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Advertisers Boycotting YouTube

YouTube on Phone 

So recently there's been a lot of news going around the world that the largest video platform known as for YouTube, is having some issues between adverts and the content on the site that is uploaded by a few bad apples.

What exactly is YouTube?

Well if you didn't know already youTube is a video sharing websites where the user can Livestream, upload videos to the internet and can comment, like, share, favorite videos that they've seen. The user can also upload videos that they've made and have the ability to earn revenue on those videos by having ads show up alongside the video, before or after the video. The user can also have ads shown during the video. The creator (uploader) as they are commonly referred to, can even edit these videos using the YouTube editor. All in all, YouTube is also one of the largest video sharing websites out there, that's part of the reason why so many people use it daily for almost anything.

What The Companies Want

The companies are essentially not providing any more ads with the YouTube platform because of some issues that have come up. This is a clear view that more and more people are beginning to doubt Google's and Youtube's ability to prevent adverts from showing up alongside videos that are promoting hate, violence, racism, etc. Basically, there are bad apples that are on the site and honestly, that comes with any site but the real issue comes into play when these "bad apples" can apply to get ads on their videos so that they can make money off of them. However, while YouTube has a policy against activity such as racism there are always people that get through the cracks. Once the bad apples can get ads on the videos any company advertising with YouTube/Google may have their ad shown on these videos, now while this may be unlikely it still happens every now and then. The thing with these companies is they don't want to be associated with these "bad apples" who just want to spread hate. The companies want to be assured that they aren't going to be associated with these "bad apples" because is makes their brands look bad.

YouTuber Philip DeFranco in a thumbnail

YouTube Did Try To Deal With The Issue 

It is worth mentioning that YouTube did try to deal with the issue by enforcing their guidelines a little better a few months ago. When they did that many creators called it "censorship" and "the death of YouTube", there was even hashtag started with one of the more popular beings #YouTubeisoverparty. This all seems to have died down and people seem to have come to some reasonable conclusion within their minds that YouTube is only enforcing their policies so it can further assure its adverts that the ads being shown are on "advertiser friendly" videos. This all happened a few months ago.

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