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7 Missing After U.S Navy Ship Collision

The USS Fitzgerald has been damaged in a collision with a container ship. (Iori Sagisawa/Kyodo News via AP)
The USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship that was about four times its size. The ship suffered severe damage that resulted in seven sailors being lost at sea. The search for the sailors is still underway at this time. The incident happened 56 nautical miles away from its port in Yokosuka. Yokosuka is also the home of the seventh fleet.

The navy ship did, in fact, return to its port in Yokosuka Naval Base.

Officials questioned Crew members of the container ship. The container ship was berthed at Tokyo's Oi wharf. Officials are trying to figure out what exactly happened during the incident that is said to have occurred at night.

Water was even being pumped out of the U.S Navy ship. It was also no known how long it might even be before people could get into the crushed area of the ship. The crushed (damaged) area of the ship consists of a machinery room, two berthing spaces, and a radio room.

The shipping company is known as Nippon Yusen said that it is cooperating fully with the coast guard and their investigation into the entire situation. They're also collaborating with the ship owner. Nippon Yusen is apparently the operator of the container ship.

Commander of the Pacific Fleet for the U.S, Adm. Scott Swift said: Right now we are focused on two things: the safety of the ship and the well-being of the sailors,"

The Captain of the USS Fitzgerald mentioned that Cmdr Bryce Benson was airlifted to the U.S Naval Hospital in Yokosuka. Benson was said to be in stable condition after receiving a head injury. Two other members of the ship suffered cuts and bruises. They were evacuated. At this point in time, it is not widely known if there are more injured people.

The names of the sailors that are missing are currently being withheld, pending notification of the families of the soldiers. The U.S Navy did set up some counseling and support services to aid the families that were desperately looking for answers to their questions on the situation.

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