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Beaconsfield Getting $8 Million For Water Sewage Systems

Water coming out of faucet (Pixabay)

The municipality of Beaconsfield in Montreal is set to invest a large amount of money. The $12 Million is supposed to be used for the area's water and sewage systems which are generally getting older and could benefit from some new stuff.

Beaconsfield will be putting some of the cash up themselves but both Ottawa and Quebec will be giving $4.1 Million each. This is going to greatly aid the municipality in fixing the sewage pipes and water pipes.

Georges Bourelle who is the Mayor said: “Beaconsfield is well over 100 years old so we have some older pipes that are underground,”

The cast iron pipes that are in the ground, we will re-line them so that it will stop any leaks and any breakage in the future.” He continued.

The money will go towards fixing around eight thousand meters of sewage pipes.

Some more money will be put towards getting things like water mains and about 6, 800 meters of piping.

Even a member of the House Of Commons Francis Scarpaleggia said:  “These investments will prevent sewage overflows during heavy rain storms, where some of the water has to be released into the lake because water is coming in through porous pipes,”

It is said that both ministers from the federal and provincial areas of government were present for this incident.

One member of the National Assembly said that the pipe updates would be better for the environment. The member is known as Geoff Kelley. He also said that the funding is a great example of different levels of government working together.

By Michael Normandin

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