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James Watson Accused Of Racism Then Talk Cancelled

James Watson

James Watson has currently been uninvited by the University of Illinois after insinuating something in 2017. What he said would seem to cause issues for him for years to come and quite possibly for the rest of his life. Watson has done amazing research in the biology portion of the sciences as well as the molecular area.

What is it that he said? Watson insinuated that people from the continent of Africa may have a lower IQ (Intelligence quotient) compared to the rest of the world. He feels this way because of how policies are implemented on a one size fits all idea based on the mindset that  “their intelligence is the same as ours.” Since Watson said that, he has faced the utmost of criticism and even claims he had to sell his Nobel prize. He also claims that nobody wants to admit that he is a real human being anymore.

However, despite all that controversy, I am a little more interested as to why a university would cancel someone almost at the first sight of controversy. A university is a place of higher education and people should have to listen to what people say. I do understand that the university does not want to promote in any way, shape, or form any type of discrimination. Then again universities seem to cancel anything if there are enough people surrounding the entire event.

It must be dearly noted that according to The Chicago Tribune, James Watson has tried to clarify his statement and apologized. Personally speaking, I think it’s great that he did this because his controversial past seems to have caused many issues for him. I also think that it is great that he apologized for his statement.

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