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Apple Removed VPN Apps For China App Store

Hong Kong (Pixabay) 

The Chinese government has long censored internet activities in the country and has even reportedly tried to crack down on Bitcoin. The government has had a history of trying to limit internet usage by blocking popular websites like YouTube.

However, there are ways to get past these blocks. Many Chinese people have often used VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to get past them. These networks will change their IP address and make their IP address look different from what they actually are.

Due to the nation's internet limits, Apple which is a very large tech company that's known almost anywhere on the planet has had to remove VPN apps from the app store.

The news source known as Tech Crunch got a statement from Apple that covered the approval of VPNs.

The statement said: "Earlier this year China’s MIIT announced that all developers offering VPNs must obtain a license from the government. We have been required to remove some VPN apps in China that do not meet the new regulations. These apps remain available in all other markets where they do business."

Apple has the right to do this but the choice will of course not sit very well with the actual companies of these VPN apps.

However, some people can still download the apps from a different territory if they were in a different territory.

Many things are blocked in China that we enjoy on the basis but a lot of these services will no longer be used by Chinese citizens because of this move.

This can really damage some people if they're doing illegal acts and they can't really continue them since they can now be tracked. Most people will probably be fine but a lot of people won't like it because few people like having someone know what they're doing all the time.

By Michael Normandin 

How To Get Started With Crypto Mining And Maybe Make Some Cash

Bitcoin coin (Pixabay) 

If you want to get started with mining crypto currency and make some cash it's actually really easy to do. All you need is a device that's connected to the internet and an app or computer. However, I am going to go into a little more about that and give you some advice and some warning as to certain things like your electricity bills.

Well if you want to get started it's best to make sure you have a desktop pc or at least a laptop. While you can, in fact, use your cell phone you're limited to your speed.

There are several programs that you can use. You can use cloud mining which is often not wanted because of little profit margins. However, if you want to use your hardware you can use a console miner that requires some learning but not a lot. You can also use a GUI miner that is a little easier and you can basically turn it off and on whenever you want too.

The number of GUI miners is a lot. So we're going to suggest one from Minergate and Nicehash. These two services are free and are actually really popular. They are easy to download from the websites of those miners. Minergate also has an app for mobile devices. The catch is that it's only on Android.

So after you've downloaded and installed the program you can start mining and earning money.

You must be informed that with Minergate you have an unconfirmed balance until you mine enough of a coin to be able to get it confirmed and then eventually withdraw it to your wallet.

That brings us to another point you need to create a  wallet and make sure you have your wallet address. You should be able to just google your currency and find a wallet type.

When your mining you must be aware that your hardware is under stress. This can limit your hardware's life span if you're constantly mining and it can get hot which also limits the life span of an item. However, you must have another concern with more than just the stress and heat of your items. You must be aware that electricity is being used. This can run you up a bill if you're not careful.

Mining is fun if you're careful and if you like learning new things.

Note, we're not responsible for your actions and if you damage your hardware, or get a large electric bill. You are responsible for your own actions.

By Michael Normandin 

5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

A penguin is often associated with Linux (Pixabay)

While we as a society rely on computers for pretty much anything we need to take a look at more than just the hardware behind those computers. This is where the software part of the goal comes into to running everything well. We're going to talk about both operating systems known as Windows and Linux.

1) Linux has more customization 

While Windows offers a user lots of customizability so does Linux. Some would even argue that it offers more. Linux is said to give the user the option to customize almost any part of the system. This means that someone can alter pretty much whatever they want to alter.

2) Linux is free

While those of you familiar with Linux already know this, a vast majority do not know that the operating system is free to use. However, if someone wants to use Windows for an extended period of time, they will need to pay the price of the key for their version. This can sometimes amount to 120$ which is a hefty price to pay. Linux, on the other hand, is literally just a download and slap onto a bootable USB drive or cd. Then just install it, no cost.

3) Superior community support

Yes, we admit it, there is in fact, community support for Windows. However,  the support from the community for Windows is not as known as the support from the people for an operating system such as Linux. Linux has a devoted community that will often help pretty much anyone who asks with their issue. The community has a wide range of forums that if you posted a thread about an issue someone should get back to you shortly. The person replying will even sometimes help you out by giving you a detailed explanation on how to fix it, but this kind of happens on both ends of the table with both Linux and Windows.

4) Great for programmers 

While programmers can use Windows for their needs, Linux might be a better option because Linus is said to support almost all of the major programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. Some programmers also say that the package manager in Linux also aids them in getting stuff done quickly and efficiently.

5)  It can save older hardware

While with every new edition of Windows you would need to meet the minimum requirement to even install it on a computer. However, Linux is a lightweight alternative that can help keep those old computers from ending up in the scrap pile and can even be good for young children to start using. This does not mean that Linux will run on some old computer that can't meet its requirements. Some computers are just done for and won't operate on modern operating systems but Linux would be a good shot since it's easy to run.

Let us know what you think and which operating system you prefer and use.

Police Hunting For Chainsaw Attacker In Switzerland

Police are searching for this man, Franz Wrousis 

There's a manhunt for a man who is reported to have attacked a health insurance office using a chainsaw. The man's name is Franz Wrousis The incident happened in Switzerland. This particular attack happened in a town known as Schaffhausen.

The town is rather small as well with only around 35 thousand people living in it.

A man known as Franz Wrousis is said to have used a chainsaw to attack five people inside of a health insurance office. There has now been a manhunt that is involving more than 100 police officers for this man. Police have said that he is 51-years-old and is supposedly living in the woods. Officers did mention that he is still dangerous and may still be armed with the chainsaw. He apparently even has previous convictions for weapon offenses.

