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Homolka Criticizers Not Welcome Back In School Next Year

Karla Homolka trying to block cameras with her purse. 

Karla Homolka, who was charged with manslaughter and she even served 12 years in a federal prison for it. She pleads guilty to the murder of two schoolgirls Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French (may they rest in peace). Homolka’s ex-husband Paul Bernardo is serving a life sentence for multiple rapes, and murders.

Homolka was discovered to be living in a town near Montreal called Chateauguay. Her children at the time went to school there and all seemed to be going well for her. However, she was discovered and many residents expressed their concern for her living in the area.

While Homolka still lives in the Chateauguay area (she has every right to live where she wants too), her kids no longer attend the public school.

Karla Homolka reportedly rushed passed reporters when she was in front Greaves Academy in Notre-Dame-De-Grâce.

There was also a woman who was behind her screaming and clapping her hands whilst pacing.

“In the name of Jesus, leave her alone,” she was yelling at the group of reporters. “It is written that every one of us is sinful and we must forgive because God is a forgiving God. Leave her alone.”

The woman was asked to talk to reporters but declined to speak with only saying “I have nothing to say”

Since September, her kids have been attending a private school and on Wednesday she parked her black Honda SUV in front of photographers and rushed her kids into the school and when she came out reporters were trying to take pictures of her but she tried to block the camera by covering the general area with her purse.

Karla Homolka apparently supervised children that were in kindergarten from the Greaves Adventist Academy in March while on a field trip.  According to the Montreal Gazette, she was seen on Wednesday in the schoolyard and allowed the children to pet her dog. She was apparently allowed inside the school to show the dog to the students.  The school is said to have been aware of the criminal past of Homolka.

Some parents told the Montreal Gazette they only found out about it all after a man calling himself a concerned citizen was handing out pamphlets.

One parent who was concerned tried to raise the issues with the school but was told that he was not welcome back when the new school year starts in September.

Andy Maraj, “When I first read the paper, I thought it was a hoax,” “But then I saw her and I saw her walking around with her dog for the children to play with. I told my daughter: ‘This lady, I don’t want you to go near her, please. If she calls you, don’t go near her and call me,’ because I don’t trust the school.” Continued Maraj

Andy Maraj was upset that Karla Homolka was allowed to be inside the school with the children.

“That’s not even supposed to happen because once you have a (criminal) record, you’re not supposed to be in the school,” he mentioned “They could have asked her to stay in the car, and have someone escort her kids into the school, and not bring her dog. And it’s not her fault, it’s (the school’s) fault. It’s really terrible that they would allow this.

He started to discuss Homolka's presence with other parents in the month of April. He also said that on May 2nd he got a letter saying that he is not welcome in the next school year.

Another parent Stéphanie Deligne has a daughter that attends grade 4. said "It's really unacceptable,"
"My daughter was playing with the dog of Karla Homolka, and I was right next to her, but I didn't know who she was." She continued.

Delingne was unhappy that Homolka was allowed in the school as well as with the dog.

Once again the school responded with telling the parent that she would also have to find another school in September for her child.

Deligne said "The administration told me I am being too critical,"

The Montreal Gazette spoke to Greaves Adventist Academy about Homolka’s reported involvement with the school in May. At the time, school superintendent Marc Bouzy said that the school did not receive any complaints.

“The school has been here for a long time and we have never been involved in anything contrary to the proper norms of the students,” Bouzy told the Montreal Gazette. “There is no reason for anyone to be concerned about the way we do things right now for the benefit of the students in our community.

“The ministry only gives permits to schools that are a safe place for students attending. In no way is it an issue for the community.”

The church that runs the school is known as The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Canada. Said to Breakfast Television that Homolka is not a regular volunteer at the school. They also said that she is not allowed to be alone with the children.

Mafia Leader Gun Down On Bicycle

Police standing around Bicycle that is evidence.

On Monday a mafia boss was assassinated in Sicily when he was riding his bicycle. This is being called a message from the Sicilian gang known as Cosa Nostra.

The victim Giuseppe Dainotti was 67 years old when he was shot in his head while cycling in Palermo.

The mafia boss has actually had enemies within his own gang. This starting happening after he got out of prison in 2014, where he was serving time for murder.

Witnesses called police after hearing gunshots and they claim that the killers pulled up beside the victim on a scooter according to the Guardian.

Francesco Lo Voi a Palermo prosecutor said that this is a sign from the gang Cosa Nostra that they might be lying low but are far from beaten.

“When some people claim the Mafia no longer exists or has been destroyed, something always happens to confirm it is still there,” Voi said.

“When necessary, it shoots again, in a clear and symbolic way,” he continued

This attack is just around the same time 25 years ago when the very same gang, blew up anti-mafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone. That incident happened just outside of Palermo.

 Enzo Laetizia, a secretary of the national police officials association said “Such a murder, so heinous, carried out near a school, on the anniversary of the (Falcone) massacre, shows how complex the mafia phenomenon is,”

“Tomorrow the state will remember its heroes, slain by the mafia; today the mafia showed its dynamism, by killing once more,” he mentioned.

The Sicilian mob was once-powerful and in more recent years groups such as the Ndrangheta in Calabria and the Cammora located in Naples, have surpassed it.

The commissioner Renato Cortese expressed concern that several Mafiosi people who were convicted are soon going to be released from jail. This was reported by

“There is always the fear that if Cosa Nostra can find a rational head that can bring together the disparate souls, it could become as dangerous as it used to be,” Cortese said

Isis Fighting In Philippines

 Philippine military soldiers in Malawi (ReutersRomeo Ranoco)

In the Marawi, Philippines an Isis flag has been raised as both a brutal and intense battle rage below it. The city is primarily made up of Muslim people and is located in the Southern part of the Philippines. The government is dealing with the situation as best as it can using military force. The incident that has gone on for at least a week.

It is said that the Isis leader for the Philippines somehow managed to unify a violent militant group and they’re currently under one form of a command.

The incident has really has shown how strong these fighters seem to be despite the rather large scale assault from the Philippine military. It must also be mentioned that the ideology of Isis is by no means moderate and is gaining a foothold in the southern part of the Philippines. There has also been a Muslim separatist rebellion that has gone on for decades.

On the other hand, the Philippine military insists that the drawn out fight does not show how strong these fighters are but rather that the military is not using its full force because it is concerned with civilian lives.

Even Gen. Eduardo Ano said “They are Weak, and “It’s just a matter of time for us to remove them from all their hiding places.” He was speaking at a hospital where wounded soldiers were being treated for their wounds.

