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Canada's 150 In Châteauguay

Canadian flag on a flag pole. (Pixabay)

The small town of Châteauguay will be celebrating Canada's 150th birthday by having a large variety of activities and events available for everyone. Activities range from a short parade, the singing of the anthem, flag raising ceremony, and more.

The entire activity is directed in time periods. The short parade with a piper for the flag raising ceremony should happen around 10:30 a.m to 11:00 a.m. A choir will perform at 11:30 a.m. From 11:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m entertainment will be available.

However, there are other things that may attract you or your children. The other attractions that are supposed to be on site are blow ups, face painting, a magician, fire trucks, and even pony rides.

If you'd like to catch any of the activities that are available, the entire day goes from 10:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m. However, it must be noted that like the above activities (flag raising, short parade, singing of the anthem) the one's listed just above are also on a time limit.

Blow ups will be available from 10:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m.
Face painting will be accessible from 11:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m
The magician will be there from 2:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m.
The pony rides are going on from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m
The fire trucks will be there from 2:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m

The activities are said to be on Agora Citoyen, 75 Boulevard Maple, Châteauguay

Germany Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Men with rainbow flags stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate Michael Kappeler/dpa via AP)

The German government has voted that same-sex marriage should be legal. In the past few years, same-sex marriage became legal in the United States and was legal in many countries around the world. Germany has now joined the pack after this historic vote was passed by members of their government. Lawmakers voted Friday. This happened in Berlin the capital of Germany.

The vote totaled 393-226 for the "marriage for everybody" legalization.

It was reported that the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel voted against the law.

Green Lawmaker Volker Beck said: “This is a historic day,” “It is really an amazing victory,” It must be noted that Beck has supported gay rights and even campaigned around Europe for the rights of homosexuals.

LGBT flags were flying happily  after the victory was announced to legalize same-sex marriage. There were people kissing in the streets because they were overwhelmed with joy from the results. Signs were even carried that read "marriage for everybody."

The LGBT community members were very happy with the result. Shoshana Brandt said:“We’ve been happily married for eight years, but we could never call it that,”

"We are happy and proud that we are now equal and we can live our love.”  she continued.

Lawmakers voted using their own conscience on whether or not they wanted it to pass.
This was also done right before the German national election that is coming up September 24.

Canada Extends Iraq Mission To 2019

Canadian special forces look over a Peshmerga observation post, Monday, February 20, 2017 in northern Iraq. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz ORG XMIT: RYR102

The Liberals who are currently in power within Canada have made the decision to extend the Canadian mission in Iraq until 2019. The current operation in Iraq was set to expire June 30, 2017. The new mission will expire March 31, 2019.

Canada's mission in Iraq is currently noncombat and the soldiers stationed there support allies of the coalition. The Canadian Forces were part of the U.S led bombing campaign until the Liberals decided to pull the CF-18 jets out. However, they reportedly increased the number of special forces in Iraq to 200 soldiers.

The mission is also against the radical terrorist group known widely as ISIS, and ISIL (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)

The Canadian government said: “This extension includes the authority to provide training for new potential partners within the Iraqi security forces and a CC-130J Hercules aircraft for tactical airlift,”

It must be noted that the Canadian Military is world renowned for their professionalism, skills, and ability to train others. Canada has provided training to the Afghan military in the past.

However, this is going to cost someone money. This will cost the government about $371.4 million within the two-year extension. The government said:“Canada is providing $371.4 million over two years to support the cost of this renewed contribution to the Global Coalition against Daesh,”

The extension will also give the option to deploy up to 850 soldiers.

The Canadian government will continue to contribute to the overall mission against Daesh. Things such as tactical helicopters, medical services, the training, advising and assistance to the Iraqi security forces, intelligence support including personnel, Aerial refueling, and surveillance, and of course help forces in the region build their capacity.

Antifa Might Desecrate Dead Soldiers' Graves

Antifa burning mini U.S flag taken from 

The Anti-Fascist group that is widely known to protest the President of the United States Donald Trump has apparently told its members to find Confederate graves and desecrates them. The soldiers have been honored annually on the Anniversary of Gettysburg. This will be the 154th anniversary of the battle.

Antifa has in the past been a part of a violent protest that has caused injuries. One of the cases was a man running around hitting people in the head with a bike lock. However, one person does not define an entire group. The group has burned American flags in the past. In Canada, the group has done counter protests against the Soldiers of Odin which are more Conservative than Antifa.

Antifa also claims that it protests against racism, violence, and support for Muslim people.

The Battle of Gettysburg is one of the largest battles fought during the civil war. A total of 160,000 soldiers fought in the battle. The wounded soldiers amount to 51,000. The area itself does, in fact, contain around 1,328 markers, memorials, and monuments.

According to Harrisburg 100, the group might try to protest Donald Trump, and get in the way of hundreds if not thousands of people going to honor and visit the area.

A spokesperson for Gettysburg National Military Park, Katie  Lawhon said:“Our goal is to ensure that public safety and visitor safety is number one and that park resources are preserved,”

It is being said that officials say that they believe in the first amendment but are ready for disruptions.

If Antifa does desecrate the graves of dead soldiers, it will undoubtedly cause a different level of anger to people who want to visit the area and to many Americans in general.

Trudeau Says Record Sniper Shot Should Be 'Celebrated,'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press conference on June 27, 2017. Trudeau said the record-breaking kill shot by a Canadian sniper in Iraq should be “celebrated,” even though Canada's role in Iraq remains a non-combat one.  (JUSTIN TANG / THE CANADIAN PRESS)  

Justin Trudeau the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Prime Minister of Canada wants the special forces record-breaking shot to be "celebrated." He also said that Canada's mission is not a combat one in Iraq.

Trudeau said:“What happened there is, first of all, something to be celebrated for the excellence of the Canadian Forces in their training, in the performance of their duties,”

“But it’s also something to be understood as being entirely consistent with what Canada is expected – and Canadians expect our forces – to be doing as part of the coalition against Daesh.” The Prime Minister continued.

