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Justin Trudeau Went Full Debate Mode On Protesters

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

What Went Down?

That's a good question lets get right into it, shall we?
While the Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) was attending a town hall meeting in Winnipeg. He came across some anti-pipeline protesters who were refusing to be quiet and let others speak. However, Trudeau wasn't having any of it. He made the decision to address it right away.

The Prime Minister addressed it by allowing them to voice their concerns then he thought he would be able to respond. No no, this did not happen what in reality did happen is that he quietly sat down and waited for them to be quiet so that he can speak.

What happened next was very comedic in my point of view. Right before Trudeau answered a question he turned around and asked the two young ladies if he could have their permission to speak at the meeting. The crown found it rather humorous, however, the protesters did not.

The protesters after being asked if the Prime Minister could continue answering someone's question said: "You can continue and we'll continue." I found this rather rude because everyone at the meeting wanted to hear Justin Trudeau talk about pipelines and why we are building them in Canada. Many people would also be given the opportunity to speak freely at the meeting and express their opinions on the topic to the leader himself. These two protesters were specifically not taking this in the right direction they tried to be ignorant about it and Trudeau was just so tired of how things like this go on so he did something about it.

Justin Trudeau and pipeline protesters at town hall meeting

He then told the protesters to leave if they did not want to let the other people at the meeting speak. The protesters were also being pretty loud and that's why the Prime Minister suggested that they leave if they're don't want to talk about the issue.

The whole little scene of commotion ended pretty fast with Trudeau's tactics. He used a good and fast way of acknowledging it and confronting it with precise accuracy.

The women were also told to sit down and be quite by another older man who is believed to be an elder at a nearby Tribe.

Why Was This Awesome

This was awesome because we never get to see this part of a countries leader. These things happen all the time and when we get the chance to see it happen in front of us it's a bastion of so many different things. This also represents how good his charisma is because many people could do this and get bad attention but while Trudeau did this he got good attention from the people at the meeting. It also gives us an idea of how the world is changing in terms of protesters, people don't try to be professional about a protest anymore, now they just try to stop people from talking and cause further trouble for everyone around them

How Should The Protester Go About This 

I think that the protesters could have taken this is a completely different way. The manner of which they conducted this protest was complete garbage. They could have easily organized a march but no they would rather try and stop everyone from speaking at a meeting about finding out why pipelines are being built. They basically used a common tactic of ignorance to the fact that there was more people around them who wanted to go there to have a conversation and learn a little bit on why the federal government is building pipelines in Canada.

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