The motive for this attack at an insurance office is not to clear for now.

This attack is said to have happened on Monday during the morning and the attacker had attacked employees for the insurance company known as CSS.

Ravi Landolt who is a police Major said:  "This is not an attack against a hypothetical person. This is clearly against people from the insurer."

Police reportedly found the vehicle he was driving on Monday afternoon but sadly did not find Franz Wrousis.

One person said that they reported Franz Wrousis to police before after he verbally attacked them.

At Least 8 People Found Dead In Trailer Of Truck

San Antonio police officers at a Walmart parking lot on Sunday with the tractor-trailer where eight people were found dead. CreditEric Gay/Associated Press

In what is being suspected as an operation of trafficking illegal immigrants into the United States came to a deadly end. Authorities discovered at least 8 people dead in the back of a semi truck's trailer. This is said to have happened in a Wallmart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas.

Fire fighters were called around 12 A.M Sunday and they are said to have made the discovery.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) were called to the scene as well as police.

This is truly a horrific human trafficking case and it has been reported that police have arrested the driver.

The police say that they found dozens of people in the truck and that there was no air conditioning despite the extremely hot temperatures. The San Antonio Fire Department said that 8 people died.

“They were very hot to the touch. So these people were in this trailer without any signs of any type of water,” Charles Hood who is a San Antonio Fire Chief said.

“We are very fortunate that there weren’t 38 people who were locked inside of this vehicle dead,” He mentioned.

38 people is a staggering amount of people to be put inside of a trailer that does not have air conditioning. The temperature in the trailer would have been hot no matter what but it was even hotter with 38 people inside.

“They were very hot to the touch. So these people were in this trailer without any signs of any type of water,” The Fire Cheif said.

The people are also said to have been suffering from dehydration and stroke injuries.

William McManus who is a police chief mentioned that the trailer looked to be part of a smuggling operation and that the people involved would be reviewed by ICE.

We’re looking at a human trafficking crime this evening,” He said.

 “a horrific tragedy,” McManus said.

It was reported that he also mentioned that the driver of the truck was arrested.

It was later reported that another 2 people have died. This brings the death toll to 10 people.

Omar Khadr Payout And How Some People Feel About It

Omar Khadr's lawyer says the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner can 'fully progress' with a college program, now that his curfew has been relaxed. An Edmonton judge also agreed Friday to consider further easing of Khadr's bail conditions.()

While the Omar Khadr situation may cause anger and disbelief from citizens on both sides of the political spectrum it has certainly seen like it was an outright slap in the face to veterans from not only Canada but every country that fights against terrorism.

Omar Khadr was born in Canada but was taken to Afghanistan by his father who apparently had links to terror organizations. He was involved in a firefight in the country when the United States invaded the nation after the 9/11 terror attacks (the aims were to dismantle terror organizations in the region) Omar Khadr was wounded in the firefight of which he reportedly fought in. He was alleged to have tossed a grenade that ended up killing an  American medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer. He was detained in Bagram and sent to Guantanamo Bay detention camps. This camp is in Cuba. In that camp, many things are said to have been done to prisoners such as beatings. In this case, it is said that one of the things done to him was that he was moved from cell to cell every 3 hours for 21 days so that he could not get sleep. He was also interrogated by Both U.S and Canadian intelligence officers.

Justin Trudeau who is the Prime Minister paid Omar Khadr around what is said to be $10.5M and this happened as a settlement instead of the government probably having ot pay out $40M to him because of violations of rights.

The pay out made a lot of people angry with some Canadians saying that they're ashamed to be Canadian. Other people wrote on social media that this deal should have been hashed out in court right to the very end instead of being a settlement.

citizens from both sides of the political spectrum disliked the deal and felt that what had happened was wrong.

We have heard that one soldier who was blinded during the battle was very upset with the payment as well as the widow of Sgt. Christopher Speer. The soldier that was injured during the battle where Khadr was badly injured feels that Canada does not owe Khadr anything.

The soldier that was blinded is known as Retired Sgt. Layne Morris is reported to have said: At some point, you ought to be taking the principled stand to say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. Khadr, your reward is that you’re still walking and that you’re walking around alive, have a nice life. We’re not awarding you anything unless a Supreme Court forces us to.'” that was reported on a Global News article on their website.

We tried to talk to a current member of the Canadian Forces but he said that he doesn't keep up with politics.

While the deal may sit badly with civilians how does it sit with soldiers and veterans? Let us know down below my writing us a comment.

The Game Called Hatred And Controversy Around It

Hatred wallpaper. Taken from Wallpaper Abyss. 

If you have heard of the game called Hatred you have probably heard some people saying that it is too violent and should not be allowed to be sold pretty much anywhere. Hatred has caused a lot of controversy over the past few years inside the gaming community.

Just in case you don't know what the game is, we're going to let you know with a brief idea of it. The game was developed by Destructive Creations. You play as a sociopath who tried to begin a  "genocide crusade" against all of the humanity. The goal of this character is to basically kill as many people as possible.

The game itself was described as a reaction to video game aesthetics such as political correctness, politeness, vivid color, and games as art.

However, While the game was something different and was touching on something that no one really wanted to touch because of the controversy that surrounds the subject of both gaming and shootings.
The game was called inappropriate by many people including some video game journalists. The game was even called just plain out bad considering that many people have died in mass shootings. However, the gaming community wanted to try it out and many gamers didn't mind the controversy too much. Some reviews of Hatred mention that they find it to be a good stress reliever and do not find it to be as bad as some people seemed to think it was.

