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Châteauguay Might Replace Pit Bull Ban With Dog Bylaw

Pit bull standing near water (Pixabay) 

The city of Châteauguay is said to be replacing the pit bull ban with a dangerous animals ban. The city said two years ago that it would try to move away from the pit bull ban. Pit bull bans have caused a lot of people to protest against these bans as many of them will mean animals get put down.

Now, this by-law really aims at any animal that is dangerous. Animals such as dogs, cats, birds, amphibians etc.

This particular thing might be brought into effect depending on what happens during a city council meeting. The meeting is said to be happening on August 21st.

Legislation to ban pit bulls has actually had not to much support from what many people have seen. Petitions were started to try and stop Montreal's ban on pit bulls.

Montreal tried to introduce its policy after a woman was killed by her dog that was a pit bull.

Châteauguay has apparently had a pit bull ban for a pretty long time. As in thirty years! That's obviously a long time and the city finally made the agreement to review the rule after a petition was signed by around 2,100 people. That was reported to have happened in 2015.

Nathalie Simon who is the Mayoress of Châteauguay said "It's hard to apply," We've faced that for 30 years — when it comes to banning a dog, it's more often a loss than a win [when challenged in court]."

This by law doesn't really target the breed of the dog but instead targets the owner of the animal and the dangerousness of a dog.

It is reported that there are 3 levels of "dangerousness" that would be followed. The first level (level 1) goes for animals that show signs of wanting to attack a person and are making an aggressive gesture.

The second level (level 2) is for animals that have assaulted a person, another animal or object and has resulted in injuries, damages, and trauma.

The last level (level 3) covers animals that have assaulted a person and are no longer controllable and caused hospitalization. The same goes for another animal or object and has caused damages and trauma. In these cases where the animal can no longer be controlled the owner can end up being fined $800 - $1600. The animal assuming that it can be subdued will go to behavioral testing to find out if it is fit to return to its current owner or if it would need to be euthanized. However, police officers will most likely be called and are apparently given the option to stop the attack by any means. This also goes for killing the animal in the case that it would be the only way to stop the attack.

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