Military attack helicopters were flying low on Monday, as they destroyed militant position in the city. At the same time, heavily armed soldiers went from house to house in search of the militants.
For just under a week, the gunman has held the Philippine army at bay and they’ve been burning buildings and went as far as to take at least a dozen innocent people hostage. Officials say the Islamic militant's commander, Isnilon Hapilon, is one of Washington’s most wanted militants and he is still hiding somewhere in the city.

This terrible ordeal has caused thousands of citizens fleeing for both their safety and their lives.
The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte decided to declare martial law for 60 days in the south last week. This happened just after a raid to capture Hamilton went wrong and caused militant fighters to go on a rampage in the city.

However, you must keep in mind that over the past few years small groups of militants have emerged in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and have begun unifying the Isis flag and symbols.
Jose Calida, who is Philippine’s top prosecutor said last week that Indonesians and Malaysians are among some of the fighters in Marawi. It is also said that the violence on the island of Mindanao “is no longer a rebellion of Filipino citizens.”

One local resident said that Maute militants flew an Isis flag in one fo the city’s mosques. The local would only talk under the condition of anonymity, as he was and is fearing for his safety. He even said that the militants pressured local Muslim preachers and made them not speak out against them.
As Isis loses ground in Iraq and Syria some fighters are coming to places such as the Philippines and are bringing their radical way of thinking about them.

However, the fighter’s support network is currently unknown but it is known that they may have little local support due to the intense fighting and oppressive way Isis holds onto any form of power.

8 Dead In Fatal Shooting

Officers hold down a suspect after apprehending him.

Eight people are now dead, including a Deputy Sheriff who were shot and killed and the suspect is currently in custody. The incident that caused this horrible event to take place was in Mississippi.

The suspect a 35-year-old Willie Cory Godbolt confessed on video to The Jackson Clarion- Leader reports.

I ain’t fit to live, not after what I was done,” Godbolt told the reporter after being arrested. “Not in Y'all eyes, not in nobody else’s eyes.”

The suspect said that he visited an address Bogue Chitto to talk about his children when neighbors called the police. That is the same time when the deputy arrived.

My pain wasn't designed for him. He was just there,"
"We were talking about me trying to take the children home... somebody called the officer.... that's what they do, they intervene. It cost him his life. I'm sorry." Godbolt said.

The suspect seems to have wanted to try and commit suicide by police as he mentioned it when he was talking to reporters.

"My intentions was to have God kill me. I ran out of bullets," he said. "Suicide by cop was my intention." He said.

Authorities said that the officer who was shot was William Durr and was only 36 years of age.
Durr had only been with the Lincoln Country Sheriffs Department for two years.

It is said that Durr said he loved to make children smile. He had developed an interest for ventriloquism as a boy and he loved to put on puppet shows for kids.

The Mississippi Bureau Of Investigation spokesperson said that Warren Strain said that the shootings occurred in three different homes on Saturday night. The rural area of Lincoln County, the shootings happened in Brookhaven and the third in Bogue Chitto.

The other seven victims are four women, a man, and two boys.  The spokesperson said that investigators are gathering evidence at all of the locations.

Authorities also say that Godbolt held a 16-year-old boy hostage at one point in time. That young man was lucky to survive and was released unharmed.

Andrew Scheer Elected As New Leader

Andrew Scheer conservative party of Canada leader

Andrew Scheer is now the new Conservative Party Of Canada (CPC) is the new leader. He was elected on Saturday night.

Mr. Scheer, a Member Of Parliament (MP) for Saskatchewan. He got enough check marks in the ballot box to ensure a victory over his rival Maxime Bernier during a convention in Toronto.
Scheer was also the youngest MP to be a House Speaker. He is only 38 years of age and made a promise to bring the conservative party together, and of course to win against the Liberals in the 2019 election.

Scheer won by a margin of just less than a single percentage point. However, this was odd considering Bernier was considered a strong runner throughout the long race that lasted a year.
His victory speech consisted of promises to keep the to the party’s roots and help Canadian families and not “Ottawa insiders.” He also mentioned that Canada can not handle four more years of Justin Trudeau and the fights for returning as the official power after an election starts now.
"There is renewed hope for Canada, starting today," he said. "The pain and hardship the Trudeau Liberals are causing Canadians is just temporary."

Mr. Scheer also thanked his family, team of volunteers and interim leader Rona Ambrose. He even gave a shoutout to his rival Bernier. Scheer even thanked the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He especially gave thanks to his recently deceased mother who’s death made him suspend his campaign temporarily.

Andrew Scheer criticized the Liberal carbon tax by calling it a “cash grab” and even went as far as to say that the Liberals are more consumed by photo ops and selfies than they are with creating prosperity with struggling Canadians.

Sunny ways won't pay the bills," he said.

Scheer who seems to want to cover deep issues that man conservatives feel passionate about like freedom of speech. He voted against a bill for rights transgender Canadians and M-103, a motion to condemn Islamophobia, was asked if he would allow caucus members to bring forward bills on abortion or related to abortion.

He would say that he would not be put in a “binary box.”

"Each and every kind of conservative plays an important role," he said. "The leader's role is to find common ground among all those types of conservatives."

A Liberal MP, Adam Vaughan, criticized Andrew Scheer for his pledge to withdraw funding from Universities that limit Freedom Of Speech on campus. The Liberal MP called it an attack on academic freedom.

“That is the antithesis of this country” in remarks after Scheer's news conference.
Justin Trudeau who is the Prime Minister of Canada even said that he looks forward to talking with scheer soon.

"I want to congratulate Andrew for his success, congratulate everyone who was part of what was a strong, democratic process," he said while visiting Amatrice, a tiny town devastated by an earthquake last August. "I look forward to talking with Andrew later today or tomorrow to congratulate him and look forward to working with everyone who sits in the House, but obviously today is a day for reflecting for how Canada stands together across all parties and all backgrounds with our Canadian friends."

There was also a short tribute to interim leader Rona Ambrose, who is set to leave federal politics this year.

Hundreds of thousands of people voted by either mailing in their ballots, going in person, or at one of the many polling stations across the country. 

Andrew Scheer's victory speech

Manchester Bomber's Photo Released

Salman Abedi, (Manchester Bomber)

Police released photos of the Manchester bomber today. They also asked the public for aid in the situation.

The photos were taken on CCTV and show the terrorist going to the arena where the horrendous act was committed. The man has been identified as 22 years old, Salman Abedi, just before his suicide attack on Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester Arena earlier this week.
The footage shows him wearing glasses, jeans, baseball cap, a puffa jacket, and of course the bag of which he used to kill innocent people that had attended the concert.