We decided to purchase the game and find out what all the fuss was about. After playing it for a little while we seemed to find that it was not as bad as some people had claimed it would have been.
However, Hatred does fall under a different style for a game and really does go beyond the limits of using the political correctness side of things as well. The game challenges the traditional mindset of people being scared to talk about games like Hatred or even Hatred itself because of the content.

There is something we all have to recall. This is just a game and it's all just pixels on your screen. Yes, we agree it is a touchy subject but a developer should be able to make a game about what they want and there was even a demand for it. The community was divided but some people just wanted to play it to see if they enjoyed the game. Once again everyone needs to remember that it's just a game.
There are also many reviews on the internet of the game saying that they enjoyed it.

We do not condone violence in any way, shape, or form.

While Hatred has caused controversy, we want to know what you think of the game and if you've played it at all.

Health Canada Going Over BBQ Brushes After Some Safety Concerns Pop Up

Outdoor cooking experts say using a barbecue grill cleaner that wraps bristles around coiled metal is one way to reduce the risk of having a bristle dislodge, ending up in people's throats. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

Health Canada has reportedly started reviewing the safety of BBQ brushes in the country. Nine injuries that have claimed to be linked to the brushes have been reported to the health agency since 2011.

It is said that especially with the metal bristles brushes, the bristles can fall off and then get stuck in the food and well obviously whoever's eating it will get bristles going down their throat. This can lead to them having to end up making a trip to the hospital.

Health Canada has reportedly advised people to throw away the brushes is the bristles are loose.
According to the health agency, they're reviewing the safety concern for the brushes and are trying to see if the brushes are in need for some form of regulatory actions if they are deemed in need of it.

Even one Alberta mother had to bring her son of four years of age to the hospital because one of the bristles ended up lodged in the kid's throat. This incident happened in Whitecourt Alberta.

“He started to cry really loudly and hysterically that he had something in his throat,” Jenna Kuchik said.
“He said, ‘Get it out. It hurts." She continued.

Situations like these are dangerous for anyone because you don't really know when a bristle breaks off.

We spoke to Michael Parniak who said: " The brushes with the metal bristles should be taken off the market."

Voters Vote Against Muslim Cemetery Plan

Cemetery photo (Pixabay) 

Voters in Quebec have actually voted against the decision to create a Muslim cemetery. This was supposed to be the first Muslim cemetery in Quebec City area. However, the idea was shot down when a referendum was held. This happened in Saint-Apollinaire.

The entire idea for the cemetery popped up after the shooting in one of Quebec City's mosques that left several people dead and wounded.

The entire project was sent to what is called a referendum. A referendum is basically when a decision is voted on by a series of people. In this particular case, the vote was reported to be 19 to 16.

Mohamed Kesri who was tasked with leading the project said: "How can it be that 19 (people) can stop a project by several thousand people? It doesn't make sense!"

It is said that only 36 out of the 49 voters that could vote went.

Sunny Letourneau said: "Multi-denominational is the future," She lives outside of the voting area but had mentioned that she would have voted no.

She also mentioned that these results were sad for everyone.  "Some families are being driven apart by this." She said.

 There are less religious people now than in previous periods and this might be why some voters voted no and would rather have a multi religious burial site. However, this is just an idea as to why some people voted no.

 "Young people under 50 are more and more numerous in not wanting to attend any church at all." She said.

Sunny Letourneau did mention that there were other solutions to this issue and that one of the solutions that were proposed was that there could be an Islamic part of a multi faith cemetery.

Bernard Ouellet who is the mayor for the Saint-Apollinaire area said:"I think there needs to be more understanding when it comes to Muslims,"

"I've said this from the beginning, I think what turned people against (the project) is a lot of misunderstanding about that group,"

"I don't have another step in sight," he mentioned.

However, Mohamed Kesri told The Canadian Press last week "There are Catholic cemeteries, Protestant cemeteries, Jewish cemeteries -- we aren't inventing anything here," Muslims in Quebec City have been wanting a cemetery for a while now.

Trudeau Justified Khadr Payout

In this Friday, July 14, 2017 file photo, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at the National Governors Association special session called "Collaborating to Create Tomorrow's Global Economy," in Providence, R.I. Trudeau has released an official Spotify playlist. Trudeau unveiled his "PM Mix" of 39 songs on the streaming service Saturday. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau justified the settlement to Omar Khadr by mentioning that it could have cost the government far more if they did not pay the $10.5M. Many Canadians have expressed their disapproval over this payout.

Just in case you don't know what the Khadr settlement is we'll get you up to speed. Omar Khadr has received $10.5M and an apology for the violation of his rights. He is also a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Justin Trudeau spoke at the Calgary Stampede. “I’m concerned about the money as well, which as I said is why we settled,”  he said.

"[We] were on track to losing a court case that was going to cost us $30 to $40 million, and that quite frankly just wasn’t something people would have been happier about either. So we decided it was the right thing to do." He continued.

"We hope that the message going forward to all future governments is you cannot ignore or be complicit in the violation of Canadians’ fundamental rights, regardless of what they did,”

It is even said that a man who lives near a breakfast venue actually had a sign up that read “Trudeau, why don’t you pay the widow Speer?” This sign is referring to the soldier's wife who is now a widow. Khadr was accused of killing the soldier Chris Speer in Afghanistan.

However, while some Canadians might support there's a lot of them who don't want anything to do with it. Some people are going as far as saying that they are ashamed to be a Canadian at this moment. While others say that it is a waste of money.

