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6 Fired After Chicken Abuse Video

An undercover video shot by the non-profit animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals depicts several scenes of animal abuse that allegedly took place in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. (Mercy for Animals)

Warning: This article may contain that some people may find disturbing

A video was recently recorded and uploaded of animal abuse of chickens. The video of course when viral on the internet and sparked mass outrage against both the people in the video and the company itself. The footage, however, was taken by Mercy for Animals. the company is widely known as Elite Farm Services Ltd., based in Chilliwack, B.C.

The video is in itself rather disgusting and caused many viewers to be extremely irritated, and frustrated with the entire situation.

Since the release, of the video, at least six employees at Elite Farm Services Ltd have now been fired because of the situation. These former employees have now been fired for not adhering to the "strict" guidelines of animal care that Elite has set in place.

The Elite Farm Service President said: We are sickened with the footage and want to ensure all our suppliers and producers that this is not reflective of who we are, our fundamental beliefs or behavior we accept from our employees,”

The company is of course disgusted by the treatment of the animals and did mention that they were "sickened" by the video and the acts that the workers were committing. Elite also said in a statement "We do not condone or tolerate animal abuse."

The footage shows terrible treatment of animals on several farms. The footage was also taken by Mercy for Animals whistleblower who was working undercover.

Some of the acts that can be seen in the video consist of ripping off limbs of conscious animals, slamming chickens against crates, mimicking sex acts with the birds, and even punching birds. This is what some would call "sadistic" acts against animals.

Krista Hiddema, Vice President at Mercy for Animals said "imagine having your limbs ripped off your body and then being thrown to the ground. All while alive and fully conscious. That's the reality,"

"Birds are run over by workers driving forklifts. Management can be seen standing by."

This is the 12th undercover expose that Mercy for Animals has done. The vice president Hiddema said that this incident is by far the worst.

A complaint has now been filed with the RCMP and the incident itself is being investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the B.C SPCA.

A Veteran BC SPCA cruelty investigator said that this is some of the worst behavior she has ever seen inside Canada's food industry. The investigator is known as Marcie Moriarty.

The company does seem to be open to immediate measures against the employees that have committed these horrendous acts. The company is even conducting an internal audit to review all aspects of training and guidelines for the employees. The company is even going as far as to develop a committee to improve the companies animal care.

"Elite is committed to becoming an industry leader in animal welfare and safety to prevent this type of a tragedy from happening again," Dueck mentioned.

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