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Women In Advertising Opinion

An image from the Film Killing Us Softly 4

I think that the role of genders in ads while being extraordinarily sexualized is also something that has happened for over the past 50-75 years at the very least. I recently watched a documentary called Killing Us Softly. In this documentary, it focused heavily on how women were portrayed in ads and what type of body parts are portrayed in ads. However, it also focused on men.

I personally think that yes it is wrong that ads are being served in this manner however, you must come to a certain realization that sex sells. Which in all rights is usually true but with this case it does in some fashion show objects that are portrayed as women. Women will, for the most part, be shown as objects for a long time to come and will without a doubt need to be stopped by legislation or boycotts. I totally agree with the documentary because violence against women can be associated if this objectification continues. The documentary also focuses on the body parts of women which for the most part the breasts are shown off. This is due to attract attention by obviously mostly male consumers. This would likely drive up their profits. The documentary shows and evaluates how this happens, why it happens, and even goes as far as to give some at the very least form, of a change. The idea that women are objects is competently ludicrous and for anyone to think of a human being as such is backward. Presenters such as the one in the documentary really do have a great deal of experience in this field of study and honestly speaking I think it is great that she teaches a class or course on the subject. It’s a worthwhile discussion piece.

The Documentary doesn’t show men as much but that is fine because ( and this was pointed out in the doc) men are only recently being objectified. The doc explains this in the best manner possible because they companies need something new before they lose their consumers and start losing revenue. So they use the same tactic but with men this time around. A documentary that can open the eyes of viewers especially teenagers who are for the most part exposed to ads on an almost daily basis has to be aware that this is not what is expected of you. The documentary was so well informed and prepared that it offered statistics, and showed the viewers/ listeners that because of these ads mental illnesses are on the rise with not only males but females as well.

Image from Killing us Softly 4

I think that Killing Us Softly surely exposes something not only wrong but natural about how our society functions on the basis of sex. I have a basic idea that it has something to do with evolution because animals often do the same as us but without any ads. As I said earlier it goes down to the idea that sex sells. While it may be terrible it is in fact true. These adverts are going to keep doing this because people keep soaking it up like a sponge.

It shows how we’re moving down a path of animistic, with ads such as these. However, while this was briefly touched upon the in the doc it could have been spoken about a lot more. Once women are objectified enough they will one day become truly objects and be subject to unspeakable crimes. If a society would be run differently and possibly less misogynistic, it could, in theory, be more efficient and balanced when it came to advertising. However, I believe that this wouldn't ever happen because of once again human nature. It just would not sell and thus the company would not run ads like that.

Jean Kilbourne speaker, author, and highly recognized for her work with women in advertising

I think that the presentation informed everyone that listened or watched it a lot because very few people have collected ads for decades like many sociologists have in the past and continue to do. This shows the viewer something that only a few people would be able to identify because they have not compiled the same amount of ads and have not noticed the clear cut pattern. The doc even refers to how lighter women are shown in ads for females and how darker men are shown in ads for men. This was explained perfectly in the film by saying, adverts give off the idea that light skin women are pure and dark skinned men are exotic. It also touches on how companies have started using food and sex to gain profit. The film showed several commercials in which women are subconsciously talking about sex but are eating or looking at food.

All in all, this was an amazing presentation and documentary that was well thought out and informative. This documentary also shows examples that most of the population would miss if they would not be pointed out. The presentation showcases facts and gives solutions to deep-rooted social, and possibly racial issues in our society that are turning into cracks that may very well one day cause it to crack and inevitable fall apart. It also introduces us to new forms of identification of these ads without even telling the viewer about them. I personally left with more knowledge and I think that this was a great learning opportunity for myself as well as everyone around me. It was well done and well prepared and covered so many different topics.

Meal Kit Supply MRE Review

Meal Kit Supply Canada MRE in a package (Michael Normandin Vanguardnews)
I have been given the awesome opportunity to review some good old MREs. Well, what exactly is an MRE? An MRE is a Meal Ready To Eat. The meals are designed for soldiers who’re in the field and for the general use of people who are out on the road and who might do a lot of camping.

I must say the overall process of asking for a sample product was very easy and was so simple that almost anyone can purchase some. The company’s support teams were very professionals and were quick to reply to all of my questions. The company Meal Kit Supply Canada was great and I do thank them a lot for sending me a sample meal.

All items in the MRE pack (Michael Normandin Vanguardnews)

The shipping was also great and arrived within two to three days (during the week). The package itself was also well packaged and was compact so that almost anyone can get them and get the option to taste such cool foods.

