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Flood Waters Reach Peak In Montreal

Canadian Soldiers inspect a flooded area in Quebec

The water levels in Quebec Canada are now reaching a peak according to public safety officials. The water levels have cost many people their homes and belonging. The high water levels were caused by many days of almost consistent rainfall.

Martin Coiteux has said a statement that will most likely cause a sense of relief in many people's mind.

Coiteux said that "It will begin to get better"

It is said that over 2436 homes have been flooded and as many as 1520 people have been evacuated either through voluntary means or involuntary means.

The good news is that we're expecting the maximum levels to be reached between today and Wednesday," said Coiteux, add that the province is in stabilization mode.

This is good since the province should have water levels start to recede by Wednesday this week. This means people might be able to go back to their homes soon.

Coiteux mentioned "we will provide all the support necessary,"

However, everyone must note to a deep extent that the weather is always subject to change no matter what happens. Assuming the weather did not change at all it would be greatly beneficial to the resident's of affected areas. If the weather does change the flood issue and state of emergency issues will be in effect for a long while to come.
A man sits on a swing within flood waters

It was also said at Coiteux's conference that the government and of course the military is always trying to reevaluate the situation so that they can continue to have a quick response time to the already bad situation in over 146 municipalities.

There have even been psycho-social workers that have been dispatched to affected areas to aid exhausted homeowners, emergency workers, and evacuees.

There have also been about 1650 troops from the Canadian Forces sent to Quebec and other areas that are currently affected by the flood.

Montreal, however, seems to have a really bad issue as it is a city and does have a few areas that are either in flood warning or are already flooded.

It is also the first time since the 1988 ice storm that a state of emergency has been declared in Montreal. The state of emergency does, in fact, give extra power and resources to officials as they see fit during the situation.

The Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre said: "We have more than 100 firemen in the field, going door to door."

"Don't lose hope," "what we are seeing is encouraging" He continued.
Canadian Soldier placing sandbag in flooded area

The state of emergency has now given the fire department chief Bruno Lachance who has seen relief efforts to make evacuation orders mandatory.

The call of emergency has also given officials the power to forcibly remove people from their homes if their lives are in danger. However, no one has been removed in a forceful manner yet.
There are also cities around Montreal that have been called into a state of emergency.

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