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5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

A penguin is often associated with Linux (Pixabay)

While we as a society rely on computers for pretty much anything we need to take a look at more than just the hardware behind those computers. This is where the software part of the goal comes into to running everything well. We're going to talk about both operating systems known as Windows and Linux.

1) Linux has more customization 

While Windows offers a user lots of customizability so does Linux. Some would even argue that it offers more. Linux is said to give the user the option to customize almost any part of the system. This means that someone can alter pretty much whatever they want to alter.

2) Linux is free

While those of you familiar with Linux already know this, a vast majority do not know that the operating system is free to use. However, if someone wants to use Windows for an extended period of time, they will need to pay the price of the key for their version. This can sometimes amount to 120$ which is a hefty price to pay. Linux, on the other hand, is literally just a download and slap onto a bootable USB drive or cd. Then just install it, no cost.

3) Superior community support

Yes, we admit it, there is in fact, community support for Windows. However,  the support from the community for Windows is not as known as the support from the people for an operating system such as Linux. Linux has a devoted community that will often help pretty much anyone who asks with their issue. The community has a wide range of forums that if you posted a thread about an issue someone should get back to you shortly. The person replying will even sometimes help you out by giving you a detailed explanation on how to fix it, but this kind of happens on both ends of the table with both Linux and Windows.

4) Great for programmers 

While programmers can use Windows for their needs, Linux might be a better option because Linus is said to support almost all of the major programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. Some programmers also say that the package manager in Linux also aids them in getting stuff done quickly and efficiently.

5)  It can save older hardware

While with every new edition of Windows you would need to meet the minimum requirement to even install it on a computer. However, Linux is a lightweight alternative that can help keep those old computers from ending up in the scrap pile and can even be good for young children to start using. This does not mean that Linux will run on some old computer that can't meet its requirements. Some computers are just done for and won't operate on modern operating systems but Linux would be a good shot since it's easy to run.

Let us know what you think and which operating system you prefer and use.

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