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Indonesia Detains 141 Gay Men

Men being detained after a raid.

Indonesian police have detained many gay men when they raided a gay sauna. Among the people were several foreigners. This is just another nation that has now discriminated against homosexuals.  This seems to be a growing issue in Muslim majority countries. It must also be noted that there is growing hostility inside a very large Muslim majority nation.

Argo Yuwono a police spokesperson, said that 141 men were detained for questioning purposes. The raid happened in Jakarta.

It is not illegal to be homosexual in Indonesia however, the police did say that their pornography laws were violated. Police also mentioned that the sauna was a venue for a sex party that was promoted as "The Wild One". There will be a total of ten people whom will be charged for this incident. Among them will be the owner of the sauna,  strippers, security guard, receptionist, a gym trainer, and two people who were at the venue to perform oral sex acts. These people face a punishment of up to ten years in prison.

A lot of criminal justice groups, as well as legal aid groups, claimed that the arrests were "arbitrary". They also claim that the police violated the rights of these people by photographing them naked and then facilitating the images on social media.

There is, in fact, a group that is providing legal representation of the men. They said that some men were brought to the police station in North Jakarta naked, and some men were stripped naked at the police station.

Nisriadi, a police detective said four foreigners were caught in the raid and are still being questioned as witnesses. The men include two from Malaysia, one man from the UK, and one Singaporean.

Indonesia does have an LGBTQ community however, it has been under attack for just about a year now.  High profile people such as cabinet ministers and high profile citizens have been saying anti-homosexual comments. What this does is create an environment of which many people think it's okay to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

Last Week, a Sharia court sentenced to a public caning for acts of homosexual sex. The two men were only aged 20. and 23. Sharia Police found out after vigilantes broke into the home of these two men and filmed them having sex. They then handed it over to Sharia Police. This resulted in the men having a brutal sentence of 85 lashings each.

It must be noted that the Aceh province is the only province in Indonesia to practice Sharia Law.

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