The sniper shot that has made headlines was done in Iraq by a Joint Task Force Two sniper. The special forces sniper had to calculate several different aspects to ensure the shot actually hit. The calculations would have included wind speed, heat, distance, the curvature of the earth, etc. The shot was done at a distance of about 3,540 meters. The sniper was supporting Iraqi forces when he made the shot on an Islamic State fighter. Trudeau mentioned that this was done with the "advise and assist" action.

The previous record was held by a British soldier who shot a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan in 2009. This shot, however, was around one kilometer further.

However, while many people around the world are celebrating the record-breaking shot. Some such as NDP leader Tom Mulcair is questioning if Canada's role is involving combat in the region of Iraq.

The Liberals promised a non-combat mission in the area during the Canadian federal election in 2015. They did remove the previous Conservative government's CF-18 fighter jets from the U.S led bombing campaign. The Liberals also increased the number of special forces in the region to 200.

The Liberal government is expected to give an announcement on whether the current mission will be extended or if there will be changes made to the mission for Canada. The current mandate of the mission is supposed to expire on June 30.

3 Leave CNN After Story Retraced About Trump

CNN logo outside building  John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images 

Recently three employees resigned from their position at CNN after a story that involved the President of the United States, Donald Trump was retracted. The story was about the Russians and Trump which there has been much speculation over and many different investigations about.

The people that left include the author of the story, an editor that ran the story, and someone who oversaw the unit. Their names are Thomas Frank (author)  Eric Lichtblau (editor in the investigative unit of CNN) and Lex Harris (oversaw the unit)

A spokesperson for CNN mentioned "In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on, CNN has accepted the resignations of the employees involved in the story's publication,"

It is being said that an internal investigation found that the usual editing process may not have been followed for this particular story.  Fact checkers were apparently not used.

CNN has been called "fake news" by Donald Trump. CNN has possibly added strict rules for it's Russia coverage after the retraction of the story.

"On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund," The News organization reportedly said.

“That story did not meet CNN's editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”

Al-Qaeda Prisoner Freed After 6 Years In Captivity

Johan Gustafsson is said to be "happy" and "overwhelmed" following his release (
AFP/Getty Images)

The man who is of Swedish descent was freed after being taken in  Mali. The man was captured by Al-Qaeda and held hostage for five and a half years until now. The man's name is  Johan Gustafsson.

His release was confirmed by this statement by the Swedish government:"It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Johan Gustafsson has been released and can return to Sweden," this was said by Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom.

It is said that the victim was on a motorbike trip from Sweden to South Africa. However, he was sadly abducted in Timbuktu with two other people  Sjaak Rijke and Stephen McGowan.

The group was captured when they were dining on the terrace of their hotel. This is when armed men walked in and took the group hostage. There was one German who attempted to resist the terrorist but was shot because of that. The wife of Mr. Rijke was lucky enough to escape the barbaric terrorist. Mr. Rijke was liberated in 2011 when French Special Forces managed to get him. The group that decided to claim responsibility for the incident is AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb)

In 2015 a video was released that showed both Mr. Gustafsson and Mr. McGowan under a bush in the desert.

That was done to try and encourage negotiations with the government for their release. This is often an attempt to get something out of the government. However, they obviously don't always get what they want.

Ms. Wallstrom mentioned that it is not government policy to pay ransoms but she did say that the liberation was the result of "several years of efforts"  by authorities, politicians, as well as international authorities and of course diplomats.

Châteauguay Getting A Sportplex

Châteauguay field sunset near a housing area. (Michael Normandin, vanguardnews)

Châteauguay residents would be happy to know that they will soon have a sportsplex that will consist of an indoor area. The Sportplex will be built with two phases in mind.

The Châteauguay sportplex was approved by the  Régie Sports et loisirs Beau-Château. The Régie Sports et loisirs Beau-Château is currently four infrastructure projects.  The complex dates are divided into two phases. The first phase will be in 2017 and will consist of the indoor sports complex for Chateauguay residents. Phase two is 2019- 2022 and will have an indoor aquatic complex for people. However, for Beauharnois will have an outdoor waterpark for people in phase one. Beauharnois will have a four season outdoor area in phase two.

The complex will indeed have synthetic turf, a multi-purpose hall, and a multi-sport gymnasium. The facility will be also be used for activities such as soccer, volleyball, baseball, dance, badminton, and football.

The location of the complex in Châteauguay is expected to be near the LLP(Louis-Philippe-Paré)  High School.

The cost will come at an estimated amount of $12.9 million. This is reportedly almost $3 million less little than what was originally estimated.

The entire facility will be unique for a town that has many athletic students. This can give the children the option to participate in activities that will keep them out of trouble but will also help adults who want to stay fit with sports.

This can also attract more residents into the Châteauguay area as the city has a population of about 46,000 people. These activities will generate a good reason to visit or move to Châteauguay. It will also be good for Beauharnois.

Man Charged With 729 Counts Of Rape

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Author Vasily Pozhidaev

 A Russian man has been charged with at least 729 counts of rape against his foster daughters. It is reported that he abused his five daughters on a daily basis. The age of the girls is 17 and under. It apparently happened over a five year period. This happened in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Authorities found out about the incident when one of the girls decided to report it to her school teacher. The age of the girl who made the report has not been disclosed as well as the other girl's ages have not yet been disclosed.

Law enforcement said that the accused man forced four of the total five children to have sex on a daily basis.

The Siberian Times reported that the man was not named for legal reasons and that the 729 counts of rape are being investigated.

The girls became his foster children after an orphanage sent them to the foster home.

The guardian of the girls may have even received a monthly check for the girls. It was a reported amount of 20,000 Rubles ($446.56 CAD) per girl.

The senior assistant to the head of the investigation department of the Chechen Republic of Kabarovsk, Ilya Gudkov said: "According to the investigation, from September 2012 to February 2017, the man systematically committed serious crimes of a sexual nature in relation to five guarded girls. After an appeal by the investigators, the court ordered the arrest of this man.”

Alla Kuznetsova who is the education minister for the region mentioned those other inspections did not find any problems. However, the girls have now been sent back to the orphanage.