It is clear that there's a lot of people are not happy about this deal and are even saying that this deal was a mistake for the Liberal government.

More Evacuation Orders In B.C As Fires Rage On

Princeton wildfire photos courtesy of Debbie Lyon.

\ The fires in British Columbia continue to seem strong despite constant efforts from authorities to stop it. There are currently more evacuation orders being given out to citizens.

There is now a total of 14,00 people that have been forced to evacuate for their own safety. They've left behind a lot of their belonging and are unsure of what might happen to them at all.

 The evac orders are for areas known as Big Creek, Talta Lake, Loon Lake, and Village of Clinton. These orders were reportedly issued because of one particular fire in the region. The fire is called the Ashcroft fire and has caused a lot of damages to places like homes and stores.

The Mayor of Village of Clinton Jim Rivett said: "Basically when it got to what's called Scotty Creek, a decision was made that Clinton would be put on alert,"

According to the B.C wildfire service, there are 124 fires currently active. Which might still be a lot but it's far less than the around 300 fires that were going on about a week ago. Environment Canada is said to have mentioned that there might even be some bad weather. There might be winds going up to 50 kilometers per hour. If this does happen, it will surely not help the authorities that are fighting these fires. It could also limit the aerial support that the authorities need to help fight these wildfires.

These fires most likely started because of a lack of rain, and perhaps some lighting. These fires are also hard to take out since there is so much fuel for the fire to actually burn that it's extremely difficult for firefighters to slow down the fire.

The government and the Red Cross have made $100M available for the rebuilding of areas of which the fires have destroyed. You can read that here

Jimmy Carter Treated For Dehydration After Helping Out Charity Project

Former President Jimmy Carter 

Jimmy Carter who is a former President of the United States was apparently treated for dehydration. He is currently 92 years of age. He was also in Winnipeg helping volunteers build a set of stairs. Jimmy Carter was attending a charity project.

Jimmy Carter was a United States President from 1977- 1981 and he were sadly diagnosed with cancer. More specifically Melanoma and was treated with an immunotherapy drug. He then came out and said that after receiving scans there were no signs of cancer.

The former president was reported to have started feeling weak after two hours in the sun.

Manitoba Families Minister Scott Fielding said: “He had just said that he needed to take a break and so he sat down — there was a chair that was close to him,”  “He sat down there and his secret security were there as well. They hydrated him, giving him some water and some Gatorade.

It is said that he was taken to a nearby trailer and then an ambulance arrived to take him to St. Boniface General Hospital. His wife was also at the project and was said to have been by his side at the hospital. His wife's name is Rosalynn.

Scott Fielding said: “We were out in the hot sun, and you’re doing a lot of work. No matter what age you are, you’re going to get dehydrated,” Which is true. Keeping hydrated is often something that people forget to do when they're out in the hot sun.

He was aiding an organization that builds houses for people who are low income. The organization is known as Habitat For Humanity.

According to the chief executive officer at Habitat For Humanity International mentioned that he was fine and that the hospital was a precaution for safety.

Jonathan Reckford said: “He has been taken off-site for observation. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and to keep building,”

The former President and his family have had a past history of helping out charities by volunteering their time.

Châteauguay Might Replace Pit Bull Ban With Dog Bylaw

Pit bull standing near water (Pixabay) 

The city of Châteauguay is said to be replacing the pit bull ban with a dangerous animals ban. The city said two years ago that it would try to move away from the pit bull ban. Pit bull bans have caused a lot of people to protest against these bans as many of them will mean animals get put down.

Now, this by-law really aims at any animal that is dangerous. Animals such as dogs, cats, birds, amphibians etc.

This particular thing might be brought into effect depending on what happens during a city council meeting. The meeting is said to be happening on August 21st.

Legislation to ban pit bulls has actually had not to much support from what many people have seen. Petitions were started to try and stop Montreal's ban on pit bulls.

Montreal tried to introduce its policy after a woman was killed by her dog that was a pit bull.

Châteauguay has apparently had a pit bull ban for a pretty long time. As in thirty years! That's obviously a long time and the city finally made the agreement to review the rule after a petition was signed by around 2,100 people. That was reported to have happened in 2015.

Nathalie Simon who is the Mayoress of Châteauguay said "It's hard to apply," We've faced that for 30 years — when it comes to banning a dog, it's more often a loss than a win [when challenged in court]."

This by law doesn't really target the breed of the dog but instead targets the owner of the animal and the dangerousness of a dog.

It is reported that there are 3 levels of "dangerousness" that would be followed. The first level (level 1) goes for animals that show signs of wanting to attack a person and are making an aggressive gesture.

The second level (level 2) is for animals that have assaulted a person, another animal or object and has resulted in injuries, damages, and trauma.

The last level (level 3) covers animals that have assaulted a person and are no longer controllable and caused hospitalization. The same goes for another animal or object and has caused damages and trauma. In these cases where the animal can no longer be controlled the owner can end up being fined $800 - $1600. The animal assuming that it can be subdued will go to behavioral testing to find out if it is fit to return to its current owner or if it would need to be euthanized. However, police officers will most likely be called and are apparently given the option to stop the attack by any means. This also goes for killing the animal in the case that it would be the only way to stop the attack.

Massive Iceberg Breaks Off From Antarctica

Photo of an iceberg (pixabay) 

An iceberg that is reported to be one of the largest ones in recorded history is said to have broken away from the continent of Antarctica.  This has said to have changed maps of the regions and is even being said to have happened because of global warming.

The iceberg is supposedly one trillion tons and is even said to be a size seven times greater than New York City. This absolutely massive iceberg just snapped off a few days ago.

