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Facebook Is Taking On The Government

Facebook website (Pixabay)

The social media giant, known as Facebook is said to be taking on the U.S government. It is said that Facebook is being prohibited from warning certain users that there have been warrants for their data. This will be hashed out in court.

A current court order apparently requests for  "all contents of communications, identifying information and other records related to three Facebook accounts for a specified three-month period of time,"

While the investigation is said to not be a secret one from the government. However, the company does seem to feel that it is limiting Freedom of Speech. This might be because they feel it would violate the First Amendment to not allow users  "an opportunity to object to [the warrants] before Facebook produced responsive records to the government."

No more details on the investigation itself have been given out yet. However, the matter itself has caused support from other companies to come into light. Companies that seem to be on Facebook's side are Google, Apple, Twitter, and even Microsoft. These companies are all large technology companies.

Even Apple has had issues with giving information to the government in the past. Apple and the FBI did not agree on whether or not Apple should hack the iPhone used by one of the shooters. The Phone was reportedly hacked without Apple's help later on.

This issue is something that has essentially been a back and forth type of argument in court between tech comapanies and governments all over the world. However things like this are sometimes asked after a terrorist attack. These issues get support on both sides. Some people support the government in their search and some people support the tech company who don't want to give the information.This is for a wide array of reasons.

This particular issue is scheduled for a hearing in September.

By Michael Normandin

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