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One Dead At Vehicle Pile Up, Chemical Spill

Accident scene of the spill and pile up

A highway collision that has involved at least 30 different cars has sadly left one person dead. The person died in the hospital. This very large accident also caused a chemical spill that has caused many people to have to undergo decontamination treatment on Tuesday.

The Kingston General Hospital did not mention anything else but did say that a coroner has been called in to investigate the situation.

Earlier today Ontario Provincial Police Const. Sandra Barr said that at least three police officers, five firefighters, and at least seventeen civilians have been brought to the hospital for decontamination treatment.

Barr also said that
The truck that is involved in the spill was carrying unidentified hazardous chemicals that can turn into a dangerous chemical that is known as the hydrofluoric acid if it is exposed to heat. The substance is supposed to be highly corrosive and meant to eat away ant pretty much anything. The chemical is especially dangerous if it comes into any contact with skin, lungs, or eyes. The truck carrying the chemical was carrying an estimated amount of 14,000 Liters of the dangerous chemical liquid. The truck was luckily carrying the liquids in many small containers which helped to prevent the spill a lot because it was not all in one container.

No evacuation is said to be needed at this time however it is also being said that the spill has been contained and it is not known how long the cleanup will take as it can take a while.

Joe Baptista, who is the mayor Leeds Township said that all of the people who came into contact with the spill have been removed and are receiving medical attention for the situation.

He also said that no residential areas have been affected by this at the moment and that there is no risk to the general public.

"Had there been a fire involved with the chemical, it would have been concerning". "This could have been much worse".

Baptista also said that the accident was due in part to the terrible weather conditions that are going on at the moment.

There are also at least fifteen tractor trailers that are involved in the accident. One of them actually has live cattle and is still on the scene.

Accident scene of the spill and pile up on the highway

Detours have been set up so that people can avoid the highway as it obviously can not be traversed upon. The highway is blocked in both directions East of Kingston. The highway is also known as Highway 401.

Tow trucks have been called but not allowed to go on the scene at the moment.

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