It is believed by police that he assembled his bomb in a rented Airbnb flat, in a mansion block on Granby Row in the city center. The flat is just one of 17 places that have been searched so far by forensic experts. There are at least 14 other searches that have happened on Saturday.

What detectives are sure about is that Abedi returned from Libya to the UK on May 18, just four days before his terrible attack on the concert attendees. They also hope that the images will jog the memories of the people who saw him run up to the attack.

On Saturday night the threat level was reduced from critical to severe. The Greater Manchester Police Chief, as well as deputy assistant commissioner, said that the investigation was making good progress.

13 total people have so far been arrested for suspicion of terrorism offenses. There is also at least 1000 people involved in the investigation to Abedi’s network.

“In the past five days, we have gathered significant information about Abedi, his associates, his finances, the places he had been, how the device was built and the wider conspiracy. As a result of the arrests and searches which have taken place, we now have many further lines of inquiry. We already have more than 1,500 actions we are pursuing,”

“The investigation is making good progress and we know one of the last places Abedi went was the city center flat, and from there he left to make his way to the Manchester Arena. The flat is highly relevant as a location which we believe may be the final assembly place for the device.”

It must be noted that the latest of arrests took place in Cheetham Hill, where police raids were taking place. Two men aged 20, 22 were taken into custody and are said to be part of the same friendship groups as the Manchester bomber. The two men are also of Libyan decent.

Just after those arrests were made armed officers arrived at a terraced house in Manchester City’s Old Main Road Ground. Some residents were evacuated as military bomb disposal experts carried out their investigations to the property.

GMP has set up a special counter-terrorism room in which they have a high priority of getting the identity of the attacker. “Specialist counter-terrorist forensic teams were sent to try and identify the attacker and within two hours his identity was known. With this information, officers could begin to establish his movements to try and understand if anyone else was linked or any more attacks planned,” a statement said.

There was also firearms officers posted all over the country to aid GMP in the case of another attack as it was believed to be an imminent threat.

“By early Tuesday morning there was an established pattern, with all officers and staff working on the response to the attack in the day and night shifts of approximately 14 hours each,” senior officers mentioned.

“This is still a live investigation, which is not slowing down. Our priorities are to understand the run-up to this terrible event and to understand if more people were involved in planning this attack.”

Soldiers Kill Protesters During Firefight With Rebels

Indian soldiers In Kashmir

There were recently anti-India protests that took place in Srinagar India. The protests ended in a firefight with government forces in a disputed area. It all left dozens injured and at least one dead. The clashes happened in India-controlled Kashmir, that followed with the killing of a prominent rebel leader. The rebel commander’s associate was also killed in the gun battle.

Sabzar Ahmed Bhat and a fellow militant were killed after soldiers cordoned off the Southern Trail after getting a tip that rebels might be hiding in the area.

The brutal firefight that left many wounded ended later on Saturday after soldiers recovered the bodies of two people. However, police say they’re searching for at least one more body.
During the intense firefight, hundreds of residents tried to help the trapped rebels get free by shouting anti-India slogans and were also marching in the streets. The protesters were only dispersed after police threw tear gas at them. The protesters were also throwing rocks at soldiers in an attempt to get them to retreat from their positions.

It is also said that several people were fired upon by government forces, this is what led to many being injured. Police chief S.P. Vaid that one man was killed by crossfire.

The news of the rebel leader’s death spread quickly and was met with a lot of negativity in the region. Thousands in the region shut down shops, and shouted slogans such as “Go India, Go back”. There were also many students who took place in the protests who also yelled: “We want freedom.”
Authorities suspended most of the internet services in the area only a day after the month-long ban on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter went on. The bans that have happened are usually done because of videos of the alleged abuse by government forces, thus people uploaded them to social media sites.

In the mostly Muslim area, anti-India ideology runs deep and many people support the rebels’ anti-India fight despite the decade-long military crackdown in the area. The crackdown happened in order to fight the armed rebellion. The rebels have been fighting for their cause of no Indian control in their region since 1989. The rebels would like to have independence or a merger with Pakistan. In the conflict that has led to wars and diplomatic issues in the region. India even claimed Pakistan was arming, training rebel forces in the Pakistan-held part of Kashmir. The two nations (India, Pakistan) have been disputing the territory for a long time and even fought two wars over it.

 It must also be dearly noted that this is not the first time large-scale protests like this have happened. Last year similar protest began and of course clashed happened then too. That time a lockdown was put into place where at least 90 people were killed and thousands were wounded. The charismatic rebel leader Burhan Wani was killed which is believed to be the cause of the protests.

Community Blame People For Sea Lion Incident

Photo from the video of the girl being yanked into water by a sea lion.

A waterfront community of people in British Columbia is blaming people for the incident in which a child was pulled from the water by a sea lion. Over the long weekend, there was a sea lion that pulled a little girl into the water but she was saved, bystanders.

The video that was posted almost everywhere online, shows an adult sea lion yanking a child into the water. It is believed that the child should not have been on the ledge but it seems to be a standing debate with many people across the world. The sea lion grabbed the back of the girl’s dress. However, the events that occurred just after this were amazing. A bystander almost immediately jumped into the water to save the child from possible death. The little girl did in fact, get a form of a wound from the ordeal.

A Vancouver Aquarium spokesperson said in an email that the family of the victim has contacted the facility and is getting the superficial wound treated with the proper medical attention.

Smoke Attwood lives in Steveson Village and says that people need to stop feeding the wildlife.
Attwood said he confronted a family that was posing for a photo with the animal. They also had their child in the same position on the guard rail as the girl in the video. The family was posing next to a warning sign about sea lions.

Two other residents Donald Walker and his wife Shirley said they walk the dock every week. He said that it would be hard to prevent people from feeding the wildlife unless the harbor authorities started issuing fines for it.

I personally think that people should heed the warning of signs. There is a reason after all why the signs are in place. The thing is when you see a sign at the very least just respect it. Everyone should know by now not to feed the wildlife of areas with warnings. Incidents like this one are the reason signs are up. It is a preventative measure, please keep your children away from the edge of rails when warning signs are in place. If you want to feed animals go to a different location, preferably one that does not have a sign telling you to be careful.

Indonesia Detains 141 Gay Men

Men being detained after a raid.

Indonesian police have detained many gay men when they raided a gay sauna. Among the people were several foreigners. This is just another nation that has now discriminated against homosexuals.  This seems to be a growing issue in Muslim majority countries. It must also be noted that there is growing hostility inside a very large Muslim majority nation.

