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Trump Asks Congress For Aid On Obama Wiretap Claims

Donald Trump sitting down at table 

Trump made the decision to turn to congress to help find some evidence that Obama had wiretapped his phone during the election in 2016. The intelligence chief that worked with Obama had said that no such actions had occurred.

The FBI even went as far as to ask the federal justice department to dispute the allegation that President Trump is making against former President Obama.

What I find rather interesting is that Republican leaders seem to want to honor the call of the President and his allegations.

This move has a lot of risks because it can cause a substantial amount of backlash to not only the President but also to the politicians who are supporting him in this time of uncertainty. We also can not forget that if the intelligence committees unearth damaging Trump information because of this entire issue.

Trump made all of these allegations in a series of Tweet on the social media platform known as Twitter. He did not present any evidence what so ever alongside his tweets.

Even Obama's director of national intelligence said that James Clapper said that nothing seems to match Trump's claims on the situation.

The FBI asked the justice department to dispute the claims made by President Trump without any evidence. The Department Of Justice did not issue a statement on the entire situation and the request received by the FBI. James Coney the FBI Director made the argument that the claim needs to be corrected by the justice department because it gives off the idea that the FBI had broken the law.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that it is "Very troubling" that the president has made the request in congress to help him find evidence on whether or not Obama actually did wiretap Mr.Trump's phone during the election, with these reports he finds it troubling.

Sean Spicer 

Mr.Spicer also said that the White House wants the congressional committees to "exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused." He also mentioned that there would not be any more comments on the situation until the investigation is over and done with. This is basically the white house saying lets now take a side until we have all the evidence from both sides.

Some individuals even believe that this is borderline "wrap up smear". Wrap up smear is basically when you make something up, then you manage to get the press writing about it so that it gains a lot of traction with the public.

Spicer's chief deputy Sarah Huckabee that she thinks the president is "going off information he's seen that has led him to believe that this a very real potential"

John Earnest accused the president of doing this to take attention away campaign-season contacts by Trump aids with a Russian official.

The president has also in the past tweeted about things that are unsubstantial or provocative on blogs or conservative websites.

The investigation will look into whether or not the government ever did do surveillance on any political party of political peoples.

Trump's tweet did stand out a lot because it seemed to be a clear attack on the former president with claims that he just might have come across.

John Earnest 

My Opinion

I think that as many other people think we need to wait for everything to come in and all the investigations need to be finished before we decide to make any claims on the situation or rather even take sides. The president has made a claim and now it is being investigated lets just sit tight and see what happens and lets see if this even did happen. If it did happen it would be a unique day for everyone simply because people have already taken sides on the situation. 

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