According to a research group in Britain known as MIDAS, this iceberg covers around 6,000 square kilometers. Its volume is apparently twice the size of Lake Erie.

This particular iceberg broke free from what is known as the Larson C ice shelf. This ice shelf was being monitored for several months as scientists tasked with its monitoring noticed a crack just growing. The crack is reported to be 200 kilometers long.

When the iceberg broke away it actually removed 10% of the total ice shelf. Project MIDAS even mentioned that there may be a "very modest" rise in the sea level.

This caused a quick debate to spark on the widely debated issue of climate change. Some people even scientists believe that this is natural and was going to happen anyways and that there might not be any actual direct link to human climate change. On the other hand, some scientist feels that this is, even more, evidence into the climate change issue itself.

"a natural event, and we're not aware of any link to human-induced climate change."  Martin O'Leary a member of MIDAS and a University glaciologist.

According to many scientists around the world global warming has caused the thinning of the ice shelf.  "is part of a long-term major loss of the ice shelves in the peninsula, progressing southbound and resulting from climate warming." said a glaciologist from the University of California, Irvine Eric Rignot.

The iceberg might not pose a great risk to shipping routes up north since it is a possibility that it might break up into pieces and will probably just circle Antarctica for years, decades instead of moving north.

Teen Dies After Being Electrocuted By Cell Phone In Bathtub

Madison Coe photo. 

Almost all of us use a cell phone and we all have to charge them. In some cases, they can get too hot and burn people's faces. In this case, however, a girl plugged her phone into a bathroom wall outlet and was sadly killed in her bathtub. This incident happened is said to have happened in  Lovington, New Mexico.

The girl was identified as Madison Coe. She was a sporty girl who played basketball and was even in the school band. She was in the first chair with her tuba. Madison attended a middle school that she had just graduated from and was getting ready to go to High School. She was set to go to a High School in Houston.

Donna O'Guinn who is her grandmother has said: "There was a burn mark on her hand,"

"The hand that would have grabbed the phone. That was just very obvious that that's what had happened." She continued.

The cell phone is expected to be the cause of this horrific incident and the burn mark on her hand since it was plugged into a wall outlet inside the bathroom.

Madison's grandmother also said: "This is such a tragedy that doesn't need to happen to anyone else," The accident itself is something that can happen to anyone who's using their phone while it's plugged into a wall when they're in the bathtub.

Donna O'Guinn also said: "We want something good to come out of this as awareness of not using your cellphone in the bathroom as it is plugged in and charging."

This incident is something that can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it happened to this young girl that was only in the mere beginning of her lifetime. It is best to not use your phone at all when in the bathtub. However, if you are using your phone in the bathtub trying to avoid having it plugged into the wall outlet as this incident can happen to anyone that does that.

Madison's Memorial is being held at King's Ridge Church of Christ in Lubbock at 2 p.m on Saturday.

$100M For B.C Communities Rebuilding After Fires

Tinder dry weather, wind and dry lightning have caused fires to spread aggressively in the province. (B.C. Wildfire Service)

In British Columbia where forest fires have raged so furiously over the last few fays, apparently, a total of $100M has been made available for the rebuilding of the communities and the residents. Many homes were destroyed in these fires. This is in Kamloops B.C.

The areas that are reported to be the hardest ones to have these fires pass through are southern interior and central. There is also fires in the north but they're not as bad as the ones in the south. Crews are said to have battled around 230 wildfires across the province. This is with the continuing hot weather that has helped cause these intense fires.

The Premier Christy Clark made the amazing announcement today. 600$ is available right now from the Red Cross for people that have registered under being forced out of their homes by these fires. Even the incoming government's transition team of John Horgan was briefed on the funds for the people.

A provincial wide state of emergency was declared on Friday and this is certainly something to have been inevitable if the fires continued, which they have.

Reporters were told by Clark "We are just, in many ways, at the beginning of the worst part of the fire season and we watch the weather, we watch the wind, and we pray for rain,"

"But our prayers aren't always answered in these things and so we need to be there to support people in the meantime because there are hundreds and hundreds of people who are scared to death right now." She continued.

Three of the largest fires forced thousands to be evacuated and had a size of around 14-20 square kilometers.

In the region of  Cariboo Regional District as many as 6,000 people were evacuated. It is reported that more evacuation orders were sent out on Sunday.

 There are about 1,000 firefighters in the province battling these dangerous fires. There is even 200 contractors and additional personnel of 600. The number of firefighters needed is so high that 300 more from other provinces are being recruited for the tasks to help. These people are being supported by helicopters and even heavy equipment.

Christy Clark said: "As well, communities and residents have also stepped up and rallied together to help all those who need it,"

The Mayor of Cache Creek, John Ranta said: fires have burned dozens of buildings between Cache Creek and Ashcroft. The fires are said to even have burned down two airport hangers and 30 trailer park homes and around 5 houses.

The Mayor said: "We have tremendous sympathy for the challenges we are all collectively facing,"

The manager of the Kamloops fire center Rob Schweizer said: "We probably haven't seen this sort of activity that involves so many residences and people in the history of the province of B.C.,"

"I can only imagine what the last 24 hours have been like for the people here in this room. Our hearts go out to you. It's a very stressful and trying time."

This is a reminder to some residents fo the incident that occurred last year in Fort McMurray where thousands were evacuated as fires raged and destroyed people's homes, items, and caused tons of damage.  That was in Alberta.

Shia LaBeouf Has Been Arrested

Shia LaBeouf attends "The Company You Keep" New York Premiere at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, April 1, 2013.

