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McDonald's Might Be Launching Delivery Service In Canada

McDonald's symbol on a sign (Pixabay)

Many people might be happy to know that they might not have to leave their house to get those awesome McDonald's fries or big mack or well pretty much anything there. This was done in partnership with UberEATs.

It is even said to be called McDelivery, which would make sense considering who it's coming from.

If you want to order and get your food delivered to your house you might need to use the UberEATS app in order to order your food.

The service is available in 187 restaurants so far but will expand greatly and most probably quickly across the entire country. This will, of course, come to cities as well. Some of the cities included are Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Edmonton. These cities are large cities and are generally well known across Canada.

A customer can order pretty much anything on the menu but you can't get that good old McDonald's soft serve ice cream. As it's ice cream and will either melt or get damaged en route.

UberEATS does have its own fees for each order and you'll most likely have to pay that on top of your actual food order. Which might make things cost you a little more than going to the store. However, that is just obvious as it's the same with any restaurant that has a delivery service.

The expansion was first laid out in 2015 when the company wanted to keep up to date with other brands and wanted to remain relevant with today's competition. This service was just one of many options that the company had in mind and they choose this one. The service was also reportedly launched in the United States in Spring.

vanguardnews asked a High School student about what they thought of the possible expansion to Canada. Tristan said: "I think it's awesome."

When asked if Tristan would find the McDelivery service useful for ordering food when he would be studying for school and wanted something quick to eat, he said that he guesses it would be good.

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