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Uber To Allow Tips For Drivers

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 Uber has unveiled its newest edition that can benefit both the driver and the consumer by allowing drivers to be tipped by customers on the Uber app. Drivers in several cities can now utilize the new feature and can try to benefit from it in the long run.

The announcement was made over an email that was sent to Uber drivers.  The email was sent Tuesday.

However, the catch with many new things is that it only starts in a few places. In this particular case, the feature will start in Seattle, Houston, and Minneapolis.

Consumers in these cities will be prompted to leave a tip ranging from amounts of 1$, 2$, and 5$. However, it is being said that the user may be able to leave a custom amount for the driver. This will most likely be done when the user of the app (customer) is rating their driver.

Drivers for the company have been asking for the option of tips for a rather long time but never actually got it until now. In the past, the company mentioned that the tipping feature might cause "uncertainty" that would leave customers not knowing what their total price would be. However, taxis, in general, let the customer tip the driver if they're satisfied at the end, so it is only a good idea to include it now.

This is reported to have been one of eight changes that Uber is conducting to help make "meaningful changes and improvements" for driving with the company. These steps are being widely called the "180 Days Of Change."

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