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Germany Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Men with rainbow flags stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate Michael Kappeler/dpa via AP)

The German government has voted that same-sex marriage should be legal. In the past few years, same-sex marriage became legal in the United States and was legal in many countries around the world. Germany has now joined the pack after this historic vote was passed by members of their government. Lawmakers voted Friday. This happened in Berlin the capital of Germany.

The vote totaled 393-226 for the "marriage for everybody" legalization.

It was reported that the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel voted against the law.

Green Lawmaker Volker Beck said: “This is a historic day,” “It is really an amazing victory,” It must be noted that Beck has supported gay rights and even campaigned around Europe for the rights of homosexuals.

LGBT flags were flying happily  after the victory was announced to legalize same-sex marriage. There were people kissing in the streets because they were overwhelmed with joy from the results. Signs were even carried that read "marriage for everybody."

The LGBT community members were very happy with the result. Shoshana Brandt said:“We’ve been happily married for eight years, but we could never call it that,”

"We are happy and proud that we are now equal and we can live our love.”  she continued.

Lawmakers voted using their own conscience on whether or not they wanted it to pass.
This was also done right before the German national election that is coming up September 24.

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