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Voters Vote Against Muslim Cemetery Plan

Cemetery photo (Pixabay) 

Voters in Quebec have actually voted against the decision to create a Muslim cemetery. This was supposed to be the first Muslim cemetery in Quebec City area. However, the idea was shot down when a referendum was held. This happened in Saint-Apollinaire.

The entire idea for the cemetery popped up after the shooting in one of Quebec City's mosques that left several people dead and wounded.

The entire project was sent to what is called a referendum. A referendum is basically when a decision is voted on by a series of people. In this particular case, the vote was reported to be 19 to 16.

Mohamed Kesri who was tasked with leading the project said: "How can it be that 19 (people) can stop a project by several thousand people? It doesn't make sense!"

It is said that only 36 out of the 49 voters that could vote went.

Sunny Letourneau said: "Multi-denominational is the future," She lives outside of the voting area but had mentioned that she would have voted no.

She also mentioned that these results were sad for everyone.  "Some families are being driven apart by this." She said.

 There are less religious people now than in previous periods and this might be why some voters voted no and would rather have a multi religious burial site. However, this is just an idea as to why some people voted no.

 "Young people under 50 are more and more numerous in not wanting to attend any church at all." She said.

Sunny Letourneau did mention that there were other solutions to this issue and that one of the solutions that were proposed was that there could be an Islamic part of a multi faith cemetery.

Bernard Ouellet who is the mayor for the Saint-Apollinaire area said:"I think there needs to be more understanding when it comes to Muslims,"

"I've said this from the beginning, I think what turned people against (the project) is a lot of misunderstanding about that group,"

"I don't have another step in sight," he mentioned.

However, Mohamed Kesri told The Canadian Press last week "There are Catholic cemeteries, Protestant cemeteries, Jewish cemeteries -- we aren't inventing anything here," Muslims in Quebec City have been wanting a cemetery for a while now.

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