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Chinese Gang Sold Apple Users' Private Data

 Chinese law enforcement detained 22 people on suspicion of infringing the privacy of Apple users and illegally obtaining their digital personal information. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

The operation reportedly has had inside workers from an Apple “domestic direct sales company and outsourcing company” to sell the private information of Apple users. The entire operation was uncovered by authorities in China. The suspects used internal tools to gather info such as names, phone numbers, Apple Id's, and even more info. The entire operation would apparently sell the info as part of a scam that was worth a total of 7.5 million dollars (CAD)

According to police, a total of twenty-two people of suspicion has been detained. These individuals have been detained for illegally obtaining private information on Apple users. They're also detained for infringement on the privacy of the users.  This is according to police. Out of the 22 suspects about 20 of them come from companies that work with Apple.  According to officers in the Zhejiang province.

However, your data may still be at risk because the authorities that spoke about this did not mention if the private information is of Chinese origin or other countries. Thus, it is possible that they may have your information but no one can be sure just yet as the collection process may have spread to other nations as well.

The criminals worked in direct marketing and outsourcing of Apple in China. However, they charged people an estimated amount of 1.72 (CAD) to 31.12 (CAD for the information of the users.

It must be noted that while the sale of private info in China is common a new law from the Chinese government aims to try and stop it. The law has generated a lot of controversies but however passed on June 1, 2017. The cybersecurity law will try and protect the nation's networks and user info that is private.

The arrests are a result of a large-scale police operation that has had officers from the Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian provinces help detain the 22 suspects and have their tools removed/dismantled. The online network has also been dismantled.

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