The man does in fact, face up to 15 years in jail according to Russian law. The fifteen years is a maximum sentence. This will happen if he ends up being convicted.

There is also another investigation that has been launched. The investigation has been launched against a local child care service under negligence. The investigation will also look into the reasons why a single man was approved for five young girls. Although it is said that the man used to live with a woman that fostered three boys. The girls were however in his name.

Châteauguay City Posts $1.65 Million Surplus

Photo of a Châteauguay street (Michael Normandin, vanguardnews)

The city of Châteauguay Quebec has announced that it earned a very nice amount of $1.65 million dollars in surplus. The surplus was for the ending year of December 31, 2016. The city also posted about the reduction of costs for people.

The city mentioned in a magazine publication that the large surplus of money is due to tight budgeting of their revenue.

The Mayoress of Châteauguay Nathalie Simon said: "We are very satisfied with these results. We managed to generate a considerable surplus despite a tight budget. The concerted efforts of elected officials and the municipal administration have borne fruit,"

These surpluses basically show that the city can handle a tight budget and can not overspend. They have generated a very good surplus and hopefully can continue to generate it in the future. A surplus now can help citizens down the line in case of issues that might arise.

"We remain steadfast and continue to be vigilant. We continue to invest in our infrastructure, including improvements to our roads and parks, and we continue to do our utmost to attract new residents and businesses to the industrial park." The Mayor continued.

These changes can help in the sections of future social benefits such as retiree insurance plan, and employer contributions to the pension plan.

The city of Châteauguay has taken many different types of actions to limit not only its debt but also to try good investments into infrastructure, rehabilitation of streets as well as the water lines.

The city invested in 2016 in several industries. Some of the areas that the city of Châteauguay invested in are upgrading infrastructure, rehabilitation of streets and water lines. The city had put a total of $24M to the upgrading of infrastructure, $14M to the value of allocated and unallocated surplus as of December 31, 2015, and $8M for rehabilitation of streets and water lines inside the city.

The city even reportedly has a total of $93M total incomes. Which is rather a lot and is in fact, can be good.

The city has taken considerable actions to reduce its debt. A strategy was implemented that is both designed to reduce debt and better predicting the medium of long-term impacts of debt on taxes. Debt for the city and debt for the government of Quebec as well as for specific residents of certain sectors declined around $1M when it was compared to the previous year 2015.

Sears Canada Closing 59 Stores Laying off 2900

Sears Canada said Tuesday that it has "significant doubt" about its ability to continue as a going concern.  (THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO

Sears has announced that it will be closing 59 stores in Canada. This is going to result in 2900 layoffs of Sears employees. Trading for the company also halted Thursday when it was granted protection from its creditors.

Sears said: "The brand reinvention work Sears Canada has begun requires a long-term effort,''

Sears has been around for a very long time, in fact, it has been around for generations but over the last year, it has seen an enormous loss. It has reportedly lost 80% of its value. The stock for Sears has also not been too well, it has basically taken a dive at this current time. The large losses are likely due to online shopping becoming more and more mainstream for people not only in Canada but in the world.

`But the continued liquidity pressures facing the company as well as legacy components of its business are preventing it from making further progress and from restructuring its legacy assets and businesses outside of a CCAA proceeding.'' Sears continued.

The CCAA is known as Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act. This was granted by the Ontario Supreme Court Thursday. The company was granted temporary protection.

The court-supervised plan will be a catalyst for the closure of 15 Sears Home stores, 10 Sears Outlet stores, 20 full line department stores and 14 Sears Hometown locations. Sears was also granted 450 million dollars by the government to restructure and continue with their operations.

Sears also mentioned that it would hope to leave court protection this year. Sears is currently headquartered in Toronto, while Sears Canada has a total of 94 department stores, 10 outlets, and of course 23 Sears Home stores.

However, the 2900 layoffs is a huge blow to many Canadians that work in the retail sector. Canadians are currently having a tough economic plan as deficits in the country are being run to reduce the nation's debt.

5 Arrested After Driving Dirt Bike In School

RCMP said Wednesday five people have been charged in connection with a dangerous dirt bike stunt

5 people may end up with charges under them after they decided to either aid or drive a dirt bike through a school. The dirtbike was reportedly driven through two High Schools that are housed in the same building. The incident also happened in Strathmore schools.

The schools are known as Holy Cross Collegiate High School and Sacred Heart Academy.

The number of people arrested amounts to a total of five. This includes the driver of the dirt bike, two more men, and two youths. Mountains claim that they helped carry out this dangerous stunt. However, they have since been released from custody.

The driver was according to the RCMP "narrowly avoided hitting students” as he drove to a parking lot where a truck was waiting for him.

The RCMP was called around 10 A.M on Wednesday. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also mentioned that dangerous driving charges were pending.

Uber To Allow Tips For Drivers

Uber symbol on cell phone in car. (taken from We do not own this image.

 Uber has unveiled its newest edition that can benefit both the driver and the consumer by allowing drivers to be tipped by customers on the Uber app. Drivers in several cities can now utilize the new feature and can try to benefit from it in the long run.

The announcement was made over an email that was sent to Uber drivers.  The email was sent Tuesday.

However, the catch with many new things is that it only starts in a few places. In this particular case, the feature will start in Seattle, Houston, and Minneapolis.

Consumers in these cities will be prompted to leave a tip ranging from amounts of 1$, 2$, and 5$. However, it is being said that the user may be able to leave a custom amount for the driver. This will most likely be done when the user of the app (customer) is rating their driver.

Drivers for the company have been asking for the option of tips for a rather long time but never actually got it until now. In the past, the company mentioned that the tipping feature might cause "uncertainty" that would leave customers not knowing what their total price would be. However, taxis, in general, let the customer tip the driver if they're satisfied at the end, so it is only a good idea to include it now.

This is reported to have been one of eight changes that Uber is conducting to help make "meaningful changes and improvements" for driving with the company. These steps are being widely called the "180 Days Of Change."

