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Men In Advertising

Photo of man with open mouth, possibly screaming. Unknown if he's angry.

We as a society are often assaulted with images and ads from companies or individual people who’re using these types of “subjective” ads to display men as violent, sub-human creatures that only cause trouble. This was greatly explained in Tough Guise. Tough Guise is a wonderful film that goes into detail about how men are treated in advertising and how men are used in ads. It goes into detail on the accounts of violence with males and how men are told to “man up” when feeling down.

What all of these ads actually are is that they’re making and without a doubt giving off the impression that men are supposed to be lower on the evolutionary scale. What this does to a male is make them fight more often and it honestly does cause someone to become more aggressive, and possibly physically violent towards their female counterparts.

We can most notable see it in films which were talked about at length by the film. It explains to us how and why men are shown in this function. Personally, speaking men are shown like this because of the idea that men must “bring home the food” for the family and feed his family. It is also showing us that I must be dominant creatures and try not to be humane. What the film showcases are an exposure of things that are widely shown as normal to males. It is really effective to young males because they are sometimes more impressionable to these types of ads. The film does go into a little more detail on the statistics that men have a higher chance of being a murderer, rapist, abuser of both their wife, children (male or female). What these ads cause if clear and will not by any chance lower these stats since they are for a small part helping them rise by telling men that they should be dominant and take what they want.
Barack Obama Crying

In other words, men must be characterized as “beasts” so that they can appeal to that jock style of thinking and behavior. Now don’t get me wrong a show can have violence in it by all means but it can not be indirectly telling kids or just plain out people that they need to act this way because it’s what’s expected of them by not only society but also from their employer, lover, children, and of course friends.

The film even goes as far as to say and give examples of movies and shows that show at some point a male break down and the male character having feelings. This is a different perspective to the idea of how men are shown. In this idea men can have felt but like the title of the film they put on a sort of “disguise” that gives off the impression that they as a person are intimidating, dangerous, aggressive, and not afraid to hurt or sometimes even kill someone.

However, in reality, men do have feelings. The fact of the matter is that when kids are exposed to such backward ideas and mindsets they’re going to put on that disguise because it's all they know how to do. If they didn't put it on one day their friends would call them slurs such as sissy, bitch, and of course one of the most insulting thing one can say to a man is a pussy.

A statistic from Tough Guise film.

I think that the film shows great examples of how to fix things but it does not go into as much detail on how to fix these obviously clear and deep issues withing western and even somewhat eastern society. I think that they film other than that aspect it actually really good and balances out the playing field with an attack on ads that seem to be causing men to think a certain way. Not all men think that way but many do because they’re impressionable. The film is good other than that one point that I mentioned above.

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