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Why IOS Is Better Than Android

Why IOS is better than Android 

Now while the debate rages upon an open ground of a battle much like a battlefield field where instead of wounded soldiers there is fallen arguments and beaten friendships on which it all comes back to the question of IOS or Android. While we scatter each other and try to balance the distance between the two operating systems we will always come to a conclusion of why you enjoy your device more. You come to these conclusions after you're called out by pretty much anyone who makes the choice to do so. So here are ten reasons why IOS is better than Android.

What Is IOS?

IOS is an operating system which is used by the widely known as Apple Inc. The software is known for its easy to use functionality and is pretty old, to be honest. It's over ten years old already and still to this day continues to get updates so that the user experience of Apple products can be at the utmost of compatibility and information within our lives and the world.

The piece of software runs on Apple's mobile devices such as iPhones and IPads. The software is easy to update as you will get on screen updates when you turn on your smartphone or tablet that uses IOS as it's operating system.

1) Simplicity

While Android devices are easy to use and almost anyone can pick them up and get used to them, an IOS device is even easier. With a feature like Siri that have been almost always there for the user, it can help new users and veteran users of the operating system. 

Almost any IOS device can just be picked up by anyone and they will have little to no issues whilst using it because everything is right there for them from Itunes that can cover more than just songs.

The easy to use branding is great for all ages especially kids who can just pick it up and have fun with It.

2) It's A Clean Design

IOS may not have all of the fancy features that Android operating phones have with the designs and what not but it can hold its part on the clean design bar. You will never get lost as to where you put your apps because everything is in a grid format and simple layout that can't possibly get messy.

3) Software Updates

While we all love getting updates when something doesn't work right and for some of us we're just curious as to what is coming.

With IOS it's really simple as you can get update notifications on your main screen and you just simply click on it to update it. However Android phones have only recently had the consistent updates that IOS users seem to have been enjoying for a while. Android users only got that option recently and used to wait for updates that were larger and less common but got the same job done.

4) Device Support

IOS users sometimes get apps first since the developers feels like releasing the app on the app store before they do it on The Google Play Store. This is likely due to the interests of IOS users. This is also due to the fact that there might be more bugs on the IOS platform and are easy to fix by a simple update that Android users can just wait for until later on since it doesn't affect them at all.
iPhone turned on while being held

5) More Third Party Accessories

While any type of phone gets accessories the IPhone is by far the phone that gets far more accessories than anything else. When you usually see something on a website it almost always mentions IPhone compatible because there are so many IPhone users around the world that it's just useful to be giving them stuff that they can use on their phones, tablets etc.

6) Integration

take a  quick look at the Apple Air pods and you can see that the pairing of that device is almost instant. This is because the overall integration of Apple products with other Apple products is very much so easy to do not only because of the many functions of IOS but since it's another Apple device it is likely to do better with other devices from the same company which is actually really good.

7) Very Little Bloatware

While some Android phones and tablets come with many unnecessary apps IPhone do not come with as many apps that the user would not use. While some Android phones do not come with any bloatware the same can be said for some IOS devices and so on.

No matter the case both operating systems have phones that have bloatware and some phones that do not have bloatware.

8) More Apps

Generally speaking, there is more new apps that are of good quality on the App Store then there is on other devices. The apps are released often at a low price and are designed for the user to be more productive. Their is also many apps to choose from on the store that will entertain you long periods of time so that you can get the most out of your device.

However many businesses have supported all platforms for mobile devices there are a few of them that only support the IOS platform and its users because they feel like it and feel that they have more options.

9) Apple Care

While this isn't directly connected to the IOS platform it is indirectly connected because if a device does not have the IOS operating system it is likely that Apple Care does not want to deal with the product. This is due to the fact that all Apple products have the operating system known as IOS and continue to support their products with high care.

Apple Care ensures that the user of a Apple product can get the support of many  types by bringing it to their store for a quick look and hopefully a quick fix.

Apple Store 

10) IMassage And FaceTime

These two are pretty interesting because they basically allow the user to communicate with other users that use Apple's products via these messaging apps. These apps are also easy to use and can manage your life slightly better because everything is in one place on your phone rather than being mixed up all the time.

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