U.S Shot Down Syrian Fighter Jet

A U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet launches from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) in the Mediterranean Sea June 28, 2016.  (U.S. Navy/Reuters)

A United States military jet shot down a Syrian jet that had apparently fired upon coalition members. The incident occurred over the southern Raqqa countryside. Washington claims that the Syrian fighter jet was dropping explosives near fighters. The fighters are reportedly U.S backed. However, Damascus is saying that the jet was bombing Islamic State combatants.

The Syrian military said: "flagrant attack was an attempt to undermine the efforts of the army as the only effective force capable with its allies ... in fighting terrorism across its territory,"

The military in Syria said on state-run television that the whole incident was just a crash and that the pilot of the plane had been missing.

However, the U.S Central Command said: that the plane was shot down in "in collective self-defense of Coalition-partnered forces," (the SDF Syrian Democratic Forces)

It was also reported that fighters that are backing the Syrian regime attacked the SDF and one of their towns that they were holding. It is said that the SDF were then driven out of that town.

Coalition jets stopped an earlier advance but it shot down the SU-22 jet that dropped bombs on coalition backed fighters.

A statement said that the coalition did try to de-escalate the situation using a line called a deconfliction line. It was said that the coalition contacted its Russian counterparts by telephone to stop the firing.

The statement also said that the coalition does "not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime forces" it also said that the coalition would not by any means "hesitate to defend itself or its "partnered forces from any threat,"

This is all at a time where getting rid of ISIS is important for both sides and the increase of bombing campaigns have aided in the advance of ISIS held positions. U.S backed forces have apparently surrounded the city of Raqqa and even liberated entire districts from ISIS.  The Syrian military has even taken positions from ISIS and it seems that the coalition has given a strong arm to forces that would need the support. The Syrian military has taken back oil fields that are vital to the destruction of ISIS in the region. They have also liberated villages that have been under control of ISIS.

7 Missing After U.S Navy Ship Collision

The USS Fitzgerald has been damaged in a collision with a container ship. (Iori Sagisawa/Kyodo News via AP)
The USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship that was about four times its size. The ship suffered severe damage that resulted in seven sailors being lost at sea. The search for the sailors is still underway at this time. The incident happened 56 nautical miles away from its port in Yokosuka. Yokosuka is also the home of the seventh fleet.

The navy ship did, in fact, return to its port in Yokosuka Naval Base.

Officials questioned Crew members of the container ship. The container ship was berthed at Tokyo's Oi wharf. Officials are trying to figure out what exactly happened during the incident that is said to have occurred at night.

Water was even being pumped out of the U.S Navy ship. It was also no known how long it might even be before people could get into the crushed area of the ship. The crushed (damaged) area of the ship consists of a machinery room, two berthing spaces, and a radio room.

The shipping company is known as Nippon Yusen said that it is cooperating fully with the coast guard and their investigation into the entire situation. They're also collaborating with the ship owner. Nippon Yusen is apparently the operator of the container ship.

Commander of the Pacific Fleet for the U.S, Adm. Scott Swift said: Right now we are focused on two things: the safety of the ship and the well-being of the sailors,"

The Captain of the USS Fitzgerald mentioned that Cmdr Bryce Benson was airlifted to the U.S Naval Hospital in Yokosuka. Benson was said to be in stable condition after receiving a head injury. Two other members of the ship suffered cuts and bruises. They were evacuated. At this point in time, it is not widely known if there are more injured people.

The names of the sailors that are missing are currently being withheld, pending notification of the families of the soldiers. The U.S Navy did set up some counseling and support services to aid the families that were desperately looking for answers to their questions on the situation.

Amazon Getting Whole Foods For 13.7$ Billion

Whole Foods Market Store photo

Amazon has come out and said Friday that they are to be purchasing a food chain. The food chain is called Whole foods. The price that Whole Foods are to be acquired at is 13.7 Billion dollars.

Whole Foods (WFM) was apparently under pressure from one of their shareholders. It is said that the shareholder is Jana Partners. This is also part of a hedge fund for the company push for the search of a buyer for the company comes at a time where they've seen a decline in share value. The shares of the company were reportedly being traded around 33$ on Thursday and trading even halted on Friday on the news.

Amazon's stock also rose by three percent on Friday.

This deal is generating some controversy in the world of retailers and simply of people who're concerned with market domination. Amazon already holds is a strong portion of the market in the retail sector.

If this deal was to pass and actually get approved by Amazon's Shareholders it would mean that Amazon has now moved into another industry and even purchased the seventh largest food retailer in the United States.

A Democrat representing California in the House Of Representatives decided to call for a review of the situation by the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission.

Amazon has however, been trying to get into the grocery industry for a little while now. They created Amazon Fresh a delivery service that you can pay 14.99$ per month to get your groceries delivered.

It is being said Whole Foods will still operate under their own brand.

"This partnership presents an opportunity to maximize value for Whole Foods Market's shareholders, while at the same time extending our mission and bringing the highest quality, experience, convenience, and innovation to our customers," Said Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.

Putin Might Give Political Asylum To James Comey

Russian President Vladimir Putin  photo
Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has come our publicly and said that if former FBI director James Comey faces political prosecution he will be welcome under asylum in Russia. The president was apparently speaking at his annual Q&A (question & answers) period in Moscow. Putin also spoke about James Comey the former FBI director.

Putin did mention that it was "very strange" that the FBI official leaked a conversation with the United States' President Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin even made a small comparison of the FBI official's actions to Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden was an NSA whistleblower that is currently living abroad for his actions. He is popular among many people when it comes to security.

He said that the decision made by former James Comey was an action that put him in a tough spot.

Putin said:"If there is some kind of persecution, we would be ready to offer political asylum to Mr. Comey if he is persecuted in the US,"

The entire incident with James Comey may have begun when he was fired by President Trump. Donald Trump said that it was because of issues regarding the investigation into the possible interference of Russia in the U.S election of 2016. This move on Trump's side was disliked by many people not only in the U.S but in the world.

Comey also testified under oath just in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he claimed that Mr. Trump had suggested that he stop the investigation into the Russia and Michael Flynn situation.