The Meals were. How does one say it? Amazing, they tasted great and filled me up quickly. I have always enjoyed the meals provided by the company since I used to be a Cadet and they bought MREs from the same company (Meal Kit Supply Canada). I have extensive experience with eating these meals and I'll say this, I have enjoyed every single one of them. The exact meal that I got this time was tortellini and FE style rice with beans. I enjoyed them although I must say that the tortellini took a little longer to cook but that might just be because I put two meals in the heating packet. The rest of the meal consisted of juice that said grape on it and was blue. It was a carbohydrate drink. It was very easy to make and it went great with the companies version of a pop tart and crackers. The only real issue that I had with the meals was that the crackers broke a little bit. Other than that these meals are amazing. My meal also consisted of peanut butter that tasted thick and smooth, just the way many people like their peanut butter.

Heating element bag with an element inside (Michael Normandin Vanguardnews)

The entire meal even came with a heating packet that was easy to use and set up. Meal Kit even gives a step by step guide on the heating element. The bag also tells you that hydrogen may be produced when the element is cooking your food (that’s probably the smoke coming out of the bag).

All in all, I believe that this meal and the others that I have tried in my time of eating Meal Kit Supply Canada’s MREs are all amazing. The customer service is great and the shipping is fast. The meals on their own are exquisite and remarkable, to say the least. The company even provides these meals to cadets. The entire experience on a scale of 1 - 10 is a solid 9/10. However, the only real issue I experienced was with the heating element being a little too hot to open up but that’s not a real problem since you can just let it cool off.

By Michael Normandin

North Korean People Not Worried About War

Kim Jong Un leader of North Korea
North Korean residents are almost not even phased by the fact that war might break out at any moment in their nation. They do not even seem to care that they might have foreign troops marching on their land.  This is most notable in North Korea’s most prestigious city known as Pyongyang. This might be due to propaganda and the lack of information being given to the citizens which are always tightly controlled by the Kim family regime.

North Korea is always trying to show off its military arsenal of nukes one way or another as if it’s a child with a new toy. North Korea even went ahead recently and launched a missile, however it did not end well since the missile apparently didn’t work on its second takeoff. 

Recently the North Koreans held a ceremony to celebrate the birth of former North Korean leader Kim ill sung where many people were taking photos of their friends and family with their cell phones. This is odd. Usually, in a time where war is highly probable especially nuclear war, people would stay indoors and try to keep to themselves. This is because people try not to think of it at all since war is brutal. North Koreans, on the other hand, are different they’re outside having fun.
This is because of the idea that North Korea can beat anything and anyone. This idea comes from the fact that they almost literally worship a family that has held power for about three generations. The amount of propaganda spread about the family is a lot and it really does show how effective it is. Their propaganda is effective because the people who’re reading/watching it have no counteract to it. 

This is proven by a woman who is a Chong OK An, the retiree who pushed herself through a crowd with her family, “We’re not afraid”  “As long as we have Marshall Kim Jong Un we can win any fight.” She said.

The Kim family basically makes its citizens believe that the country of North Korea is constantly under siege from almost every nation in the world. This causes anger and is clearly hyperbole.
Personally speaking, the entire issue with this nation is not only developing quickly but it is also getting worse because of the threats on both sides but mostly the threats made by Kim Jong Un.

China Worried About North Korea

Xi Jinping Chinese President 

China seems to be slightly worried about the possibility that a conflict could happen at any moment now between the United States and North Korea. The two nations have been at a high level of tensions for weeks now. This all started because North Korea launched test rockets into the sea causing an uproar of the international community.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that if war does happen, there could be no winner. Mr. Wang also represents China.

The minister’s comments came at a time when the increasing voice of the U.S and its concern with North Korea’s nuclear development programs.

It must be dearly noted that the Chinese are one of the few supporters of North Korea. China does fear that if there is a conflict between North Korea and the Unites States there would be trouble alongside the Chinese- North Korean border as the regime would be involved in a possible war.

Mr. Wang said, “One has the feeling that a conflict could break out at any moment.”

“I think that all relevant parties should be highly vigilant with regards to this situation,”
U.S Aircraft carrier

“We call on all parties to refrain from provoking and threatening each other whether in words or actions and not let the situation go to an irreversible and unmanageable stage .” 

On Tuesday the President of the United States Donald Trump said that “the problem of North Korea” Would be “taken care of”. This only added to the uneasiness of the Chinese in all of this as they seem to want to avoid conflict in any way, shape, or form.

“If China decides to help, that would be great. If not we will solve the problem without them!, U.S.A” However, North Korea responded on Friday and said that they would “mercilessly foil” any U.S provocation. This is not good for North Korea since they have a manpower advantage but a technology disadvantage.  

