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What Is Esports And Why Do Some People Try To Go Pro?

CSGO Christmas themes CT (Counter Terrorist) selfie (fictional)

Esports is a relatively new thing but it seems to be maxing out the stadium and online services like no tomorrow. There are many games that are considered Esports games and they have hundreds of thousands upon millions of players per month. Some of their games are called Overwatch, CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), LOL (League Of Legends), Dota 2, and many more games that an insane amount of people play per day.

A number of teams that there are is unique because some people make and join teams but that team never actually gets to go to a competition because they’re not good enough or they are just not balanced In the sense of gaining supporters so the team can generate enough income to send the players to the events.

Fnatic Pro team with CSGO glove and character arm. (gloves have Fnatic symbol on them)
It is worth mentioning that there is a good amount of gambling that has since been involved with the world of professional gaming. Games such as Counter Strike used to have avid gamblers play the game and stream it to streaming services like Twitch. However, this has now been banned because it is now against the terms of service that have been signed by the users of the website and the game itself.

Nonetheless, the industry is expected to be worth 1.48 Billion$ by 2020 because of all the types of online merchandise you can buy, physical, etc. There is more than just stuff you can buy, the companies can make money from advertising during the event(s) that take place all around the world. These events are a great place for people to come together and cheer on their favorite team whilst seeing ads from companies who actually support the people playing and think that Esports is a sport.
It is also worth mentioning some people who have a decent amount of skill can become a pro with practice but do not because they feel that there is too much competition in the regions of gaming at this time. Many players try to commit themselves to become big but don’t go through with it because of the long-term commitments that come alongside it. You can’t dedicate yourself to a sport and then say no thanks I am bored. If someone goes pro in any sport. This is especially true in Esports they have given it much thought, and have without a doubt provided themselves with the ability through playing the game for hours a day learning almost everything about It so they can have an advantage over the enemy teams and win.

ESL Pro League match picture of Esports game

All in all, Esports is new and will continue to grow in almost all aspects until one day something replaces it. In the mean time is not very likely as it is considered to be the next era in sports that many people have been waiting for.

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