Argo Yuwono a police spokesperson, said that 141 men were detained for questioning purposes. The raid happened in Jakarta.

It is not illegal to be homosexual in Indonesia however, the police did say that their pornography laws were violated. Police also mentioned that the sauna was a venue for a sex party that was promoted as "The Wild One". There will be a total of ten people whom will be charged for this incident. Among them will be the owner of the sauna,  strippers, security guard, receptionist, a gym trainer, and two people who were at the venue to perform oral sex acts. These people face a punishment of up to ten years in prison.

A lot of criminal justice groups, as well as legal aid groups, claimed that the arrests were "arbitrary". They also claim that the police violated the rights of these people by photographing them naked and then facilitating the images on social media.

There is, in fact, a group that is providing legal representation of the men. They said that some men were brought to the police station in North Jakarta naked, and some men were stripped naked at the police station.

Nisriadi, a police detective said four foreigners were caught in the raid and are still being questioned as witnesses. The men include two from Malaysia, one man from the UK, and one Singaporean.

Indonesia does have an LGBTQ community however, it has been under attack for just about a year now.  High profile people such as cabinet ministers and high profile citizens have been saying anti-homosexual comments. What this does is create an environment of which many people think it's okay to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

Last Week, a Sharia court sentenced to a public caning for acts of homosexual sex. The two men were only aged 20. and 23. Sharia Police found out after vigilantes broke into the home of these two men and filmed them having sex. They then handed it over to Sharia Police. This resulted in the men having a brutal sentence of 85 lashings each.

It must be noted that the Aceh province is the only province in Indonesia to practice Sharia Law.

James Watson Accused Of Racism Then Talk Cancelled

James Watson

James Watson has currently been uninvited by the University of Illinois after insinuating something in 2017. What he said would seem to cause issues for him for years to come and quite possibly for the rest of his life. Watson has done amazing research in the biology portion of the sciences as well as the molecular area.

What is it that he said? Watson insinuated that people from the continent of Africa may have a lower IQ (Intelligence quotient) compared to the rest of the world. He feels this way because of how policies are implemented on a one size fits all idea based on the mindset that  “their intelligence is the same as ours.” Since Watson said that, he has faced the utmost of criticism and even claims he had to sell his Nobel prize. He also claims that nobody wants to admit that he is a real human being anymore.

However, despite all that controversy, I am a little more interested as to why a university would cancel someone almost at the first sight of controversy. A university is a place of higher education and people should have to listen to what people say. I do understand that the university does not want to promote in any way, shape, or form any type of discrimination. Then again universities seem to cancel anything if there are enough people surrounding the entire event.

It must be dearly noted that according to The Chicago Tribune, James Watson has tried to clarify his statement and apologized. Personally speaking, I think it’s great that he did this because his controversial past seems to have caused many issues for him. I also think that it is great that he apologized for his statement.

Trump Visits Saudi Arabia

Trump waving outside Air Force One with his wife Melania

Donald Trump has now embarked on his first foreign trip as President of the United States. He has made the choice to go to Saudi Arabia, he will discuss relations between the two nations. It is also said that he will talk about the two nations combating terrorism. Mr. Trump received a more than warm welcome into the country when he got off his plane.

The President is also the first leader of the United States to make a Muslim majority country their first visit.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were in the doorway of Air Force One when they saw their large welcome that included a military flyover. The military flyover was done by jets and left red, white, and blue stripes in the air. While Trump said “It was a great honor” to be there and meet the king of Saudi Arabia who had to use a cane for support. The king and Trump exchanged a short conversation. The entire meet up has happened in Riyadh.

Trump Tweeted this “Great to be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Looking forward to the afternoon and evening ahead”

The President was even given the highest civilian honor in Saudi Arabia. The award is called The Collar Of Abdulaziz Al Saud. He was given the awesome award for being recognized of trying to improve relations in the region. It must be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin also got the award. It’s a great thing that Trump is trying to greatly improve relations because there has been a lot of tension within the past few years in the region.

It is also said that both the King and Trump were talking about arms, natural resources and the overall destruction caused by the Syrian Civil War.

The White House, of course, does hope for this to not only strengthen ties in the region but to also go forward and maybe distract people from the recent media backlash of Trump firing James Comey who was a former FBI director.

When compared to Obama, Trump seems to have a better chance with Saudi Arabia because it has been noted that the     Saudi leading family was beginning to get frustrated with Obama’s approach to Iran.

On Sunday The President will hold a meeting with at least 50 Arab Muslims leaders to discuss and try to combat radicalism in the Muslim world.

This should be great PR for The President as he has had a large amount of bad press recently. Trump will have a great deal of work to do in the region since his administration differs greatly from his predecessor's administration. Trump’s wife Melania Trump, also did not wear a veil of any sort and there does not seem to be any issue with it so far. It will certainly be interesting.

3 Fall From Ferris Wheel

Victims being put into an ambulance.

At least one child and two other people have fallen from a Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel was located in Washington State.

The victims are two women one of which is at least 70 years old and the other women are in her 40s. The child is 6 years old. The three victims were sent to the hospital. The extent of their injuries was not known right away.  It is also said that they fell at least 30 feet which are extremely high for anyone.

Washington State Labor is also investigating to see if something detached and caused this terrible incident to take place. It is also said that the cart they were riding in flipped over causing them to go flying into the air and falling onto the metal platform below the ride, authorities mentioned.

It is even reported that a fourth person was on scene but refused medical care. It is not known if that person also fell out of the ride.

There was also numerous amounts of people on board the Ferris wheel. The ride is 30 feet in diameter.

The Ferris wheel was shut down after the incident at Rhododendron Carnival. The rest of the carnival remained open for the remainder of the evening.

Trump Visited Coast Guard Academy

President Donald Trump seemed to be very irritated his critics. This is after a very bad week of negative news coverage from the maiden.  The negative news coverage came after Trump fired former FBI director James Comey.

Donald Trump saluting Military members

Trump addressed the latest Cost Guard officers and told them to  "put your head down and fight, fight, fight” this means that he wants to show them that no matter what do not give up. Trump was talking to the class of 195 graduates.

Donald Trump made the visit to the academy after reports were received about him telling Comey to abandon the investigation against Michael Flynn. Flynn was fired for misleading Officials in the White House about Russia and if he had any contact with Russians.

In the more recent news, it is said that President Trump has disclosed classified information with Russian officials. However, he said that he had every right to do so.

The President did not mention Comey for the nearly half-hour address but possibly alluded to him with mentions of controversies going on around him.