Quebec History Final Exam Leaked

Pencil on a exam paper (we do not own this photo)

Several pages of the final exam for history started to spread like wildfire on the internet among students as they rushed to see if they got the right answers. However, it is not known who is the source of the leak and if the exam was leaked before or after students wrote it.

Students were both excited and disappointed that the exam got leaked yesterday because they could get an idea of what they got right and what they got wrong on the exam that they had just written. The images that were released show answers to questions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,15,16,17,18,19,20,21. Now you have most likely come to the conclusion that this is a good portion of the final exam. You're not wrong. It turns out that this was almost every page of the exam. The only real thing that seems to be missing is a few questions and the essay. The essay is worth twelve points, fortunately, it was not leaked.

The exam that was leaked was most likely not from an English school in Quebec since the exam in the pictures is in French. This indicates that it must have been a French school that leaked it. Furthermore, it is very likely to have been a teacher that leaked it. This has not yet been confirmed and is just a theory at this time, but the exam shown in the photos is telling students the answers and even has highlighted grades for questions (ex Q1 is worth two points and the student only got the question partially right so they would get 1 out of 2)

Vanguardnews spoke to administrators at Howard S Billing Regional High School (HSB) to determine if the leak happened before or after the students in the province wrote the exam. After talking to administration it was determined that the exam was leaked after the students at HSB wrote it. This leak will most likely end up not affecting the students as they did not know about it until after they wrote it.

I spoke with one student in Quebec who actually attends HSB, The student wanted to stay anonymous for this quote, She had this to say about the leak. "I think the leak is stupid," She said.

"it happened last year, they should have put better measures to make sure it didn't happen again. But clearly, they didn't," She continued.

The student is referring to an incident that occurred last year. The history exam had a leak last year too. However, it was an essay question that got leaked last year. The ministry of education eventually came to the conclusion that they would need to give 100% to all the students who did the test for that one part.

P.S for legal concerns we're not going to show the photos of the leak. 

6 Fired After Chicken Abuse Video

An undercover video shot by the non-profit animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals depicts several scenes of animal abuse that allegedly took place in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. (Mercy for Animals)

Warning: This article may contain that some people may find disturbing

A video was recently recorded and uploaded of animal abuse of chickens. The video of course when viral on the internet and sparked mass outrage against both the people in the video and the company itself. The footage, however, was taken by Mercy for Animals. the company is widely known as Elite Farm Services Ltd., based in Chilliwack, B.C.

The video is in itself rather disgusting and caused many viewers to be extremely irritated, and frustrated with the entire situation.

Since the release, of the video, at least six employees at Elite Farm Services Ltd have now been fired because of the situation. These former employees have now been fired for not adhering to the "strict" guidelines of animal care that Elite has set in place.

The Elite Farm Service President said: We are sickened with the footage and want to ensure all our suppliers and producers that this is not reflective of who we are, our fundamental beliefs or behavior we accept from our employees,”

The company is of course disgusted by the treatment of the animals and did mention that they were "sickened" by the video and the acts that the workers were committing. Elite also said in a statement "We do not condone or tolerate animal abuse."

The footage shows terrible treatment of animals on several farms. The footage was also taken by Mercy for Animals whistleblower who was working undercover.

Some of the acts that can be seen in the video consist of ripping off limbs of conscious animals, slamming chickens against crates, mimicking sex acts with the birds, and even punching birds. This is what some would call "sadistic" acts against animals.

Krista Hiddema, Vice President at Mercy for Animals said "imagine having your limbs ripped off your body and then being thrown to the ground. All while alive and fully conscious. That's the reality,"

"Birds are run over by workers driving forklifts. Management can be seen standing by."

This is the 12th undercover expose that Mercy for Animals has done. The vice president Hiddema said that this incident is by far the worst.

A complaint has now been filed with the RCMP and the incident itself is being investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the B.C SPCA.

A Veteran BC SPCA cruelty investigator said that this is some of the worst behavior she has ever seen inside Canada's food industry. The investigator is known as Marcie Moriarty.

The company does seem to be open to immediate measures against the employees that have committed these horrendous acts. The company is even conducting an internal audit to review all aspects of training and guidelines for the employees. The company is even going as far as to develop a committee to improve the companies animal care.

"Elite is committed to becoming an industry leader in animal welfare and safety to prevent this type of a tragedy from happening again," Dueck mentioned.

Chinese Gang Sold Apple Users' Private Data

 Chinese law enforcement detained 22 people on suspicion of infringing the privacy of Apple users and illegally obtaining their digital personal information. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

The operation reportedly has had inside workers from an Apple “domestic direct sales company and outsourcing company” to sell the private information of Apple users. The entire operation was uncovered by authorities in China. The suspects used internal tools to gather info such as names, phone numbers, Apple Id's, and even more info. The entire operation would apparently sell the info as part of a scam that was worth a total of 7.5 million dollars (CAD)

According to police, a total of twenty-two people of suspicion has been detained. These individuals have been detained for illegally obtaining private information on Apple users. They're also detained for infringement on the privacy of the users.  This is according to police. Out of the 22 suspects about 20 of them come from companies that work with Apple.  According to officers in the Zhejiang province.

However, your data may still be at risk because the authorities that spoke about this did not mention if the private information is of Chinese origin or other countries. Thus, it is possible that they may have your information but no one can be sure just yet as the collection process may have spread to other nations as well.

The criminals worked in direct marketing and outsourcing of Apple in China. However, they charged people an estimated amount of 1.72 (CAD) to 31.12 (CAD for the information of the users.

It must be noted that while the sale of private info in China is common a new law from the Chinese government aims to try and stop it. The law has generated a lot of controversies but however passed on June 1, 2017. The cybersecurity law will try and protect the nation's networks and user info that is private.

The arrests are a result of a large-scale police operation that has had officers from the Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian provinces help detain the 22 suspects and have their tools removed/dismantled. The online network has also been dismantled.