The celebrity that is widely known across the world for his performances in several films such as Transformers. Sadly the celebrity was arrested recently. This happened in Georgia. 

Shia LaBeouf was reportedly arrested on the suspicion of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. However, it is said that there might be other charges. This is according to Chatham County Sheriff's Department jail's records. He was reportedly arrested on Saturday.

His bond is set at seven thousand dollars. He is said to have become irate after he was refused a cigarette.

Police say "He became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language in front of the women and children present," "He was told to leave the area and refused, becoming aggressive toward the officer. When the officer attempted to place LaBeouf under arrest, LaBeouf ran to a nearby hotel. LaBeouf was arrested in the hotel lobby, where his disorderly behavior continued."

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested before for other issues.

This is just one of many times a popular person has been arrested. This celebrity has been arrested regaring anti Trump protests in the past and has sadly been arrested again unfortunately.

Trudeau Talks Omar Khadr And Settlement Of $10.5M From Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with reporters during an interview with The Canadian Press in Ottawa on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Patrick Doyle/CP

Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada has come out and spoken about the deal that is said to be going on between Omar Khadr and the Canadian government.

You might be asking yourself, well who is Omar Khadr?
Khadr was born in Canada but was taken to Afghanistan by his father who apparently had links to terror organizations. He was involved in a firefight in the country when the United States invaded the nation after the 9/11 terror attacks (the aims were to dismantle terror organizations in the region) Omar Khadr was wounded in the firefight of which he reportedly fought in. He was alleged to have tossed a grenade that ended up killing an  American medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer. He was detained in Bagram and sent to Guantanamo Bay detention camps. This camp is in Cuba. In that camp, many things are said to have been done to prisoners such as beatings. In this case, it is said that one of the things done to him was that he was moved from cell to cell every 3 hours for 21 days so that he could not get sleep. He was also interrogated by Both U.S and Canadian intelligence officers.

 Trudeau said that the payment and the apology to the former inmate were just a basic matter of following the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Even the Supreme Court of Canada in ruled that his treatment was in violation.

Trudeau feels that this is not about his case but the clear fact that his rights were violated. This is correct as he was detained as a minor but was considered an adult prisoner in the camp.

The payment amount that is said to have been given is $10.5 Million. This was done by the Canadian government to settle a lawsuit. It is said that he was denied access to a lawyer and was even tortured at the U.S base in Cuba.

Trudeau said that the Charter protects all Canadians "even when it is uncomfortable."

"When the government violates any Canadian's Charter rights, we all end up paying for it," he mentioned.

This caused a little bit of a debate. Some people feel that Canada does not owe Khadr anything what so ever. While others feel that Canada does owe him some reparation after the violation. Even a soldier who was injured and blinded in one eye says that he thinks that Canada owes Khadr nothing.

The Conservative Party of Canada's leader Andrew Scheer said: This payout is a slap in the face to the men and women in uniform who face incredible danger every day to keep us safe.

Officer Yells At Woman Over Kids Being In Hot Car

Officer yelling at woman over kids in a hot car (Video on Facebook)

A woman had left kids in a hot car which was dangerous since animals have died in hot cars before. The woman left her kids in an SUV. The incident happened in Vancouver inside of a grocery store parking lot.

The officer that was on scene was pretty angry. The officer yelled at the woman: "You don't seem to understand the danger you put your children in," "The windows were up – it's hot out. Your children could have died."

The officer tried to explain to the woman how dangerous the situation was.

The responders that were called are said to have been police, firefighters, and an ambulance.

The SUV windows are shown to be closed before the driver of the vehicle came back. The driver did say that she had the sunroof open in the SUV.

It is reported that the children are ages 6 (girl) and 3 and a half (boy)

The children were treated by the ambulance on the scene but were not brought to the hospital. It is said that they were dehydrated.

Police have said that they contacted the Family Development and Ministry of Children.

Adam Palmer  who is a Vancouver Police Department Chief said: You have to remember that police officers are just people,"

"We're all just human beings. And he was trying to convey to that woman the seriousness of what she'd done to her children," he said.

It can be seen in the video that one woman is blocking the SUV from the back to it could not leave. The SUV was stuck in the location because a cement pillar blocked it from the front.

By Michael Normandin

Sears Expected To Close More Stores

A sign for the Sears department store is seen at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia.

The large scale store where many people get stuff for their homes or just for their own personal use. The store's CEO announced that they will be closing stores. Sears Holdings announced this on Friday.  Sears Holdings also owns Kmart nameplates and of course, Sears.

The CEO Eddie Lampert said: "This is part of a strategy both to address losses from unprofitable stores and to reduce the square footage of other stores because many of them are simply too big for our current needs,"

Sears Holdings said that it would be closing 35 unprofitable Kmart stores. It will also close eight additional Sears store locations. The stock for Sears even fell three percent.

The unprofitable stores are supposed to be closed in October. Associates that are eligible are said to be receiving severance, they will even have the option to apply for open positions at local Kmart and Sears stores.

"We have fought hard for many years to return unprofitable stores to a competitive position and to preserve jobs," The CEO continued.

"[W]e don't make decisions to close stores lightly," he mentioned.

"more relevant and more competitive for our members and other constituents. Lampert said.

When talking about the Sears restructuring program, the updates that are concerning debt, liquidity improvements, and $1.25 Billion in cost savings.

"As I have said before, the level of support we have from our vendors is an important factor in defining the size of our business and the number of stores we can operate responsibly going forward," The CEO said.