"Look at the way I've been treated lately, especially by the media," Trump said. "No politician in history and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams."
Trump continued to say "I guess that's why we won,”

"Adversity makes you stronger. Don't give in, don't back down and never stop doing what you know is right," Trump said. "Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy and the more righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face."

President Trump also praised the newly appointed officers in the Coast Guard. These members will be an asset to Trump’s protection of the nation. It was also mentioned that they will be protecting the United States from "all who seek to do harm to our country."

"Together, we have the same mission and your devotion and dedication makes me truly proud to be your commander in chief," he mentioned.

NASA Eplained The FLash Of Lights On Earth

Photo from NASA's Goddard space flight

Researchers at NASA have now said that they might now what that glowing light is in some of their photos. The answer is not supernatural but is in fact, an answer of science.

A NASA camera on the NOAA’s  deep space climate observatory (DSCOVR) took the photos. The observatory was originally launched in 2015 and has since been taking photos for NASA. The observatory caught the strange flashes over a period of one year.

Alexander Marshak, DSCOVR deputy project scientist at NASA’s Goddard space flight center in Greenbelt Md, said that he first noticed the strange and out of order flashes appearing over the ocean. This was said in a statement.

Marshak alongside a whole team of people who were researching this strange flash from the blue planet made the discovery that similar flashes happened in 1993 over the ocean. It is now said that flashes of light could very easily be the reflection from the sun on the Earth’s water. However, they also noticed that these flashes of light also happened over land.

We found quite a few very bright flashes over land as well,” he said. “When I first saw it I thought maybe there was some water there, or a lake the sun reflects off of. But the glint is pretty big, so it wasn’t that.”

Apparently, researchers have found at least 866 bursts since the launch of the DSCOVR in 2015 – august of 2016. The researchers thought that the bursts of light came from a certain angle of the observatory and how the light was reflected. Thus, it would mean that the spacecraft at a certain viewing angle would get these bursts of light on camera because of the location of the sun, spacecraft, and earth itself.
Photo from NASA's Goddard space flight

NASA researchers said a statement that the source would be the reflection from high altitude, horizontally oriented ice crystals.

The source of the flashes is definitely not on the ground. It’s definitely ice, and most likely solar reflection off of horizontally oriented particles,” Marshak said.

The researchers without a doubt looked at multiple different options and took into account many different features and angles.

Caitlyn Jenner Verbally Abused After Event

Caitlyn Jenner terrified at the event.

The Daily Mail reported that there was an incident that took place on Friday when a transgender woman that is known widely as Caitlyn Jenner.

The incident that took place was right after the Grand Connaught Rooms in London where an awards ceremony was taking place.

The person who is also unidentified at this point in time said: “Oi Bruce get your d**** out.”

Reports are stating that Jenner was left shaken after the incident.

The Sun Reports “She’d had a wonderful time but as she went to leave the whole atmosphere changed,” a representative for Jenner reportedly told the outlet. “Someone shouted to her. Then someone else threw something at her. It was horrible.”
The Sun also reports that “the vile abuse – most of which is too rude for publication – continued until Caitlyn was driven away.”
It is even reported that someone saw Jenner as terrified after the incident. This is confirmed by photos from the entire situation seem to confirm this in stone.
The police are also investigating this incident and it seems to be considered a hate crime.

Metro, London police as of yet have not made any arrests and will continue in this investigation.

Police did, in fact, visit one of the organizers who said that it may have been a photographer who was saying the abusive comments.

Trudeau Never Made Decision For Mali Mission

Canadian peacekeepers in foreign country

The United Nations has been tasked with a peacekeeping mission in the country of Mali. Mali is in Africa and has had several terrorist issues in the past years.

The Trudeau government is leading towards a peacekeeping mission in Mali but it seems that the federal government is kind off tipsy on their decision. The UN would like to have Canadian transport helicopters and intelligence capabilities for their mission in Mali. The United Nations would also like a force commander to the endeavor, which is widely considered the most dangerous peacekeeping mission in the world.

Lat year there were several cabinet ministers who visited the country to help determine how Canada can help with the mission in any way if possible. There were also military planners that visited the nation.

However, nine months later nothing has been decided yet, and it seems as if the government can not decide whether or not to send troops into any other peacekeeping mission in the world.

It is also said that the diplomats for these nations that are possible peacekeeping areas have received absolutely no response for the delay in the situation. The diplomats have also said that this has caused many problems for the people in Mali and the people who're currently on the ground. There was also a deep problem with a squadron of Dutch helicopters that at the moment need to be removed for technical issues. The UN does, in fact, hope that Canada would be able to fill that helicopter gap but the Canadian government still hasn't made a decision.

Germany and Belgium have now come into fill the gap after they found out that the Liberals are taking a while to make the decision. They will try to fill the gap with helicopters and a Belgian general to lead the mission until Canada makes a decision.

The diplomats spoke on anonymity and said that "They bought time, so to speak" said a diplomat of Germany and Belgium.

We hope (Canada) will decide now after assessing all they needed to assess. There is a certain expectation that Canada will come back.”

One of the diplomats said Just make a decision. Even if it’s a no, we need a decision.” The nations are becoming irritated by the long wait.

Canadian Military CH 146 Griffin helicopter

What might really complicate things is that the government sent out many invitations for a major peacekeeping conference in Vancouver, Canada. The event is expected to go ahead and happen in November.

Yesterday (Friday, May 13, 2017) Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada was asked about why the wait was so long.

“a strong role to play around the world in promoting peace, security, and stability,” Trudeau said. It has now been said that Trudeau sidestepped questions.

“anytime we’re making a decision about ending the extraordinarily brave women and men of the Canadian Forces potentially into harm’s way, we have to make sure that it’s the right approach, that it’s the right mission, that they have the right training and equipment,” Trudeau said in Brampton Ontario. “We are taking the appropriate amount of time to reflect on how best to engage Canadians in international peacekeeping operations.”

There are many reasons that have been cited as to why no decision has been made at the moment. One of the reasons why nothing has been decided yet is because the government is not too sure on what the Trump administration will do or support.

Since 2013, more than 100 peacekeepers have died in the country. Many have died in terrorist attackers and radical groups such as rebel forces, Ansar Dine, Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

NSA Code Found In Ransomware

Ransomware  photo

A cyber-weapon that is widely considered to have been created by NSA (National Security Agency) has had a software leak. The type of software is clearly malicious and does in fact ransom your files. This is known as ransomware..

Ransomware usually requires the user of the OS (Operating System) to pay a fee small or large to have the encryption removed on their PC's files.

