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Islam And Homosexuals

LGBT pride flag
A short while ago many people heard from large news agencies that a small republic called Chechnya was arresting gay men and putting them into camps. Now while that act on its own is utterly messed up and actions should have been conducted to stop those acts from happening nothing really came from it expect an outcry from politicians almost everywhere. It is also worth mentioning that these men that were being arrested in this country were sometimes only being suspected of being gay, which in itself is not only homophobic but it also a dark way of thinking that needs a deep social revolution to change these ideas that are so developed in these nations like Chechnya. It was even reported that Chechen peoples, were torturing these men and could very well possibly be murdering them as it was reported that some were killed by authorities. The torture that was also going on consisted of making them sit on bottles, electrocution, and beating them on an almost regular basis.

Now while this was a terrible act on its own. The overall idea that Muslim majority nations are generally accepting of homosexual people is withering. This is simply because most majority countries that are officially Muslim do generally speaking have laws that discriminate against homosexuality or if the nation does allow for being homosexual, it is very limited and by limited I mean it's not allowing for gay marriage and may have laws that allow for honor killings.

There is actually a list by the Washington Post, that states ten nations that may consider being gay as a punishable offense. It must be deeply noted what the term "stoning" means or being "stoned is. It means that one is bound and they have buried waist deep with their hands in the hole. After that is complete a crowd usually gathers and uses fist-sized rocks to toss at the person in who is buried up to the waist. The person who is being brutally murdered can suffer brain damage, concussions, and extreme blood loss. The types of people that are generally being stones are people who're accused or caught committing adultery, possibly theft, and murder in some cases. However, this goes hand and hand with something called Sharia Law.
Mosque during a sunset.

Well, what is Sharia Law? Sharia Law is a form of law that is rather brutal.  It is also a form of Islamic Law that is very traditional. It can consist of removing body parts such as hands for people who commit a petty crime such as theft. Sharia Law even goes as far in some communities there is lashing for people who drink alcohol. A lashing can be known as whippings that are more commonly referred to as lashings. In some cases, it even is anti-homosexual.  It is even well known throughout the world that many Muslim majority countries such as Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan have tough homosexual laws that seem to be going hand and hand with Sharia Law.

In Somalia the penal code is on the borderline of demanding prison time, however, Somalia is a war torn country that has many Islamic extremist groups in the south that hang homosexuals and are extraordinarily violent towards almost everyone.

In Saudi Arabia,  the countries view on Sharia Law is that a married man engaging in sodomy with another man can be stoned to death. This is also the law for any on- Muslim who commits sodomy with another man. Sex outside of marriage is also illegal.

In Afghanistan, the law does not refer to homosexual acts but it is said that in article 130 of the constitution, it allows for Sharia Law. Sharia Law is also anti-homosexual, and Afghanistan's form of it actually criminalizes same-sex acts and can be punished by death. However, it is worth mentioning that there are no cases of death sentences since the Taliban lost much of their territorial power in 2001.

However, there are nations that are Muslim majority countries that do in fact accept homosexuals fully and do not discriminate. A few bad apples do not determine an entire religion.

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