"Despite this challenge, we have been working and fighting hard to improve our operational performance and streamline our organization," Lampert mentioned.

The company has had issues with profits and has closed several Canadian stores.

The CEO said that vendors over the past year have trimmed support. Some vendors are concerned when they hear rumors about a Sears bankruptcy filling. If the company goes bankrupt, they probably won't get any money.

Sears is reportedly opening some stores where they only sell appliances and mattresses. This will be a step in the direction of having a store where it is not as large.

By Michael Normandin

Microsoft To Layoff Thousands Of Workers

Nokia phone being held by someone. (Pixabay)

The tech giant known as Microsoft is laying off thousands of workers. This is happening after its announcement of its most recent reorg.

It might be possible that some of the employees that are being laid off might be coming from the sales area of the company. However, Microsoft did not mention where the layoffs are coming from. Some might even come from the marketing area.

A source that is said to be close to the tech company said that these layoffs are going to be in the "several thousand". However, if we assume that this is true, it would mean that a lot of people are going to be losing their jobs.

Microsoft is in fact, trying to redefine itself when it comes to the sales area of things.

According to the Microsoft enterprise website, the digital transformation basically means they want to bring together the customer, data, and processes. This is supposed to create more value for the customers and of course, remain competitive in this digital-first world where so much happens online.

Now, these cuts might just be cost related. As in to reduce the costs of that area of the company. However, this might not be the entire case. We know this because Microsoft is reimagining their sales roles in a technical sense.

It is not really uncommon for Microsoft to make an announcement like a reorg. In fact, Microsoft often does it around July. This time around it's about sales and commercial part of the company.

A bunch of sales and marketing teams was moved under Judson Althoff who is an executive vice president with Mircosoft. This was done after the company made a few organizational changes. This happened in January.

Microsoft in the past has had larger layoffs. It was reported in 2014 that the company would remove 18,000 jobs throughout the entire year.

By Michael Normandin

Beaconsfield Getting $8 Million For Water Sewage Systems

Water coming out of faucet (Pixabay)

The municipality of Beaconsfield in Montreal is set to invest a large amount of money. The $12 Million is supposed to be used for the area's water and sewage systems which are generally getting older and could benefit from some new stuff.

Beaconsfield will be putting some of the cash up themselves but both Ottawa and Quebec will be giving $4.1 Million each. This is going to greatly aid the municipality in fixing the sewage pipes and water pipes.

Georges Bourelle who is the Mayor said: “Beaconsfield is well over 100 years old so we have some older pipes that are underground,”

The cast iron pipes that are in the ground, we will re-line them so that it will stop any leaks and any breakage in the future.” He continued.

The money will go towards fixing around eight thousand meters of sewage pipes.

Some more money will be put towards getting things like water mains and about 6, 800 meters of piping.

Even a member of the House Of Commons Francis Scarpaleggia said:  “These investments will prevent sewage overflows during heavy rain storms, where some of the water has to be released into the lake because water is coming in through porous pipes,”

It is said that both ministers from the federal and provincial areas of government were present for this incident.

One member of the National Assembly said that the pipe updates would be better for the environment. The member is known as Geoff Kelley. He also said that the funding is a great example of different levels of government working together.

By Michael Normandin

Facebook Is Taking On The Government

Facebook website (Pixabay)

The social media giant, known as Facebook is said to be taking on the U.S government. It is said that Facebook is being prohibited from warning certain users that there have been warrants for their data. This will be hashed out in court.

A current court order apparently requests for  "all contents of communications, identifying information and other records related to three Facebook accounts for a specified three-month period of time,"

While the investigation is said to not be a secret one from the government. However, the company does seem to feel that it is limiting Freedom of Speech. This might be because they feel it would violate the First Amendment to not allow users  "an opportunity to object to [the warrants] before Facebook produced responsive records to the government."

No more details on the investigation itself have been given out yet. However, the matter itself has caused support from other companies to come into light. Companies that seem to be on Facebook's side are Google, Apple, Twitter, and even Microsoft. These companies are all large technology companies.

Even Apple has had issues with giving information to the government in the past. Apple and the FBI did not agree on whether or not Apple should hack the iPhone used by one of the shooters. The Phone was reportedly hacked without Apple's help later on.

This issue is something that has essentially been a back and forth type of argument in court between tech comapanies and governments all over the world. However things like this are sometimes asked after a terrorist attack. These issues get support on both sides. Some people support the government in their search and some people support the tech company who don't want to give the information.This is for a wide array of reasons.

This particular issue is scheduled for a hearing in September.

By Michael Normandin

McDonald's Might Be Launching Delivery Service In Canada

McDonald's symbol on a sign (Pixabay)

Many people might be happy to know that they might not have to leave their house to get those awesome McDonald's fries or big mack or well pretty much anything there. This was done in partnership with UberEATs.

It is even said to be called McDelivery, which would make sense considering who it's coming from.

If you want to order and get your food delivered to your house you might need to use the UberEATS app in order to order your food.

The service is available in 187 restaurants so far but will expand greatly and most probably quickly across the entire country. This will, of course, come to cities as well. Some of the cities included are Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Edmonton. These cities are large cities and are generally well known across Canada.

A customer can order pretty much anything on the menu but you can't get that good old McDonald's soft serve ice cream. As it's ice cream and will either melt or get damaged en route.

UberEATS does have its own fees for each order and you'll most likely have to pay that on top of your actual food order. Which might make things cost you a little more than going to the store. However, that is just obvious as it's the same with any restaurant that has a delivery service.

