With a feature like Siri that have been almost always there for the user, it can help new users and veteran users of the operating system. 

Almost any IOS device can just be picked up by anyone and they will have little to no issues whilst using it because everything is right there for them from Itunes that can cover more than just songs.

The easy to use branding is great for all ages especially kids who can just pick it up and have fun with It.

2) It's A Clean Design

IOS may not have all of the fancy features that Android operating phones have with the designs and what not but it can hold its part on the clean design bar. You will never get lost as to where you put your apps because everything is in a grid format and simple layout that can't possibly get messy.

3) Software Updates

While we all love getting updates when something doesn't work right and for some of us we're just curious as to what is coming.

With IOS it's really simple as you can get update notifications on your main screen and you just simply click on it to update it. However Android phones have only recently had the consistent updates that IOS users seem to have been enjoying for a while. Android users only got that option recently and used to wait for updates that were larger and less common but got the same job done.

4) Device Support

IOS users sometimes get apps first since the developers feels like releasing the app on the app store before they do it on The Google Play Store. This is likely due to the interests of IOS users. This is also due to the fact that there might be more bugs on the IOS platform and are easy to fix by a simple update that Android users can just wait for until later on since it doesn't affect them at all.
iPhone turned on while being held

5) More Third Party Accessories

While any type of phone gets accessories the IPhone is by far the phone that gets far more accessories than anything else. When you usually see something on a website it almost always mentions IPhone compatible because there are so many IPhone users around the world that it's just useful to be giving them stuff that they can use on their phones, tablets etc.

6) Integration

take a  quick look at the Apple Air pods and you can see that the pairing of that device is almost instant. This is because the overall integration of Apple products with other Apple products is very much so easy to do not only because of the many functions of IOS but since it's another Apple device it is likely to do better with other devices from the same company which is actually really good.

7) Very Little Bloatware

While some Android phones and tablets come with many unnecessary apps IPhone do not come with as many apps that the user would not use. While some Android phones do not come with any bloatware the same can be said for some IOS devices and so on.

No matter the case both operating systems have phones that have bloatware and some phones that do not have bloatware.

8) More Apps

Generally speaking, there is more new apps that are of good quality on the App Store then there is on other devices. The apps are released often at a low price and are designed for the user to be more productive. Their is also many apps to choose from on the store that will entertain you long periods of time so that you can get the most out of your device.

However many businesses have supported all platforms for mobile devices there are a few of them that only support the IOS platform and its users because they feel like it and feel that they have more options.

9) Apple Care

While this isn't directly connected to the IOS platform it is indirectly connected because if a device does not have the IOS operating system it is likely that Apple Care does not want to deal with the product. This is due to the fact that all Apple products have the operating system known as IOS and continue to support their products with high care.

Apple Care ensures that the user of a Apple product can get the support of many  types by bringing it to their store for a quick look and hopefully a quick fix.

Apple Store 

10) IMassage And FaceTime

These two are pretty interesting because they basically allow the user to communicate with other users that use Apple's products via these messaging apps. These apps are also easy to use and can manage your life slightly better because everything is in one place on your phone rather than being mixed up all the time.

Why Android Is Better Than IOS

Android VS IOS

While we always see a smartphone released about every 6 months to a year for many of us it is very difficult to buy a good phone that we can determine is reliable. Some of the most popular phones consist of Apple's IOS and Google's Android. These are both operating systems for a phone and they can differ a lot depending on the number of updates that it has and what hardware it has.

What Is Android?

Well as I said before Android is an operating system that was developed by Google and is used in Android systems such as the Nexus lineup of phones. Android is also an open source operating system. This means that it can be modified by companies. It mostly covers mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Within Android you can even tweak the interface so it better suits your personal needs. You can even go as far as to change app icons wherever you see fit even the widgets section of them.

So here is ten reasons why Android is better than IOS just in case you come across your IOS friends  trying to rub their new features in your face or their shiny new IPhone.

1) Better App Management

While many of us like to manage ourselves to a great extent, there are some of us who need to take use of managing their apps and what they can do. You can force quit and uninstall apps, you can also view how much storage each app fully takes and you can even clear the cache of apps that are giving you issues such as crashing.

Lets say that you got a new phone and it came with some apps you didn't want installed initially
(Bloatware). You can disable these apps in stock android and this is good because you wouldn't have these apps taking up space on your phone and you wouldn't get any notifications from them bothering you all the time with updates.
App managment on Android

2) Widgets On Home Screens

While IOS has recently got this feature it is still very limited and needs to be improved. Android on the other hand has been doing this for years and slowly perfecting it so that you have the least amount of problems possible when using widgets either on your home screen or even lock screens.

While most Widgets come as a bundle with other apps so you can have even more benefits of an app and use it further to your advantage and to your best abilities to maximize your productivity.

Google has an Widget called Google Keep which allows you to quickly take notes and voice reminders on the go so that it is not a inconvenience when you do it.

3) Total Interface Customization

IOS may have some customization but it's nothing close to the options that Android can give you. Android gives the user the option to change app icons, hide apps, and of course the layout of their screen to that they can have everything the way that they want it. 

IOS on the other hand does not seem to do give the same friendly user experience as Android does. You can change the wallpaper but you still have to cycle through many pages to find the app that you want in the old grid style which in my opinion limits people's productivity and the entire user experience as it may cause frustration and make the user switch overall.

