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Trump Says Obama Wire Tapped His Phone During Election

President Trump With former President Obama 

Donald Trump the President of the United States wrote on twitter that he has found out that the former president had his room wire tapped during the election of presidency in 2016.

This claim is essentially baseless and from what many people understand a possible attack on Obama as Trump does not like him very much. The President also wrote on Twitter about the allegations and did not provide and background info to it.

This is all happening while Trump has his administration on a almost constant defense because of their Russian meeting allegations during the recent presidential election.

It is also said that Obama and no other White House Official ordered surveillance of any king on any U.S citizen.

The White House did not reply at first to the questions that the media had asked them about what promoted the Tweets from the President. Trump most likely heard it through someone as a rumor and maybe he took it a little to seriously to even bother talking about it on Twitter.

The President is also claiming that the wire tapping had occurred in October right before the national election of November.

If this did happen it is by far the lowest of the low for politics where people will tap another candidates phone in order to retrieve information on well pretty much anything. If Trump's phone was tapped then he would have to prove it to the public so that it is a legible allegation. This is of course assuming that the Obama administration even did it or Obama himself. It is also a very real possibility that Obama did not do this. Personally i do not think there would be much gain for a President to go ahead and give the okay to wire tap a opposing candidate on a election, especially the one in the U.S.

One thing that is strange is that these Tweets came in right after Attorney general Jeff Sessions did confirm that there was contact sharing during the election with the Russian ambassador to the United States. This is also after U.S intelligence agencies concluded that Russia did interfere with the presidential election.

Donald Trump Twitter post

These allegations may also be referring to what seems to be anonymously sourced on openly conservative websites where it is written that Obama may have had Trump's phone in the Trump Tower wired although there is no clear evidence to where it is true or not.

Reports that were published seem to say that U.S officials had obtained a warrant to review contacts between computers at Trump Tower and a Russian bank. This was done under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The act basically allows for the surveillance of foreign intelligence agents. Lets put this into a little bit of context for the sake of understanding, this act would allow for the observation of a number of Russian diplomats such as Sergei Kislyak. Mr. Kislyak has had contact with Trump aides and it is reported as that.

The issue with this is that Obama may not have been even able to try and get this approved. However this is contradictory because the president can declassify documents.

In My Opinion

I personally feel that there just is not enough evidence to support the claim that there was wire tapping done. Until these is more evidence on whether or not it was actually done i don't think that anyone should be taking sides and making accusations on the situation. However we then need to ask ourselves the question on what if it is true. Assuming it is we would have a sense of betrayal for future candidates because they would not be aware that they are being tapped and have been wire tapped.

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