Canada Wide Warrant For Murder Suspect

© OPP Brian Quesnel, 28, of The Nation, Ont., is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for first-degree murder after a man was killed Orillia, Ont., on June 4, 2017

A warrant for the entire country has been issued for an Ontario-area man who is a suspect in a murder. The man is wanted on first-degree murder charges. This was done just after the murder of another man in Orillia Ontario earlier this month. The name of the suspect is Brian Quesnel and is 28-years-old. He is also one of three suspects in the murder case. Ontario Provincial Police mentioned in a media release.

The two other suspects have already been charged in the murder of Joseph Simonds, 34.
 It is being said that before 4 am on the day of June 4th there was an emergency call to a shooting. The home EMS responded to was on Franklin Street in Orillia. This area is not far from Toronto with a distance of about 140 kilometers. Joseph Simonds was taken to a hospital where he would later be announced dead.

According to acting Staff Sgt. Peter Leon, it is possible that the suspect is still in the area of the murder. Despite that possibility, the police are not taking any chances and have suspected that Brian could be anywhere in the country at this time. However, it is still possible that he is in The Nation. The Nation is a sprawling municipality that is 650 km squared.

"There's a strong likelihood he could well be in the area," the officer said. "We're hopeful someone may know his whereabouts."

Police have said that if you see Quesnel that they should not approach him and should instead call the tip line 1-844-677-5020. Citizens with information have the option of calling crime stoppers 1-800-222-8477 or the OPP  1-888-310-1122.

The search is still ongoing for the murder suspect.

Plane Carrying Two Missing

Sidney Robillard, 24, and Alex Simons, 21, of Kamloops. The couple are missing after a private plane they were in failed to arrive at Kamloops airport. [PNG Merlin Archive]

The plane is private and can carry four passengers. The plane was traveling from Lethbridge to Kamloops. The two passengers are one male and one female.

 The passengers are identified as Alex Simons who is 21-years-old and Sydney Robillard who is 24-years-old.

The call letters of their piper warrior aircraft are CGDTK and the last known siting of their aircraft when was it was refueling in Cranbrook. The plane has had no contact with anyone on board since then. The RCMP in the area is investigating.

Canadian Forces Base Comox has crews searching for the missing aircraft and will continue to search for them. The military began the search Thursday and did not stop until dark. The military has done the same on Friday and will most likely do the same on Saturday.

A spokesperson known as Lieut. Greg Menzies said “It is quite a large area. It’s very rocky, very mountainous, heavily treed, so certainly an aircraft of this size is difficult to find." He also said that the search on Friday was cut short because of bad weather conditions and that the terrain of rocks and trees make for locating the rather small aircraft difficult. However, he did mention that the military is very hopeful that they find the plane soon.

There are search and rescue volunteers, Cormorant, and Buffalo helicopters involved with this search. The crew is expected to be sent out this Saturday again to continue the search.

CNN Lets Go Of Host After Trump Post

Reza Aslan on The Daily Show

We're all more than aware that there are media biases everywhere. Especially with Donald Trump the President of the United States. This particular incident involves a religious scholar who was a host on CNN may have gone too far for the media company. The host is known as Reza Aslan.

In Aslan's post, he apparently mentioned that President Trump was  a "Piece of s***." After that social media post, CNN decided to shut his show down. His show was called Believer with Reza Aslan. The show is also relatively new with only one season that had been premiered March.

"CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series Believer with Reza Aslan (season two)," CNN wrote in a statement provided to Newsweek. "We wish Reza and his production team all the best."

CNN did not have anything more to add when they were asked about the cancellation of the show.
CNN was asked if it was because of the social media post by Aslan.

“This piece of s--- is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind,” Aslan Tweeted but has apparently been deleted.

However, it must be noted that Aslan did apologize for the Tweet  and talking about the President "in a derogatory fashion." He also said that he lost his cool on the entire incident.

The issue that sparked the Tweet from the show host was Trump's call for a travel ban in the wake of multiple attacks in London, Uk.

CNN did say that it was "pleased" with the apology written but that it was simply just not enough. The canceled show was also undergoing its second season of production.

After the news was released to the world Aslan wrote on social media that "Obviously I am very disappointed in this decision," he posted. "Believer means a great deal to me and to the countless viewers it’s reached. Its message of religious tolerance and exploration is extremely important right now. I am deeply grateful to CNN for giving me the opportunity to launch the show and to amplify my voice on their network. I am especially grateful to the legion of people within the Turner organization who worked so hard to make the show a hit series. However, in these politically charged times, the tenor of our nation’s discourse has become complicated, and I recognize that CNN needs to protect its brand as an unbiased news outlet. Similarly, I need to honor my voice. I am not a journalist. I am a social commentator and scholar. And so I agree with CNN that it is best that we part ways. I look forward to partnering with another platform in the future to continue to spread my message. I wish CNN all the best."

1000 Guns Seized From Store

A store in Southern Alberta has had over 1 million rounds of ammo, 49 handguns, 972 long guns,446 kilograms of Tannerite,(an explosive material) 12,000 firearm primers and 270 kilograms of gunpowder seized from a Cardston gun shop. The investigation is apparently being done by ALERT.

The investigators are claiming that illegal weapons and ammunition had been sold on more than one occasion.

“At this time we don’t have any idea of any crimes that have occurred as a result of these firearms that possibly could have been sold illegally but certainly, without a doubt, it is a grave possibility,” said S/Sgt Jason Walper.

The investigation has lasted a total of five months and in the search warrant on may 29, the entire gun shop's supply of firearms was taken.

“This gun store needlessly put public safety at risk by allowing conceivably anyone to acquire guns. We would be naïve to believe that this was not exploited by organized crime and the criminal element,” said ALERT Lethbridge Staff Sgt. Jason Walper.

Two of the shop's store owners were arrested and both accused of not ensuring that the people these weapons were going too had provided proper forms of PAL (Possession Acquisition Licenses)

Both 58-year-old Dean Sommerfeldt and 31-year-old Todd Sommerfeldt are both charged with the crime of trafficking a firearm, careless storage of a restricted weapon and transfer of a weapon or ammunition without authority, and of course the crime of possession of weapons for the purpose of trafficking. However, both of these men are currently released from police custody with conditions.