A statement by the North Korea Army was reported in English by the North Korean News Agency. The statement read “Our toughest counteraction against the U.S and its vassal forces will be taken in such a merciless manner as to not allow the aggressors to survive.”

Donald Trump is also willing to use military force as he recently used it in Syria via tomahawk missile strikes in retaliation to the Assad regime’s chemical attack against its own people.

The U.S president and the Chinese President (Xi Jinping) have been on the phone and are talking about this situation. Economic sanctions are being considered against North Korea.

China has concerns over the possibility of huge amounts of refugees crossing into China. They also fear the collapse of the Kim family in North Korea. However, in a recently showed its frustration with North Korea by blocking coal imports into the country. China might also block China Air flights between Pyongyang and Beijing.

North Korea even accused the United States especially Donald Trump of becoming “more aggressive” towards the North. An institute linked to the North Korean foreign ministry said “Thermal Nuclear war might break out ay any moment.”

WW3 U.S And Syria/Russia Tensions Very High

A picture showing a fighter jet and the U.S, Russian, and Syrian flags all in one picture.

In the past there has been ideas of World War Three and how it might happen, when it will happen, why it might happen, etc. I am more than sure all of us have heard at least one person make the claim that “this is the time it’s gonna happen”. These claims were very popular in the mid to late 2000s on the internet where people can share their ideas on video platforms, and of course some of the oldest and most popular forms of sharing your ideas are on social media and blogs. This is really where people started spreading their thoughts and predictions on WW3. These people have been portrayed on television in shows and movies pretty much on any show that does comedy.

However, I am going to be focusing more on the aspect of the recent issues with Russia, North Korea and the United States, NATO etc, rather than directly on the people who believe the third world war is upon us even at this very moment. The issues are about the rising tensions with eastern Europeans states and Western European states as well as the general western side of the world.

 Russia and Syria

Russian Marines picture possibly was taken in Syria

In case you didn’t already know this pretty much all began because of the Syrian government or as many like to call it the Assad Regime. This name refers to the president Bashar al-Assad who is known as a dictator who has killed his people before and continues to do so to this day. It is also known that chemical weapons were used in Syria during its ongoing civil war against the Assad Regime. The civil war itself has been going on for several year already and there is no clear prediction on when the war will be lost or won by any of the sides. The Syrian military used chemical weapons against its own people and the United States and many of its allies did not respond well to this as they all agreed to support the decisions made by the United States and its President Donald Trump. The United States launched up to 40 Tomahawk Missiles on at least one air base in Syria. This however did not sit well with Russia. The Russians have a history of supporting the Assad regime and they seem to be doing that in this case. We have proof that the Russians are not happy with the decision made by the U.S because their president Vladimir Putin is in almost full support of the Assad regime. Donald Trump even stated that relations are “Right now we’re not getting along with Russia at all”. This means that both sides have recognized that relations are at an all-time low for the two nations in this endeavor.

 North Korea

Kim Jong Un North Korean leader

Now what I’ve have heard most recently is that North Korea has declared war on the United States. This basically happens often last year North Korea said they would launch rockets at the United States but it never happened. The North Koreans have been at a high tension since they launched test rockets into the sea. This drew swift condemnation from Japan and has since joined U.S Navy ships in the sea. These launches also drew negative terms with South Korea who is always on guard about their North Korean counterpart since they have never been able to have a decent amount of relations ever since the Korean War in the 1950s. The level of tensions have been at large because North Korea not only keeps threatening South Korea and her allies but keeps testing and trying to advance (sometimes successfully advancing) nuclear weapons. North Korea also has a history of false threats and not actually doing anything.

 My Opinions 

Personally, speaking I think that this time not only is Syria a complicated issue that has a lot of technicalities but it also is very political. You see, you can’t go ahead and easily walk on into a country especially one like Syria that has had a war going on for several year in fact started in 2011 and has not stopped since then. The overall conflict has left over 200k people dead or wounded. This has also lead to millions of refugees fleeing the country to move to countries such as Germany, Sweden, Canada and many more nations that are allowing refugees inside their countries. There is also many debates going on about this. You must come to a conclusion that right now there needs to be some course of action taken by NATO and the United Nations. What I mean by “Course of action” is that not only should they should be doing a  show of force to let nations know that murdering their own people is not okay and that it will not be tolerated at all. Which is often said with meetings with other nations but nothing is concrete when it’s over. These people still end up dying because of the lack of a decent military in the nation fighting against a better equipped and better trained soldier of a regime that has support from powerful nations. I also feel that Syria is just a proxy war for the United States and its allies, but it's also a proxy war for Russia and her allies. The Assad regime in my opinion is ridiculous and does not want to recognize people who do not support their side as legitimate. That’s part of the reason why these civil wars happen because people will eventually stop respecting a dictator and will revolt. It has happened time and time again.  The entire issue with Syria is the lack of external support to remove the regime that has killed so many already.