The expansion was first laid out in 2015 when the company wanted to keep up to date with other brands and wanted to remain relevant with today's competition. This service was just one of many options that the company had in mind and they choose this one. The service was also reportedly launched in the United States in Spring.

vanguardnews asked a High School student about what they thought of the possible expansion to Canada. Tristan said: "I think it's awesome."

When asked if Tristan would find the McDelivery service useful for ordering food when he would be studying for school and wanted something quick to eat, he said that he guesses it would be good.

Qatar Crisis Deadline Extended By 48 Hours

Photo of Qatar city. Photograph from Pixabay

The Qatar crisis has been going on for a short while now and has even caused many issues for the citizens of the nation. A Qatari foreign minister was dispatched to deliver a letter to the Kuwaiti Ruler.

The Qatar diplomatic crisis began when several countries decided to cut off ties with Qatar. This was done because these countries say that Qatar has supported terrorism. This was a Saudi-led coalition that said that. Some of the countries that cut ties with Qatar are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain. However, Qatar has received support by some countries such as Turkey, and Iran as well as a few other nations. These countries have mostly provided food aid for Qatar but Iran is giving both food aid and diplomatic support, while Turkey is giving food aid and military, as well as diplomatic support.

According to a Qatari news agency, Qatari foreign minister  Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani was sent to deliver the letter to the ruler of the country known as Kuwait. The ruler's name is Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Sabah.

However, it is not yet known what was said in that letter. It is, of course, widely presumed to be a letter of rejection concerning the terms that Saudi Arabia and other countries have come up with for Qatar.

Mohammad Al Thani said: “These demands of the countries [imposing] the siege were presented to be rejected,”

"Everyone is aware that these demands are meant to infringe the sovereignty of the state of Qatar, shut the freedom of speech and impose auditing and probation mechanism for Qatar.” He continued.

The Saudi-led coalition said in what was reported to be a joint statement "following the study of the Qatari government's response and assessment of its response to the whole demands.”

The demands that are said to be not negotiable and that were made by Saudi Arabia and its allies in this incident. Some of the demands are assumed to be things such as limit ties with Iran. Another demand is said to be that it shut down the government-funded broadcaster known as AL-Jazeera.

The blockade has been bad for Qatar considering the nation needs food to be delivered from other countries. This situation is not easy for Qatar as a lot is on the line.

Qatar, for the time being, has had the decision to comply with the demands extended by 48 hours. 

Iraqis Might Celebrate Mosul Capture From ISIS

Members of Iraqi forces make a 'V' sign and display an Iraqi flag as they arrive to take part in a victory celebration after defeating the Islamic State militants and retaking the Grand al-Nuri Mosque in the Old City in Mosul, Iraq July 2, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

Iraqis are reportedly planning to celebrate their difficult victory in the capture of the important city of Mosul from the terrorist group known as ISIS. Iraqis prepared to have celebrations on Sunday just by raging battles in the last districts of the city where terrorists are dug in but are being cleared out.

However, the militants are hard to clear out because they're dug in and this means that the Iraqi military needs to go from house to house as they can not use the streets because of sniper fire. The battle is basically over because the militants in the city are surrounded and are cut off from supplies so they will inevitably be removed.

it is said that soldiers even tied white banners to flags, destroyed buildings, and lamp posts. Some of the most notable buildings are the Grand al-Nuri mosque and the Hadba Minaret. Sadly the minaret and mosque were blown up in June by the terrorist because they might have rather seen it destroyed rather than captured.

It must be noted that the mosque was the location where ISIS' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared a caliphate.

The fall of the city would be the end of ISIS in the region as it is their last stronghold in Iraq. However, the terrorist group is still in Syria. The militants also hold some territory south and West of Mosul.
Air strikes are in the area likely to have helped in the recapture of the city.

The entire city is expected to be captured by the elite CTS (Counter Terrorism Service) by the end of this week.

Celebrations might be happening nationwide according to the government. Even the Prime Minister Hider al-Abadi might be making a visit to Mosul to declare the victory.

Abadi called ISIS "a state of falsehood"

25 Shot In Little Rock Nightclub Shooting

Here is the entrance of the Power Ultra Lounge where police are investigating a shooting overnight. (Andrew DeMillo/Associated Press)

At least twenty-five innocent people have been killed following a brutal scene inside of a nightclub in Little Rock. There is apparently a growing amount of violence in the Arkansas city.

The incident does not seem to be a terrorist one and the shooter was apparently not an active shooter. There was a dispute among the attendees of the club which sadly ended in violence.

Police prevented access to a block as investigators and specialized people gathered evidence of the incident.

Kenton Buckner, who is the Little Rock Police chief said: "some sort of dispute broke out between people inside"

"probably multiple shooting suspects." He continued.

There were several videos posted to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The videos show music being played/performed and then the sudden sounds of gunfire erupt in the nightclub.

The shooter may have even been on the stage. Courtney Swanigan  said that she and her sister were by the front of the club. They also said that gunfire was heard about an hour of the show.

"I just closed my eyes, got down on the ground and put my hands on my head," she said.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said: "Little Rock's crime problem appears to be intensifying,"

One parent was worried for her child. Raida Bunche was extremely worried for her son after she heard news about her son being at the club during the shooting. However, she was more than relieved to find out that her son was safe and ran out when he heard the gunfire. She went to the club Saturday but later found out that her son was unharmed and got out.

"I'm sick of all the killing and I'm tired of all the shooting, the kids getting hurt," she said.

The entire incident was a horrible tragedy that just slows down the efforts of the Police in the area to counter the crime in the area. Police are as always continuing their efforts to keep communities safe, especially after an incident like this one.