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Microsoft To Layoff Thousands Of Workers

Nokia phone being held by someone. (Pixabay)

The tech giant known as Microsoft is laying off thousands of workers. This is happening after its announcement of its most recent reorg.

It might be possible that some of the employees that are being laid off might be coming from the sales area of the company. However, Microsoft did not mention where the layoffs are coming from. Some might even come from the marketing area.

A source that is said to be close to the tech company said that these layoffs are going to be in the "several thousand". However, if we assume that this is true, it would mean that a lot of people are going to be losing their jobs.

Microsoft is in fact, trying to redefine itself when it comes to the sales area of things.

According to the Microsoft enterprise website, the digital transformation basically means they want to bring together the customer, data, and processes. This is supposed to create more value for the customers and of course, remain competitive in this digital-first world where so much happens online.

Now, these cuts might just be cost related. As in to reduce the costs of that area of the company. However, this might not be the entire case. We know this because Microsoft is reimagining their sales roles in a technical sense.

It is not really uncommon for Microsoft to make an announcement like a reorg. In fact, Microsoft often does it around July. This time around it's about sales and commercial part of the company.

A bunch of sales and marketing teams was moved under Judson Althoff who is an executive vice president with Mircosoft. This was done after the company made a few organizational changes. This happened in January.

Microsoft in the past has had larger layoffs. It was reported in 2014 that the company would remove 18,000 jobs throughout the entire year.

By Michael Normandin

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