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Why Is Abortion Good

Abortion was written on a chalkboard

Abortion if you have ever been to a High School health class or gone to a sex ed class I am more than confident that you have heard of the term. Abortion is a very much so debated thing almost everywhere in the world. It is debated for personal beliefs, scientific, religious beliefs. Some people argue that the baby is being murdered inside the womb while others argue that it is a fetus and it doesn't feel pain. In this article, I am going to define to the official definition of abortion and I am going to take a proper nonbiased view on the good reasons why abortion is good in general.


What Is Abortion?

Abortion is the act of terminating a fetus or baby from within the womb of a mother. This act makes it almost impossible for the women to have the child once it is aborted. Many women apply the process because they may have not wanted to get pregnant and feel that it is not the right time for them. Some women are also not financially able to support a child and would rather they don't put the child through the pain of being underprivileged. There is also the saddening case that happens all to often where the female was raped and now needs an abortion because she is pregnant.

Forms Of Abortion

However, what many people do not know is that there are two types of abortions surgical which we hear about far more often and then there's the pill. The surgical form of abortion can be put into two different forms. The first is Dilatation And Evacuation between 15 and 24 weeks. It is carried out using a general anesthetic. The abortion is carried out using narrow forceps passed through the neck of the womb and some gentle suction. The process is complete and you go home on the same day that the process occurs on.

Then there's the one that sounds a little scarier. This one is called Vacuum aspiration. It is when the pregnancy is removed by gentle suction. One day at the clinic and you can go home on the same day. It can be done a the 14-week mark and 15-week mark.

The pill method is rather interesting because the way it works is it involves taking medication to cause the womb to contract and thus push out the pregnancy. This way takes up to two visits at the clinic. It may also take an overnight stay after your second visit. This method is done from 10 to 24 weeks.

The last form is also is abortion pill which is also known as early medical abortion. This form of abortion is done with no surgery or anesthetic. It involves taking medication to create an early miscarriage. This causes pain for the women such as cramps, bleeding, and pain.

Planned Parenthood

Why Is It Good?

While there is a long list of reasons why abortion is good in general. There are a few key points which I am going to go over. The women who have made the decision to get an abortion of any kind should be able to make their own decisions and should not have to seek approval. If abortions were also made illegal a number of deaths caused by illegally performed abortions would skyrocket since planned parenthood in the U.S performs on average 300k abortions per year. Abortions are better than being shamed throughout their life which is what happens to many of the teen girls who get pregnant.

She Made The Decision Not You

The women and their partners have made the decision to get an abortion for whatever reason. Those reasons could be that they can not be financially capable of supporting the child and just don't feel that adoption would be good for the child's development down the line. Another reason why she and her partner could have made the decision is maybe they feel that they're not mature enough to raise a child properly to ensure that the kid turns out as a good person. Here's another thing if other people can't tell you not to do a medical procedure that is currently legal, why gives you the right to tell someone else that abortion is wrong and that they're bad for getting or wanting one. If you think about it's kinda hypocritical.

Deaths From Illegal Abortions Will Rise

Currently there are many unsafe abortions that are performed on women. Well what is an unsafe aboriton. An unsafe abortion is basically an illegal abortion because the procedure is being done in a bad way and an improper way that is one of the most dangerous ways of getting the process done. Deaths that are caused by unsafe abortions actually account for 13% of all maternal deaths. 21.6 million women worldwide experience an unsafe abortion each year. Now 18.5 million of those are done in developing countries. 47,000 women die from illegal abortions each year. This is an alarming amount of deaths because not all of these are being done in developing countries there are many being done in countries where abortions are legal. Planned parenthood provides 300k  total safe abortions in the United States for women who had made the decision to not have a child.

Unsafe abortion 

It's Better Than Being Shamed

Many of the females who have had abortions are shamed either by very religious people or people who simply don't like the procedure. These women can be called names because they made the decision to not have a child. This is completely backward, these people made an intelligent decision so a child possibly wouldn't have to live a underprivileged life. Why would anyone in the right mind shame someone for doing that? It is barbaric and possibly the least forward thinking way that someone can operate their mind. Teen girls who sadly become pregnant often have to deal with this issue from their family members. If these girls would have the kids there would be more people who are having harder lives because of it. I also feel the need to mention that the male in the situation may also feel ridiculed for supporting his partner in the decision.

Overall, abortions are a good thing because It is better than being shamed after getting one or thinking about one. Which is something that happens to a lot of women and girls who make the very difficult decision to get one. She made the decision not you, why should she have to support the child that she knows she wasn't ready for. This is a deep concern for many people because before they have a kid they want to be in the best possible position to do so. The deaths from illegal abortions account fo 13%  of all maternal deaths. Planned parenthood also does 300k in the United States for women who have made the decision to not become mothers.

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