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Trudeau Never Made Decision For Mali Mission

Canadian peacekeepers in foreign country

The United Nations has been tasked with a peacekeeping mission in the country of Mali. Mali is in Africa and has had several terrorist issues in the past years.

The Trudeau government is leading towards a peacekeeping mission in Mali but it seems that the federal government is kind off tipsy on their decision. The UN would like to have Canadian transport helicopters and intelligence capabilities for their mission in Mali. The United Nations would also like a force commander to the endeavor, which is widely considered the most dangerous peacekeeping mission in the world.

Lat year there were several cabinet ministers who visited the country to help determine how Canada can help with the mission in any way if possible. There were also military planners that visited the nation.

However, nine months later nothing has been decided yet, and it seems as if the government can not decide whether or not to send troops into any other peacekeeping mission in the world.

It is also said that the diplomats for these nations that are possible peacekeeping areas have received absolutely no response for the delay in the situation. The diplomats have also said that this has caused many problems for the people in Mali and the people who're currently on the ground. There was also a deep problem with a squadron of Dutch helicopters that at the moment need to be removed for technical issues. The UN does, in fact, hope that Canada would be able to fill that helicopter gap but the Canadian government still hasn't made a decision.

Germany and Belgium have now come into fill the gap after they found out that the Liberals are taking a while to make the decision. They will try to fill the gap with helicopters and a Belgian general to lead the mission until Canada makes a decision.

The diplomats spoke on anonymity and said that "They bought time, so to speak" said a diplomat of Germany and Belgium.

We hope (Canada) will decide now after assessing all they needed to assess. There is a certain expectation that Canada will come back.”

One of the diplomats said Just make a decision. Even if it’s a no, we need a decision.” The nations are becoming irritated by the long wait.

Canadian Military CH 146 Griffin helicopter

What might really complicate things is that the government sent out many invitations for a major peacekeeping conference in Vancouver, Canada. The event is expected to go ahead and happen in November.

Yesterday (Friday, May 13, 2017) Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada was asked about why the wait was so long.

“a strong role to play around the world in promoting peace, security, and stability,” Trudeau said. It has now been said that Trudeau sidestepped questions.

“anytime we’re making a decision about ending the extraordinarily brave women and men of the Canadian Forces potentially into harm’s way, we have to make sure that it’s the right approach, that it’s the right mission, that they have the right training and equipment,” Trudeau said in Brampton Ontario. “We are taking the appropriate amount of time to reflect on how best to engage Canadians in international peacekeeping operations.”

There are many reasons that have been cited as to why no decision has been made at the moment. One of the reasons why nothing has been decided yet is because the government is not too sure on what the Trump administration will do or support.

Since 2013, more than 100 peacekeepers have died in the country. Many have died in terrorist attackers and radical groups such as rebel forces, Ansar Dine, Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

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