4) Multitasking

Android has now been developed to let you allow the user to split the screen in half so that they can use one app whilst using the other at the same time. This allows the user to not only see data from an app at the same time easing the issue of forgetting something but it also allows the user do two things at the same time.

IOS does have this feature but it has been far too late to even be at it's peak in functionality.

5) Prices Are Balanced

While some of the higher tier Android phones take up a great amount of your wallet, a midrange Android phone will not do that and will leave more cash in your wallet then its many counterparts.

Even prices between new chargers are cheaper. Apple limits who you can buy new chargers from because it is a business tactic and they're a business. Android phones on the other hand have the option to be charged by any sub cable and even if it is usb c is can also be charged fairly easily as it accepts all the types of chargers not just one.

This is even more true In 2016 when phones like the Moto G line the Oneplus 2, Oneplus X, etc.

Android phones lineup photo

6) Custom Launchers

A custom launcher is basically what allows you to set yourself apart from the rest of the Android crowd by taking customization to the next level. You can basically make your phone look like it's something completely different.

However with Apple's IOS if you sit next to another IPhone user and compare it would be exactly the same. This would not happen especially If you're someone who is suing a custom launcher, then you will be set apart in that comparison.

7) Google Integration

Google has itself easily and properly integrated with Android devices as it does not hurt the user experience in any large way. Android is an easy pair with almost every single Google service that is available while IOS users might end up missing out on a feature that is not capable of being implemented into their systems. What this means is that when an Android user uses a Google services say like AdSense it might run more smoothly and have less complicated issues than it would on a IOS device.

8) Android Moves Fast

The reason this is a good point is that the user, because everything is about the user experience, is that while the world and the markets move fast so does Android. The markets move fast because not only does technology move fast but people do not get stuck on something for an overly long amount of time so what companies need to do is keep these people who are about to wander off busy. Now they do this by giving them new things to play with like new features, apps, cool things, contests, etc.

Android has to keep up with this and it does keep up with this very well in fact. Android updates quickly and always keeps the user informed with what they need to do and gives them time to explore what they like.

9) User Friendly

Yes, while I have been mentioning this for the most part of this article it is one of the more important parts of any system. Think about it like this if you're going to use a system you want it to be easy, fun, and not any form of a hassle. This is limited to a minimum with Android because the system gives you so many options you don't need to go ahead and get any headaches. The system can help you in many ways and worse comes to worse a simple Google search will get you an answer for whatever it is you're looking for.

Android phone on keybaord

10) You Don't Have To Use ITunes

While with apple products you're stuck using ITunes. It is a product that many users on any platform would rather do without because they would have so many more options to get things done and get them done faster.

This is the complete opposite with Android. Android enables you the user to go ahead and use their phones music option or they can use Googles version called Google Play Music. They also have a section for books, movies, etc. While this might sound similar it is not you see you do not have to install the product on your computer to have a decent form of connectivity on your phone.

South Korean President Removed From Office

Riot police block the presidential palace in South Korea
The South Korean constitutional court has removed the President of South Korea from office on Friday. This was done after a graft scandal was discovered that involved the countries conglomerates. This has even sparked protests from her supporters where it is said that some protesters were killed while in clashes with police officers.

The President Park Gun-hye  is actually the first democratically elected official to be forced to be removed from office.

The supporters of Park decided to try and break through the police barricades after they heard of the verdict that they of course did not enjoy. Sadly within all of that commotion this is where the some people died. However a poll showed that 70% of her conservative supporters supported her oust from office.

Park can now face criminal charges of many kind such as abuse of power, extortion, bribery and she no longer has immunity.

There has also been at least hundreds of thousands of supporters at peaceful protests around the entire country.

There will also be a new election that will be held in 60 days.

The acting chief judge of the court Lee Jung-mi said that Park had violated the constitutional and the law "throughout her term" and despite the objections of the Parliament and the Press, she had concealed the truth of it all and decided to crack down on the critic of it all.

"The removal of the claimee from office is overwhelmingly to the benefit of the protection of the constitution" Lee said

"We remove President Park Geun-hye from office," Lee told the hearing.

This all comes at a time where North Korea is a large threat to South Korea as well as North Korea keeps advancing its missile programme and often threatens war with other nations.

The Seoul market rose as well as the market currency after the verdict was announced.

"The hope is that this will allow the country to have a new leader that can address long-standing challenges such as labour market reforms and escalated geopolitical tensions," said Trinh Nguyen.

South Korean president Park Geun-hye

Leaving Again

Park will be leaving the presidential compound for the second time in her life. The first time she left was with her siblings when her mother was sadly killed by a bullet that was meant to be for her father. This happened in 1979.

This time however it is a little different because she is very likely to be investigated and worse comes to worse she ends up in jail.

What About The U.S?

Well, the U.S did have Sean Spicer who is a spokesperson speak about this topic. He basically said that it is not a international issue and is a domestic issue that the U.S does not plan to interfere with. The United States also does not want to get involved with something as delicate as this since there is a lot at stake.

The missile defense program that is going on between Seoul and Washington is also going to continue. It is believed that the delivery of defense against missiles from places such as North Korea is a must and will hopefully continue under a new president of the nation.