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Man Charged With Attempted Murder In Crowbar Attack

Image on a dash of a car driving
A man who is 28 years of age and from Edmonton Alberta was recently charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and possessing a weapon. The man has been identified as Jared Matthew Eliasson, Police said that he was arrested on Wednesday.

The victim who is also a woman left the entire incident with two broken arms, she was also involved in the road-rage incident. The victim was attacked near her home on Tuesday morning around 6:30 am after she dropped her husband off for work. The victim, a 34-year-old female.

What Happened?

So, according to the reports, the victim made the decision to honk her horn at a car that was stopped on the roadway. The driver of that car did not seem to like that she had honked her horn and followed her and hit her twice with a crowbar. It is said that she blocked the first hit with one of her arms and then the second hit with her arm. This resulted in both of her broken arms.

Police spent a good amount of time looking for a silver Pontiac Wave as the vehicle that was in question for this act of violence. Apparently, tips had been "flowing in" about the suspect vehicle being spotted on Wednesday in King Edward Park. This is the neighborhood where the brutal and vicious attack took place.

Staff Sgt. Christina Pennie did not mention why the suspect was back in that area but she did say that "he has reason to be in the neighborhood at that time".

Police said that the arrest was due to help from the public with the tips that were given in.

"It was quite amazing to see how everyone banded together," Pennie said. "I am still getting crime stopper tips."

 Eliasson who committed the act is expected to appear in court Monday.
Staff Sgt. Christina Pennie talking to media


The aftermath of this incident of lost morals and correct mindset in a ramped field of rage is likely due to the cause of people overreacting on how things happen on the roads.

The situation has now sadly left one woman with both of her arms broken and the male involved is now in custody with authorities.

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