Supt. Garret Woosley who is part of the RCMP said “This case was much like many others in that a small piece of information, gathered in the day to day duties of our general duty members, lit the fuse to spark a much larger investigation. I am proud of the work done by our RCMP officers in the communities around the province every day,”

Military Plane Debris Found After Losing Contact

A Shaanxi Y-8 transport aircraft is unloaded at Sittwe airport in Myanmar's Rakhine state (AFP Photo/Ye Aung Thu)

A military plane’s debris has now been found after the plane went missing earlier today June 7, 2017. The plane was also reportedly carrying a total of 106 passengers. The passengers consisted of soldiers and family members. The plane is from Myanmar’s military.

The search started when the plane lost contact with ATC (Air Traffic Control) and once the Navy was notified both ships and planes were immediately sent out to locate the plane.

The plane even had at least a dozen children on it and was traveling from Myeik to Yangon.
"Now they have found pieces of the damaged plane in the sea 136 miles (218 km) away from Dawei city," said Naing Lin Zaw, who is a tourism official. He added that the navy was still searching the sea.

An air force source has seemed to confirm that pieces of the plane were found.
According to the Commander In Chief's office, the plane lost contact around 1:35 pm. The plane was only on a short flight path of one hour.

A total of four naval ships and two air force airplanes were searching for the plane. The planes flew up to 18,000 thousand feet in altitude.

What’s possibly the most strange about this story is that there was bad weather at the time the plane vanished. Bad weather is sometimes a reason for plane crashes.

The plane has only had a total of 809 flying hours. The plane is also a Chinese made Y-8F-200 and has four engines.

A man who wanted to remain nameless said that "Myanmar air force has very bad safety performance,"

One former executive at the aviation ministry said that the nation’s fleet of air vehicles was old decrepit.

The nation of Myanmar does have a certain recent history with aircraft not functioning properly and causing crashes. In February of last year, a crew of five people died after the plane burst into flames just after takeoff. That incident happened in the capital Naypyidaw.

Two officers were even killed when a helicopter crashed into the side of a hill and then burst into flames.

Recent demand for air travel has without a doubt caused many issues with the avionics infrastructure over the past few years.

What Is Zionism And Its Role Today

Waving flag of Israel (photo used because Zionism has a history in Israel)

The term Zion is usually associated with Israel as it is a very religious and historically important area for more than just the Jewish faith. Jerusalem has been a place for displaced Jews looking for the return to Zion.  There was also a World Zionist Congress and it functioned as a governing body before there was an actual state for the country of Israel.

History Of Zionism

Well, there’s a belief that is centered around Theodor Herzl. The belief states that all Jewish people belong to a single nation. It also mentions that the Jewish people should establish a sovereign state for Jews from all over the world to return too. Theodor Herzl organized The First Zionist Congress in 1897 and made it extremely important to discuss homeland areas for the Jewish people. The most important area that was proposed is known as Jerusalem. After the Holocaust, many nations across the world supported the idea of a Jewish state and supported the area that is right now next to Palestine.

Zionism Today

 The Congress lost some of its power in 1948 when the Israeli government was established but it still holds a decent role in encouraging the settlement of areas from within Palestine. This is part of the reason why so many Palestinians dislike the Jewish settlement area in their country.

The controversy surrounding the area is riddled with more than just settlement issue but we’ll focus on the settlement issues. The settlements are for the most part Jewish only and are the target of many radical “protests” that often end up with large rocks being tossed at occupying Israeli Defence Forces.
The settlements were called illegal by some people and Israel claims that they must keep a tight military hold on the West Bank region. Israel is expected to approve a 2000 housing unit project in the region in the near future.

Zionism has also largely been denounced by many westerners and Jews alike. There are even websites that call it evil. However, what many people don’t understand and seem to have a lack of understanding is that Israel in the past has been conquered time and time again. It has even caused extremely large amounts of Jews to be murdered, displaced, and possibly caused some to convert their religions. There are lots of videos westerners denouncing Zionism and claiming it is a negative movement.

Historically speaking Jews have lost wars in the region and it only ended up with the displacement and murder of Jewish people. This is why the Israeli military is holding a tight grip on the West Bank and other areas as well as continues to advance its army to ensure that they do not lose a war.

Zionism has a long history and has been denounced by both Westerners and Jews alike. Zionism has a belief that all Jews belong to one nation and that nation should defend itself because historically Jews have been displaced and persecuted. This is why the IDF holds a tight grip on settlements in the region of the West Bank and they try not to lose a war. The idea of Zionism was definitely spread through organizations such as The First Zionist Congress. Israeli has a lot of support from nations around the world because of the history that Jews have faced (persecution, displacement, etc.)

Ex-Worker Shoots 5, Then Himself

Jerry L. Demings answering questions about the incident photo John Raoux/AP

The gunman was recently fired from a business in Orlando. The suspect shot former colleagues Monday. Authorities are calling the entire incident a workplace violence incident.

    Jerry L. Demings, who is an Orange County Sheriff identified the shooter as a 45-year-old Robert Neumann Jr. The suspect singled out employees at Fiamma, which is a business that manufacturers accessories for recreational vehicles and the business are located just seven miles from downtown Orlando.

The weapons have been said to be a semi-automatic handgun, a hunting knife and according to authorities possibly some smaller knives.

The victims are Kevin Clark, 53 Jefferey Roberts, 57  Robert Synder, 69  Brenda Montanezo-Crespo, 44. The fifth victim according to The Associated Press is Kevin Lawnson, 46.

Demings mentioned that at least eight other people inside the building were not injured in the attack.
“We have no indication that this subject is a participant in any type of terror organization,” Demings said. “What this is at this point is likely a workplace violence incident.”

“Most of the victims were shot in the head,” the officer said. “Some were shot multiple times.”
Deputies received the 911 call around 8 am and the caller claim there was a shooter. The shooter entered the building through a rear door and came across the first person he saw. That employee was spared and only had a gun pointed at her and was told to get out before the shooting began. Police also say that the suspect reloaded his weapon at least one time before the entire incident ended.