Then we must talk about the issue with Russia sending  a navy ship to intercept the U.S boats was a bad move because it only shows the U.S that you do not want to talk and you want to engage in something more which can easily be understood as violence. This is all an ugly situation with Russia and Syria that will hopefully be resolved without a large amount of violence in the region that would only cause death, and debt as well as mourning for the dead. As society grows to be more civilised we must as always try ot resolve these situations without causing a war that would drag so many countries not only physically but logistically into it.

Now, I’ll talk about the North Korea issue. This country and lets be honest this country has many issues with it from starving people to murder, torture and possible corruption. I am pretty sure we’ve been trying to deal with this troubling issue if I may call it that for decades now. We have had the UN (united nations) send food to the place and then have North Korea refuse the UN aid. I definitely think that we should also try and talk with North Korea to see if we can at least have a peaceful step down of the Kim family’s reign. However I doubt they would be open to It and they have recently claimed to have declared war on the United States which I do not think would be pretty by any means if they were to go through with it.

What do you think; let me know by commenting below.

Different Types Of Propaganda.

German WW2 propaganda poster


Assertion is a type of propaganda that does not usually have facts to back up its statement and the public should simply agree to the statement without any question of it what so ever.It is most commonly used in advertisement as well as modern propaganda which I would classify as modern films like (Lone survivor, American Sniper, Generation Kill etc.)A company that uses assertion will state that their product is the best and have no evidence of that at all although they will believe that you should not question it.This form of propaganda is easy to spot although it is dangerous because it contains lies.


This is a very common form of propaganda that is used in both a time of war and a time of peace.It essentially makes people who are easily moved by a crowd then go ahead and join in with that very crowd simply because there is a large group of people.It is meant to make people believe that since there are so many people victory is all but assured and defeat can't possibly happen ever.The main goal of this form of propaganda is to convince the people that will be viewing this form of it that one side is going to be victorious no matter what.

Propaganda poster by the Allies encouraging the purchase of War Bonds


This form of propaganda gives mostly true information.Card Stacking also gives information that is good for one side of and idea instead of the other.It is also one of the most common types of propaganda that will be viewed.It also gives information that is contrary to that idea.It also usually gives the viewer important details.It is very good at convincing the public to move to a certain point of view.

Glittering Generalities

This form of propaganda is used mostly in politics.This form of propaganda also has a positive meaning for specific subjects.This is usually linked to something very important like fighting for your country of fighting for the freedom of another countries people.If these ideas are used people are more likely to agree to that difficult decision that has to be made and can now be justified.Honor, glory, love of country are most often used with this form of propaganda.
WW2 german propaganda poster showing the Allies as evil.


This form of propaganda is unique justified because it is implemented mostly during wartime.It makes the populous believe that the decision being made is the least offensive.It is justified hard decisions that are most probably not to popular with the overall population.The main idea that is being proposed is often depicted as the only option that can be done no matter what.


This is the form of propaganda that is used the most during wartime.It is also a form of scapegoating.It even depicts a certain political group or religious group as the enemy.It can also depict a specific idea as the enemy thus making anyone whom believes it a enemy of the general public and is overall interests.When this happens it is mostly a complex situation.


Hence the name the person whom is doing the propaganda will try to convince the average person that they are just like them and thus the person listening to this propaganda will be far more likely to listen to it.The propagandist will use accents, idioms, jokes to relate to a specific group of people.The person will also stutter and will try to pronounce something incorrectly to try and seem far more relate able to the average person.


This form of propaganda is mostly in a indirect or direct form of endorsements and quotations.This type of propaganda will often use a famous or extremely well respected person in from supporting a item.They are also good to go hand and hand with transfers (another type of propaganda). They are also often used in political campaigns.


German WW2 propaganda poster
This is used most often when a country is in wartime or politics.This propaganda makes a person view everything on a similar basis to the item that is being presented to them.This type of propaganda is mostly used in a negative way although it can have a positive effect on a populous.It can be used to transfer positive feelings to one thing or another.However, in the political world, it is most often used to give a bad feeling to an opposite political runner or party.It
can come down to even haunt the families and friends of political opponents that have had this form of propaganda used against them.


Fear is a very unique aspect of propaganda because with fear a populous can do anything that the state wants.Fear is mostly used in a time where situations can be very difficult for the overall population.It is also used in political campaigns to gain support for a certain party.It can also be used to gain support for the military and a higher amount of security in the overall country.Fear is one of the most common aspects of propaganda as well as the most effective form of propaganda.