This particular incident has led to the crippling of hospitals, and telecom companies in Europe. However, it is estimated that the malicious software can be found in 74 countries at the very least.

On Friday the attack happened and researches spent much of the day looking into the software. They have currently concluded that it is re purposed code that was written by the NSA.

It is said that the software used a vulnerability found in some versions of Microsoft Windows.

Mathew Hickey said "These were weapons-grade exploits [and] very trivial to use,"

"So what we're seeing is this very run-of-the-mill malware that's being adopting these exploits, adopting these kind of weaponized attacks and using them to spread across networks and demand ransom." Hickey said.

Mathew Hickey a cybersecuirty research and co founder of a company called Hacker House.

This high amount of the ransomware being spread is a suggestion that many organizations, especially ones that are government funded are rather slow to update and thus it is easier for instances like this one to occur.
NSA office photo

It must be noted that some companies do not want to update software because of the fear of destroying or disrupting critical systems.

Ransomware is generally spread through user errors like someone clicking on a odd email link or someone spreading it through attachments in emails. However, this time around it is acting like a worm and did not require any user error.

Katie Moussouris said "I just can't stress it enough: we have a global patch management problem."

This has been a huge issue for software creators in the past and will most likely continue to be one in the future as it can become extremely profitable for criminals to commit these crimes.

"While there's nothing particularly special about this pattern … for sure, if there are future leaks you can expect the same patterns to be followed," Moussouris said, stressing the importance of applying patches as soon as possible once software updates are made available.

This was and is a dangerous situation for many people and companies as it puts many of their important files at risk of deletion.

Family Living In Sub-Human Conditions In Montreal

Samantha Parniak's back full of bite marks.
Samantha Parniak is a resident in Montreal that has been in a lot of apartments in her time. She has also lived in many areas of both Montreal Quebec and Laval QC.  It must be dearly noted that she is a single mother of 4 young kids. However, she did not expect to see the horrendous negligence, lies, and outright mistreatment of a tenant, and clear-cut violations of her rights.

She made the decision about 6 months (November 2016) ago to move into a new area. The area that she moved into is in the district of Ville St. Laurent. She found out rather quickly that things were not as described when she moved in. She was told that everything would be in proper order for her and her four children. She has in the past had issues with landlords, however, the treatment that she has witnessed here has been inhumane. The apartment she was given to move into previously had an insect problem such as cockroaches and the area has had a bed bug issue. The person who showed her the apartment had claimed that the apartment was sprayed and did not have any insect issue. Samantha soon learned that was a mere cover to get the apartment filled. The apartment was also supposed to be fully renovated and was actually far from being fully renovated. Samantha was never even given a lease of which she asked for on multiple occasion and never once was handed a copy of it.
Blood stained sheets from bed bug biting.

Samantha met with a woman named Eva (she currently does not work with the company at this moment). A janitor by the name of Margery claimed that Samantha's place was sprayed for bed bugs or cockroaches. However, this was a complete lie to Samantha as another resident saw exterminators at the house just a few days before Samantha moved in. The woman that had the issue in the house even got sick and had to leave the apartment. Samantha and her children have gotten sick in the past because of a lot of bites on their arms, backs, legs, and hands. They all have so many bites the children have even bled in their sleep on their own beds because of the staggering amount of bites on them.

Samantha contacted Batshaw youth protection to see if they might be able to get some advice for her children that are in the situation. The social worker that she spoke to said that she needs to leave the apartment quickly because it is a danger for her 4 kids. The worker also said that the kids can be pulled from the home if nothing is done about the situation in a short while as it is a health risk.

Samantha was then told that any issue would be fixed within the coming weeks and as the pattern seems to continue, the work was never fully completed as it should have been.

Close up photo of a dead bed bug on Samantha's floor.
She first noticed the cockroaches on the second night and immediately felt betrayed by the people she thought of as helpful and polite people.

There was also an issue with Eva of which the threatened to have past history with Samantha be brought up and used against her. This was just about after a few days of her living in the home and Samantha had every right to complain about the abundant amount of issues that were going on the apartment. This was recorded by the mother of Samantha.

The city was also notified of the situation and told Samantha to simply finish her lease and if things got worse follow through with the correct form of action.

Samantha's children are terrified and quite possibly traumatized as they have been living in this sub- humane and inhumane conditions. I heard her children scream while I spoke to Samantha on the phone. The children were even crying because of the sheer horror that they have had to live in for at least 6 months. The children are almost always looking at bug bites and cockroaches and sleep with bed bugs on a daily basis.

It must be noted that this housing complex has had bed bugs in the past and the person who lived in the house in the past has had an intense issue that led to her and her children being sick.

Obama Is Coming To Montreal

Barrack Obama waving hand.

It looks like former President of the United states will be making a little visit to Montreal on June 6th. The former President is known widely as Barrack Obama. He will be giving one of his first international speech's since he left the White House in January.

Obama will be addressing the Montreal Board Of Trade. To mark the cities 375th birthday.  He will be visiting under the organization's international leader series. In the past many other well known people such as Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and even Mikhail Gorbachev. This is a great opportunity for Obama since it's one of the first speech's outside of his country.

The President of the Montreal Board Of Trade, Michel Leblanc said in a statement. “At a time when the world is seeking more certainty and stability, and as globalization is forcing us to rethink our existing economic and democratic models, we are proud to host someone who has devoted his actions to human rights, free trade agreements, diplomacy and economic development,” Michel Leblanc.

Since he used to be the leader of the United States. Obama handed power over to current President Donald Trump. However, he was keeping a low profile and has since come back into the spotlight where he has made several public appearances in the last few weeks and months. He made appearances in places like Profiles In Courage Awards and delivering the keynote at a global food summit in Italy.

He is on the other-hand still giving public speech's for money. He recently gave a speech in which he was paid 400$K to actually to. Which is an insane amount of money for a speech. That speech was given to Wall Street Bankers.

The Montreal Board Of Trade did not openly reply to a question on how much Obama will be paid to speak.

If you'd like to attend you can check for more details here

Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump in front of U.S flag.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States has just fired the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) is direct James Comey.

According to a statement by the White House Comey was fired on Tuesday, it is also said that Trump acted on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Dept Attorney General Rod Borenstein.

The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” President Trump explained in a statement that announced Comey’s termination.

Jeff Sessions said in a letter to the President on Tuesday that “a fresh start is needed at the leadership of the FBI.”

“It is essential that this Department of Justice clearly reaffirm its commitment to longstanding principles that ensure the integrity and fairness of federal investigations and prosecutions,” Jeff Sessions said. The Director of the FBI must be someone who follows faithfully the rules and principles of the Department of Justice and who sets the right example for our law enforcement officials and others in the Department.” He continued.