Sheriffs say that Neumann was fired from Fiamma in April but did not say why he was fired. Demings did recall that around three years ago, officers responded to a call at Fiamma where the current suspect was accused of battering another employee. However, at that particular time, no charges were ever filed.

The officers said that it appears as if Neumann did not have a concealed carry permit and had a past criminal history or Marijuana possession, and a DUI. However, in 1999 the suspect was dishonorably discharged from the army.

Shelly Adams has a sister that works at the business and when the whole incident began she was in the restroom. She heard a band and when she exited the restroom she saw someone on the floor.
Adams’ sister told her “My boss is dead. My boss is dead.”

Jennifer Blevings saw the news after the shooting had happened and “her heart sank.” the Orlando Sentinel reported that the said she had not been able to reach her father, Synder who at the time was at Fiamma. She then found out her father had been killed.

The FBI dispatched some members from their Orlando office to help in the investigation. They’re trying to determine the motivation of it all.

Authorities did not say if they knew what they motive was yet.

London Attackers Kill 7,Injure 48 with Van and Knife

© (Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP) An armed police stands on Borough High Street as police are dealing with an incident on London Bridge in London, Saturday, June 3, 2017

On Saturday night terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London bridge and managed to go on a stabbing spree. The victims amount to 7 dead and three attackers gun down by police. There was also a brutal amount of people who were injured with the number being at least 48. Police have called this a terrorist attack. There is also one Canadian among the victims.

Police officers from around London rushed to the scenes of the crimes armed in case the suspects had more weapons. Officers killed the three suspects and managed to stop the attack. Three suspects were shot dead in Borough Market which is just near the bridge. The officers got to the scenes within eight minutes of getting the call.

This is the most recent attack within the past two weeks. The attack that happened just before this was at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. It is a very close timeframe for two attacks to happen. If you’d like to read that article you can do so here:

As flags flew on half mass on Sunday, the Prime Minister Theresa May said "I can confirm that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism,"

On Sunday the area surrounding London Bridge was closed off and forensic officers were collecting evidence. The area is packed with bars and it is a hotspot for people in the city to go to as there’s a lot of stuff to do there. There is also remnants of the attacks as buses and taxes just lay abandoned until people can come and claim their vehicles when the investigation is over.

The three attackers were wearing what looked like explosive vests but were soon determined to be hoaxes.

Over the past two years, there have been Islamic Extremist attacks in Britain, Brussels, Paris, and Nice.

The London Ambulance Service said 48 people were transported to at least 5 different hospitals for medical care as they’re injured or critically injured. They also said that there were many others who were injured but it was only minor and were able to be treated on the scene.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan said those who were injured were in a critical state.
The Mayor also said that the threat level in Britain remained at severe, which means that an attack is highly likely. It was raised to critical after the Manchester attack but then it was lowered again. Khan also mentioned that he does not think the election should be postponed because of these attacks.

“One of the things that we can do is show that we aren't going to be cowed, is by voting on Thursday and making sure that we understand the importance of our democracy, our civil liberties, and our human rights," Khan mentioned.

A police officer that was on the scene shared his chilling experience through a social media post that he made after his shift. The officer is known as Roy Smith.

Smith said on Twitter  "Started shift taking photos with children playing on the South Bank. Ended it giving CPR to innocent victims attacked at London Bridge," he put a broken heart emoji at the end of that post.

Witnesses described seeing a white van hitting pedestrians "It looked like he was aiming for groups of people," said Mark Roberts. A management consultant told Reuters that he saw at least six people on the ground after the van brutally rammed through innocent people. “It was horrendous” he added.
A taxi driver told the BBC that once the van stopped three men got out with long knives and charged at people randomly and started stabbing them.

People also mentioned that people ran into a bar to seek shelter.

"People started running and screaming, and the van crashes into the railing behind. We went towards Borough Market and everyone went inside (the bar)," one witness said.

Another man who was covered in blood said "They hit the emergency alarm. There was a line of people going down to the emergency exit. And then people started screaming coming back up,"
"Around the corner, there was a guy with a stab wound on his neck ... There was a doctor in the pub and she helped him. They put pressure on the stab wound."

BBC Radio said that there were people who were throwing tables and chairs to try and protect themselves from the obvious danger that was happening around them. They threw the objects at the attackers.

There is a lot of support for Britain on the world stage as many leaders their deepest condolences. Donald Trump offered U.S aid to Britain in their time of need.

Quebec Government Defends New Law

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard talks during question period, Tuesday, May 30, 2017, in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot

The Quebec Liberals have defended their new bill that is widely known as the back to work bill. Many people are saying that the new law gives to much power to the provincial government on the matters of negotiations between unions, and private sector construction companies.

The legislators debated for a decently long time throughout the evening and even passed a law to force the construction workers that are on strike to go back to work.

The law covers workers in the manner of pay. It gives workers a 1.8 percent pay hike. The law goes as far as to force both sides to enter a 5 month-long mediation period, then an arbitration period, if no deal is reached.

The unions do not like the law considering they said that their lawyers are currently preparing to challenge the law. They claim that the government may have illegally limited their strike time.
An association that represents the workers mentioned that the workers got a good side of a deal this time because they don't lose anything in the return for their pay raise.

The government is largely being criticized because the law gives them the power to decide what factors are being decided by arbitration period as well as what subjects are not included in the period.
One politician known as Jean-Francois Linsee called the law "anti-worker" and called the overall law into question. This is possibly just one of many situations like this to come.

Eric Cote is a spokesperson for the association representing private sector construction companies.
"we are preoccupied that the arbitration process is at the mercy of political powers." Eric Cote Mentioned

He said what is subject to arbitration "can be motivated or subject to political pressure." said Eric Cote.

A coalition of unions said that the law "muzzles" the workers. However, this was just a news release as their representatives were not available at the time.

The Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard responded by saying that the government is willing to consult with all parties before any potential arbitration period actually begins.