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How To Get Started With Crypto Mining And Maybe Make Some Cash

Bitcoin coin (Pixabay) 

If you want to get started with mining crypto currency and make some cash it's actually really easy to do. All you need is a device that's connected to the internet and an app or computer. However, I am going to go into a little more about that and give you some advice and some warning as to certain things like your electricity bills.

Well if you want to get started it's best to make sure you have a desktop pc or at least a laptop. While you can, in fact, use your cell phone you're limited to your speed.

There are several programs that you can use. You can use cloud mining which is often not wanted because of little profit margins. However, if you want to use your hardware you can use a console miner that requires some learning but not a lot. You can also use a GUI miner that is a little easier and you can basically turn it off and on whenever you want too.

The number of GUI miners is a lot. So we're going to suggest one from Minergate and Nicehash. These two services are free and are actually really popular. They are easy to download from the websites of those miners. Minergate also has an app for mobile devices. The catch is that it's only on Android.

So after you've downloaded and installed the program you can start mining and earning money.

You must be informed that with Minergate you have an unconfirmed balance until you mine enough of a coin to be able to get it confirmed and then eventually withdraw it to your wallet.

That brings us to another point you need to create a  wallet and make sure you have your wallet address. You should be able to just google your currency and find a wallet type.

When your mining you must be aware that your hardware is under stress. This can limit your hardware's life span if you're constantly mining and it can get hot which also limits the life span of an item. However, you must have another concern with more than just the stress and heat of your items. You must be aware that electricity is being used. This can run you up a bill if you're not careful.

Mining is fun if you're careful and if you like learning new things.

Note, we're not responsible for your actions and if you damage your hardware, or get a large electric bill. You are responsible for your own actions.

By Michael Normandin 

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