Rod Borenstein has said that the FBI has “suffered substantial damage” within the last year. The former investigation into Hillary Clinton who is a Democrat and former Presidential Candidate. The investigation consisted of Clinton’s private email server.

President Trump also sent a letter to Comey stating that he had been terminated and it was effective immediately.

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau,” Donald Trump wrote. “It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.”

A Breitbart News correspondent for the White House posted these documents to her Twitter account.

James Comey did not make a statement right away on the day of his termination.

James Comey first became FBI Director in September of 2013. This was done by previous President Obama.

He also worked as an Attorney General with George W Bush's administration. He worked from 2003-2005. He also spent a lot of time prosecuting many major criminal and terrorism cases in the southern district of New York.

Comey first became more than just a figure in the 2016 Presidential election when the FBI has to investigate the Hillary Clinton email issue. He just before the election date had to reopen the case because he felt it was necessary.

When he was first appointed in 2013 he said the obligation of the FBI was “all political forces and interests” 
“You see, those three words — Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity — capture the essence of the FBI and its people. And they also explain why I am here,” He said back then.

I wanted to be here to work alongside those people, to represent them, to help them accomplish their mission, and to just be their colleague.” He said according to a White House transcript.

This is a developing story and this article will be updated as time goes on.

Flood Waters Reach Peak In Montreal

Canadian Soldiers inspect a flooded area in Quebec

The water levels in Quebec Canada are now reaching a peak according to public safety officials. The water levels have cost many people their homes and belonging. The high water levels were caused by many days of almost consistent rainfall.

Martin Coiteux has said a statement that will most likely cause a sense of relief in many people's mind.

Coiteux said that "It will begin to get better"

It is said that over 2436 homes have been flooded and as many as 1520 people have been evacuated either through voluntary means or involuntary means.

The good news is that we're expecting the maximum levels to be reached between today and Wednesday," said Coiteux, add that the province is in stabilization mode.

This is good since the province should have water levels start to recede by Wednesday this week. This means people might be able to go back to their homes soon.

Coiteux mentioned "we will provide all the support necessary,"

However, everyone must note to a deep extent that the weather is always subject to change no matter what happens. Assuming the weather did not change at all it would be greatly beneficial to the resident's of affected areas. If the weather does change the flood issue and state of emergency issues will be in effect for a long while to come.
A man sits on a swing within flood waters

It was also said at Coiteux's conference that the government and of course the military is always trying to reevaluate the situation so that they can continue to have a quick response time to the already bad situation in over 146 municipalities.

There have even been psycho-social workers that have been dispatched to affected areas to aid exhausted homeowners, emergency workers, and evacuees.

There have also been about 1650 troops from the Canadian Forces sent to Quebec and other areas that are currently affected by the flood.

Montreal, however, seems to have a really bad issue as it is a city and does have a few areas that are either in flood warning or are already flooded.

It is also the first time since the 1988 ice storm that a state of emergency has been declared in Montreal. The state of emergency does, in fact, give extra power and resources to officials as they see fit during the situation.

The Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre said: "We have more than 100 firemen in the field, going door to door."

"Don't lose hope," "what we are seeing is encouraging" He continued.
Canadian Soldier placing sandbag in flooded area

The state of emergency has now given the fire department chief Bruno Lachance who has seen relief efforts to make evacuation orders mandatory.

The call of emergency has also given officials the power to forcibly remove people from their homes if their lives are in danger. However, no one has been removed in a forceful manner yet.
There are also cities around Montreal that have been called into a state of emergency.

Emmanuel Macron New French President

Emmanuel Macron

The French Presidential election is basically decided at this point as Emmanuel Macron has defeated Marine Le Pen by a rather large portion. He won by a margin of about 65% - 35%.

Macron who is a centrist is now the president of France. The interesting fact of the matter is he is not of any of the two traditional parties in France.

Macron said that this is a new page in French History.

“I want it to be a page of hope and renewed trust, ” he said.

He even mentioned that he would spend his five years in office obviously protecting and “fighting the forces of division that undermine France.”

The supporters of Macron gathered in the thousands to come and see him talk about his victory and hear his victory speech. He was at the Louvre museum.

In his speech to his supporter, he said a numerous amount of times that he and the nation have an enormous amount of work ahead of them.

Macron did mention Le Pen a few times however, that drew very loud boos from the audience of listeners that clearly support him and his ideas.

Macron is a liberal-centrist who is pro-EU (European Union) and is very much so pro-business. He has pledges that include less spending and lowering the unemployment rate by 7%. His pledges also include a reduction of 120,000 of public sector jobs.

Macron is also France’s youngest President at age 39.

Many people do have fears that he will not do what he says. This is almost true in every nation as politicians have a bad stereotype of lying about doing something or not doing what they said to get elected. If he does do what he claims, he will have the utmost amount of support from the people around him and the people of France.

Marine Le Pen, of course, did have a reaction to her loss of the election. She thanked the 11 million voters that voted for her and said that a new political force was needed in the future. She also mentioned that the National Front movement needs to renew itself and she would be starting this change soon.
Marine Le Pen

Le Pen even congratulated Macron and wished him success in dealing with the challenges that lye ahead for his career as he is now the president.

As the winner was announced many people carrying the blue rose (Le Pens chosen symbol) waited in awe to see if she had won the election.

Supporters from both sides were in the crowd waiting to see if their candidate won. They also stood and waited for the French national anthem to finish.

However, despite who the winner is and who the loser is, it must be dearly noted that the victory of Macron would not be a very understand or predict. This is likely due to the fact that the polls said he would win. Many people do not trust polls because they feel it might cause a “tilt” in the populous for one party over the other. However, you can not deny that they’re helpful for having an idea of who the people want in office.

French Election Candidates And Followers Updates

Marine Le Pen (right) and Emmanuel Macron (left)

Today seems to be a very historic day for both the country known as France and for the rest of the world. The world is watching as the French people vote to decide whether or not Marine Le Pen becomes President or Emmanuel Macron. The first instance of the election was undecided as neither of the two parties won a majority. That is why on May 7, 2017, there was another election date for which the people must vote again.

Marine Le Pens father has come out today and said that she is “ungrateful” and does not deserve the presidency. This may damage her position and her ability to win the election if people in France were to see the message as true.

However, there was recently a leak that Marine Le Pen hopes could make her prove the polls wrong and win the election overall. Emmanuel Macron recently had an email leak that exposed budgets and emails that he had received and that he had sent to people. This might damage him if the French do not like his view and ideas that he wrote in those emails.

