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1000 Guns Seized From Store

A store in Southern Alberta has had over 1 million rounds of ammo, 49 handguns, 972 long guns,446 kilograms of Tannerite,(an explosive material) 12,000 firearm primers and 270 kilograms of gunpowder seized from a Cardston gun shop. The investigation is apparently being done by ALERT.

The investigators are claiming that illegal weapons and ammunition had been sold on more than one occasion.

“At this time we don’t have any idea of any crimes that have occurred as a result of these firearms that possibly could have been sold illegally but certainly, without a doubt, it is a grave possibility,” said S/Sgt Jason Walper.

The investigation has lasted a total of five months and in the search warrant on may 29, the entire gun shop's supply of firearms was taken.

“This gun store needlessly put public safety at risk by allowing conceivably anyone to acquire guns. We would be naïve to believe that this was not exploited by organized crime and the criminal element,” said ALERT Lethbridge Staff Sgt. Jason Walper.

Two of the shop's store owners were arrested and both accused of not ensuring that the people these weapons were going too had provided proper forms of PAL (Possession Acquisition Licenses)

Both 58-year-old Dean Sommerfeldt and 31-year-old Todd Sommerfeldt are both charged with the crime of trafficking a firearm, careless storage of a restricted weapon and transfer of a weapon or ammunition without authority, and of course the crime of possession of weapons for the purpose of trafficking. However, both of these men are currently released from police custody with conditions.

Supt. Garret Woosley who is part of the RCMP said “This case was much like many others in that a small piece of information, gathered in the day to day duties of our general duty members, lit the fuse to spark a much larger investigation. I am proud of the work done by our RCMP officers in the communities around the province every day,”

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