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What Is Zionism And Its Role Today

Waving flag of Israel (photo used because Zionism has a history in Israel)

The term Zion is usually associated with Israel as it is a very religious and historically important area for more than just the Jewish faith. Jerusalem has been a place for displaced Jews looking for the return to Zion.  There was also a World Zionist Congress and it functioned as a governing body before there was an actual state for the country of Israel.

History Of Zionism

Well, there’s a belief that is centered around Theodor Herzl. The belief states that all Jewish people belong to a single nation. It also mentions that the Jewish people should establish a sovereign state for Jews from all over the world to return too. Theodor Herzl organized The First Zionist Congress in 1897 and made it extremely important to discuss homeland areas for the Jewish people. The most important area that was proposed is known as Jerusalem. After the Holocaust, many nations across the world supported the idea of a Jewish state and supported the area that is right now next to Palestine.

Zionism Today

 The Congress lost some of its power in 1948 when the Israeli government was established but it still holds a decent role in encouraging the settlement of areas from within Palestine. This is part of the reason why so many Palestinians dislike the Jewish settlement area in their country.

The controversy surrounding the area is riddled with more than just settlement issue but we’ll focus on the settlement issues. The settlements are for the most part Jewish only and are the target of many radical “protests” that often end up with large rocks being tossed at occupying Israeli Defence Forces.
The settlements were called illegal by some people and Israel claims that they must keep a tight military hold on the West Bank region. Israel is expected to approve a 2000 housing unit project in the region in the near future.

Zionism has also largely been denounced by many westerners and Jews alike. There are even websites that call it evil. However, what many people don’t understand and seem to have a lack of understanding is that Israel in the past has been conquered time and time again. It has even caused extremely large amounts of Jews to be murdered, displaced, and possibly caused some to convert their religions. There are lots of videos westerners denouncing Zionism and claiming it is a negative movement.

Historically speaking Jews have lost wars in the region and it only ended up with the displacement and murder of Jewish people. This is why the Israeli military is holding a tight grip on the West Bank and other areas as well as continues to advance its army to ensure that they do not lose a war.

Zionism has a long history and has been denounced by both Westerners and Jews alike. Zionism has a belief that all Jews belong to one nation and that nation should defend itself because historically Jews have been displaced and persecuted. This is why the IDF holds a tight grip on settlements in the region of the West Bank and they try not to lose a war. The idea of Zionism was definitely spread through organizations such as The First Zionist Congress. Israeli has a lot of support from nations around the world because of the history that Jews have faced (persecution, displacement, etc.)

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