Macron does have a stronger vision for the overall EU and hopes that everyone else thinks the same way as he does. However, Marine Le Pen does seem to have the same views and ideas and Macron.

The French election seems to be brutal this time around as both candidates have attacked each other. Le Pen said “savage globalization” while referring to Macron and even mentioned his former history with politicians and in politics.

Poll photo showing Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron

Macron did something similar. He went ahead and labeled Le Pen as a “the high priestess of fear”. He also mentioned that her economic ideas to leave the Euro-zone will lead to economic ruin for France.

There are currently several demonstrations taking place for both candidates in the election. Either candidate has supporters that are in the streets and calling for the victory of their candidate. Some supporters of both candidates have been arrested and are now in custody as a few people have done illegal acts during the demonstration.

Macron is in the lead for the moment as he seems to have most of the vote in the polls. Le Pen, on the other hand, seems to be down in the polls but this can all change as the election nears on this truly historic day of events for France.

There will be another article posted today once the election is over. This article was just a small update on the recent events of both the candidates and the supporters.

Quebec Government Called In Military To Help With Flooding

Authorities in Quebec on a vehicle during a flood.

There has been steady and consistent rain in Quebec, Canada recently and it has now resulted in the Canadian Forces being called in to help deal with the entire issue.

The Quebec minister of public security minister Martin Coiteux has announced that the military will be aiding the province in areas that are the hardest hit by the flooding. It is also said that the situation may only be worsening for the time being.

"We are facing a situation where we are not only dealing with serious flooding, but the situation will continue to deteriorate for the next few days," Coiteux said.

The military is expected to be deployed to Quebec within 24 hours.

Currently, there are at least 124 municipalities that need aid because of flooding in their area. It is also worth mentioning that some residents have had to leave their homes because of the flood in their area. The regions and islands around Montreal, Mauricie, Laval, The Montérégie, Laurentians, and Lanaudiére. Many small islands such as Île Mercier and Île Verte, are now both deep in water as reports state.

Environment Canada has even issued a rainfall warning for the regions as rainfall seems to be continuing both during the day and overnight.

Gatineau Quebec flooding

"I'm not happy to say that but I have to tell Quebecers the truth, it's going to get worse," The minister said.
The Federal government’s public safety Minister Ralph Goodale mentioned that the federal government ‘s officials are working with the military to help plan the details of their mission in Quebec.
Soldiers could also be distributing sandbags to help stop the flood or they may be positioning them. Sandbags are usually positioned alongside riverbanks to increase the time before the water would overflow the bank and cause flooding. In some cases, it lasts long enough until the high water levels fall.
The premiere of Quebec Philippe Couillard gave his support and said that the military will help Quebecers in these difficult times.
The flooding is so bad that it is being called the worst calling in years. David Heurtel, the environment minister said that Quebec has little choice and had to ask for additional help with the issue.

“We haven’t seen this in 55 years,” Heurtel said.

It has been a hard month for Quebecers because they have seen almost consistent flooding with many days being a rainfall. Coiteux said that the Quebec Government will provide all necessary assistance for the people that have been affected by the flood as well as all the regions that have been affected by the flood.

The Quebec Government is also offering financial compensation for the people that have been affected by the flood. There will also be measures taken to protect people's homes and their goods.
On Friday a total of 785 people has been forced out of their homes due to the flooding.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has pledged full support by the military and funding for the issue. The government will support Quebec and any province experiencing heavy rainfall this weekend to help prevent the flooding.

Islam And Homosexuals

LGBT pride flag
A short while ago many people heard from large news agencies that a small republic called Chechnya was arresting gay men and putting them into camps. Now while that act on its own is utterly messed up and actions should have been conducted to stop those acts from happening nothing really came from it expect an outcry from politicians almost everywhere. It is also worth mentioning that these men that were being arrested in this country were sometimes only being suspected of being gay, which in itself is not only homophobic but it also a dark way of thinking that needs a deep social revolution to change these ideas that are so developed in these nations like Chechnya. It was even reported that Chechen peoples, were torturing these men and could very well possibly be murdering them as it was reported that some were killed by authorities. The torture that was also going on consisted of making them sit on bottles, electrocution, and beating them on an almost regular basis.

Now while this was a terrible act on its own. The overall idea that Muslim majority nations are generally accepting of homosexual people is withering. This is simply because most majority countries that are officially Muslim do generally speaking have laws that discriminate against homosexuality or if the nation does allow for being homosexual, it is very limited and by limited I mean it's not allowing for gay marriage and may have laws that allow for honor killings.

There is actually a list by the Washington Post, that states ten nations that may consider being gay as a punishable offense. It must be deeply noted what the term "stoning" means or being "stoned is. It means that one is bound and they have buried waist deep with their hands in the hole. After that is complete a crowd usually gathers and uses fist-sized rocks to toss at the person in who is buried up to the waist. The person who is being brutally murdered can suffer brain damage, concussions, and extreme blood loss. The types of people that are generally being stones are people who're accused or caught committing adultery, possibly theft, and murder in some cases. However, this goes hand and hand with something called Sharia Law.
Mosque during a sunset.

Well, what is Sharia Law? Sharia Law is a form of law that is rather brutal.  It is also a form of Islamic Law that is very traditional. It can consist of removing body parts such as hands for people who commit a petty crime such as theft. Sharia Law even goes as far in some communities there is lashing for people who drink alcohol. A lashing can be known as whippings that are more commonly referred to as lashings. In some cases, it even is anti-homosexual.  It is even well known throughout the world that many Muslim majority countries such as Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan have tough homosexual laws that seem to be going hand and hand with Sharia Law.

In Somalia the penal code is on the borderline of demanding prison time, however, Somalia is a war torn country that has many Islamic extremist groups in the south that hang homosexuals and are extraordinarily violent towards almost everyone.

In Saudi Arabia,  the countries view on Sharia Law is that a married man engaging in sodomy with another man can be stoned to death. This is also the law for any on- Muslim who commits sodomy with another man. Sex outside of marriage is also illegal.

In Afghanistan, the law does not refer to homosexual acts but it is said that in article 130 of the constitution, it allows for Sharia Law. Sharia Law is also anti-homosexual, and Afghanistan's form of it actually criminalizes same-sex acts and can be punished by death. However, it is worth mentioning that there are no cases of death sentences since the Taliban lost much of their territorial power in 2001.

However, there are nations that are Muslim majority countries that do in fact accept homosexuals fully and do not discriminate. A few bad apples do not determine an entire religion.