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Women Go On Strike For Women's Day

Women's Day march supporters 

Women from all around the world are being urged to go on strike to celebrate International Women's Day. This has affected so many people even a school shut down for the day.

Many supporters have organized events in the U.S and in 30 or more other countries! There was also marches in January called the Women's March and it happened in Washington. During that first march, it was also encouraged that women ditch the dishes and boycott paid and unpaid work. It is also being called A Day Without Women.

This is an attempt to keep the flow of large supporters after the initial protests in January after the president Donald Trump was sworn in.

Women are not only being encouraged to ditch work as well as paid and unpaid work but are also being encouraged to shop less at places that are not owned by women or minorities. The entire idea behind this tactic is to give business to places that support the economic development of women.

Apparently, there is also a dress code for the day. Women are encouraged to wear red as a  sign of "revolutionary love and sacrifice". Red is a color that is originally associated with the labor movement and can be considered a color of action.

However, the point of women going on strike is to show everyone how much women contribute to the economy in the world and how everyone needs them to function properly. The organizers are also calling for an end to discrimination in pay, hiring, affordable child care, paid family leave, and for the right of all workers to unionize.

"We are the backbone, the lifeblood of what makes our economy and our political system function." said Rahna Epting who is chief of staff at a Washington DC-based advocacy called Every Voice.
Women's Day march on the Whitehouse

People Are Against It

Some people are against the strike because it has caused issues with employers needing people to work on the day of the strike. Some other people who are going to work now had to take the day off and watch their kids because a school was closed because of the incident. This is bad for them since now they have a day of money that is filed under a loss for them.

The day has its critics, though, some are saying that it is a day for privileged women who can afford to miss work for the day because they've been given the day off. However, some other women will be fired if they do not show up to work and can not afford to miss work.

This is also an issue for the business because they now have one less person working for the day but this is also a goal of the day to show how much women help the business. 

An organization such as National Women's Liberation said that it is not a strike against an employer but rather a strike against a system that for years has undervalued the help and skills of women in the workplace. 

There is even a protest that is expected to go right to the WhoteHouse to protest the executive order that President Trump signed about barring federal funding to health organizations that discuss abortions as a form of family planning. 

This day also has importance to many American women because many are worried about their rights in the nation as of recent times.

Men are also being encouraged to say thank you to women because they help out very often in many different ways. They often take care of the kids and help the male out in different ways around the house and outside of the house.

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