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Justin Trudeau Takes Trump's Word On NAFTA

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

It is now being said that the Canadian Prime Minister known as Justin Trudeau will now be taking the word of the President south of Canada's border Donald Trump.

What is NAFTA?

NAFTA is short for North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement is said to have helped all of the nations that are a part of it. The countries that take part in NAFTA are Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Donald Trump the president of the U.S has reportedly said that the changes he wants to do will mostly focus on the Mexican side of the agreement.

Flags of The United States, Canada, and Mexico

What Does This Mean Exactly?

Justin Trudeau recently said in New York that he continues to believe the changes that are going to be proposed are only minor and are not large. He said this while in an interview with NBC stalwart Tom Brokaw.

This is also after many U.S politicians may claim that they want an important change to the deal since they feel that it was a terrible deal for the United States and was good for everyone else.

It does need to be mentioned that no one actually is aware if these demands will be put on the rather large-scale negotiation table If it is put on the table it could mean some pretty bad stuff for Canada economically because Canadians would end up with a worse deal than before or at the very least could end up with a bad deal. However, if it's not brought to the table it can be good for all parties of the table since it would attempt to balance the deal over everyone.

Donald Trump President Of The United States

The remark made after Prime Minister Trudeau had his meeting with Trump were rather good news for Canadians. He said that the changes would not be very big since he wanted to focus more on Mexico.

“I very much take him at his word when he talks about just making a few tweaks,” Trudeau told Brokaw.

Justin Trudeau also noted that NAFTA has been changed at the very least twelve times over the past twenty years.

The little tweaks will, however, require a vote to go through this time. It is also said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wants to add entire chapters to the possibly updated trade deal.

All of this basically means that no one really knows if Canada is on the good side of these talks or the bad. One thing is sure though Canada can't get out of these talks and needs to try and get the best possible deal so it can be done properly.

During the interview with NBC Trudeau was asked to draw some contrasts between Donald Trump and himself.

“(Trump has) made another effort to shut down or at least diminish the opportunity for immigrants to come here. Another judge has stepped in. You say, ‘Everyone is welcome here.’ What’s going to be the impact of that long-term, not just politically but economically and culturally?'” 

Trudeau replied with “We’ll agree to disagree on certain things. But I know, and I’ve always felt for Canada, that we recognize that diversity is a great source of strength.”

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