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Châteauguay Getting A Sportplex

Châteauguay field sunset near a housing area. (Michael Normandin, vanguardnews)

Châteauguay residents would be happy to know that they will soon have a sportsplex that will consist of an indoor area. The Sportplex will be built with two phases in mind.

The Châteauguay sportplex was approved by the  Régie Sports et loisirs Beau-Château. The Régie Sports et loisirs Beau-Château is currently four infrastructure projects.  The complex dates are divided into two phases. The first phase will be in 2017 and will consist of the indoor sports complex for Chateauguay residents. Phase two is 2019- 2022 and will have an indoor aquatic complex for people. However, for Beauharnois will have an outdoor waterpark for people in phase one. Beauharnois will have a four season outdoor area in phase two.

The complex will indeed have synthetic turf, a multi-purpose hall, and a multi-sport gymnasium. The facility will be also be used for activities such as soccer, volleyball, baseball, dance, badminton, and football.

The location of the complex in Châteauguay is expected to be near the LLP(Louis-Philippe-Paré)  High School.

The cost will come at an estimated amount of $12.9 million. This is reportedly almost $3 million less little than what was originally estimated.

The entire facility will be unique for a town that has many athletic students. This can give the children the option to participate in activities that will keep them out of trouble but will also help adults who want to stay fit with sports.

This can also attract more residents into the Châteauguay area as the city has a population of about 46,000 people. These activities will generate a good reason to visit or move to Châteauguay. It will also be good for Beauharnois.

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